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  1. Thanks again everyone! And I FIXED the game roster to show Hally's true flip! She was actually the only one framed in that way!
  2. Game Conclusion . . . "You are wrong, Beck" groaned a battered and bloodied Director Coulson, his limp and scorched body slumped in the corner of the very much destroyed SHIELD headquarters, "the Avengers will come for you.....*gasp, wheeze*.....and when they do, they will put an end to your evil plan. You will fail." The maniacal figure laughed through his crystal dome as he approached Coulson, stepping over the lifeless bodies of Agents Skye, Simmons, and Melinda May. "Oh how pathetic even at the end," said Mysterio, taking on his true form, "Agent Coulson was resurrected only to die an even more pathetic death.....still clinging on to the ideal that none of your powerful watchdogs could ever turn on you." Coulson raised his gun and with his shaky arm, aimed towards the villain. "Please," sighed Mysterio, "you can't hurt me with that. Besides, allow me to show you a more worthy target. Let me show you the future that this world will become." Streams of multicolored energy flowed through Mysterio's gloves and poured into Coulson's brain. "NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!" screamed Coulson, tears rolling down his face, "THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!" "Only YOU can make it stop, Coulson," laughed Mysterio. It was then that Coulson knew that no one.....not even he....could escape death. He raised his gun and placed it on his own temple. He thought of his friends Nick Fury and Melinda May, the cellist who he once had a love connection with, that chick at the bar who turned out to be a tranny. He squeezed just once.....and then embraced darkness. "You bastard!" shouted Captain Marvel, fists already charging with white hot energy. "You will pay for all of the evil you have caused! You are surrounded!" It was then that Mysterio noticed that Thor, Deadpool, Dr. Banner, and the Scarlet Witch had surrounded him. "The cosmic justice inside me demands you stand trial for your crimes.....but don't tempt me, chrome dome! The human inside me wants us all to wipe the cosmos with your ass!" "Oh how adorable," laughed Mysterio, "Miss Marvel still thinks the Heroes can win." "Uh, you better brush up on your math skills there, Beck," scoffed Dr. Banner, "from where I stand, its five against one. Even without....the other guy.....you don't stand a chance." "Ahhhh, but Doctor Banner," smirked Mysterio, "never underestimate the powers of manipulation!" SMACK!!! With a swing of his mighty hammer, a grinning Thor knocked Dr. Banner through a concrete wall. "Begone, Banner!" shouted Thor, "I have grown weary of your idle chatter. We've waited this entire game for the Green Troll to arrive and we got nothing...NOTHING!!" "Thor!" shouted Captain Marvel, "how could you?!?!" "Bah!" groaned Thor, "It is clear after witnessing how you so-called Heroes bicker on petty details and fret about the world you live instead of defending it that Earth is not a realm worth defending. So, I made an accord with the Crimson Cowl so that Asgard may remain safe, leaving Midgard open for slaughter." He grinned as his eyes flashed a crimson red. "Y-You betray us!" gasped the Scarlett Witch, "you are belong to them, the ones who are the ones who kill mine brother sweet Peter?" "Enough about your sweet peter," growled Thor, "it was I who hammered him in the first place! Your sweet Peter is nothing compared to my mighty hamm- ACK!!!" A massive green hand burst through the hole in the wall and grabbed Thor by his throat, causing him to drop his hammer. "HULK SMASH GOLDILOCKS!!!!!!!" shouted the ginormous green titan who hurled the God of Thunder through the building into the building across the street. The Hulk roared as he jumped into the air and landed feet first on Thor's chest, sending them both down through the floor. The Scarlett Witch turned towards Mysterio and put her hands on her temples. "Now, dome chrome," she shouted, tears rolling down her cheeks, "you have payment for the killing mine brother! YOU MUST BE DIE!!!" BLAM!!! Wanda Maximoff's cold, limp body collapsed to the floor, blood rolling down the massive hole in the side of her head. Standing behind her holding a smoking gun was Wade Wilson. "Sorry, Grammar Police," said Deadpool, "The sentence for butchering the English Language that badly is DEATH!!! I mean, seriously!" "WADE!!!" shouted Captain Mavel, "you too?!" "Yeah, 'fraid so there Wondertits," sighed Deadpool, "I am the Merc with the Mouth and I gotta Mouth to feed... but don't worry, we'll still have Paris, my love!" Carol Danvers was furious, her entire body began to throb with white hot energy. "Whoa, wait a minute..." laughed Deadpool, "you actually thought I would side with YOU?!" Her voice began to change as her body began to glow. Sounding like three very different voices at three different octaves, the being that was once Carol Danvers floated up into the air, and shouted "ENOUGH!!! I have summoned the Power Cosmic and as its divine justice flows through my veins I will bring cosmic vengeance upon thee!!!!" She began to glow brighter as cosmic energy began to radiate from her core. Deadpool screamed "RUN!!!!! GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!!!! SHE'S ABOUT TO GO FULL DARTHE!!!! NO ONE IS SAFE!!!!" Then, a white hot mushroom cloud of cosmic energy nuked the entire city of New York. Darthe, who was Carol Danvers/Captain Marve, Hero Bodyguard and Reflector, has been lynched! NotBob, who was Wanda Maximoff/The Scarlett Witch, Hero Redirector and Dreamer, has been killed! Lenlo, who was Dr. Banner/The Hulk, Hero Paranoid Doc, has.....wandered off with sad piano music playing! THE CRIMSON COWL MAFIA (somehow) WON!!!!! "Wait, whut?" said Deadpool. "They actually WON this game?! How is that possible?! Wern't they like....ridiculously underpowered and outed on D1? Talk about upset!!!!! I'd hate to be Myndrunner's PM box right about now......" Tsukibana, who was Wade Wilson/Deadpool, alignment shifting Mercenary, has won! Keyholder, who was Quentin Beck/Mysterio, Crimson Cowl Busdriver and Janitor, has won! Arsis, who was Thor/God of Thunder, RECRUITED Crimson Cowl Power Blocker, has won! ....meanwhile, in the deepest, darkest reaches of the Universe, an unrequited lover kneels before Lady Death. "My lady," said Thanos, kneeling, "the Heroes have failed! I have brought you many brutal slayings in this game! Hero blood fills this thread and overflows into quick topics! Am I not now worthy of your affections? " "Well...." sighed Lady Death, "that was impressive, sure......um.....listen, It's not you, its me. But you see......" Lady Death blushed. "...there's this guy...." "What?!" shouted Thanos, "a rival suitor?! Speak his name at once and I shall crush his feeble and unworthy carcass into oblivion!!!" "Relax, Thanny," said a very familiar yet somehow impossible voice from behind Thanos, "She's trying to say she's just not that into you, bro. Besides, nobody slaughters and stacks the bodies like a true, cold-blooded killer MERC. LIke THIS GUY!!" Wade Wilson pointed both thumbs towards his chest. "DEADPOOL?!?" gasped Thanos, "SERIOUSLY!?!? You choose this cosmic waste over me?!?" "He's right, Thanos," blushed Lady Death, "while your bodycount is high and impressive.....Wade's is a bit longer." Deadpool holds up his hands to demonstrate that his is indeed longer. "and....he makes me laugh!" Deadpool puts his arm around Lady Death and smiles through his mask. "I have burned civilizations to ash, obliterated solar systems out of existence," a shocked Thanos recounted, "I have heard the screams of every fallen species in the universe. And she chooses THIS FOOL?" Deadpool tries to grab Lady Death's boob, but with a swift slice of her scythe, his hand falls to the ground. "Awwww, maaan?" whined Deadpool, "at least it wasn't my bed buddy hand." Deadpool reached down and began to reattach his hand. He then put his arm around Thanos. "Cheer up, Thanny ol' pal! You ARE a badass psychotic killer! You'll find someone out there! Maybe She Hulk?" Thanos glared at Deadpool and snarled. "......not your type, I see. Well, don't be so hard on yourself." Tickling his chin, Deadpool spoke in a baby-talk voice "Whose a psycotic Demigod? WHOSE A PSYCOTIC DEMIGOD?!?" Thanos raised the Infinity Gauntlet up and clenched his fist. "If I cannot have you in this universe," he growled, "I shall remake the universe my way! This time, no one will be allowed to post MOD messages or PMs! I will create balance in the universe and I will win the affections of Lady Death!" SCHNICK!!!!! Suddenly, Thanos hand fell to the ground and the Infinity Gauntlet fell to Deadpool's feet. "So, this is that power glove that like......bends the Universe to your will, eh?" "NOOOOOO!!" shouted Thanos, "YOU FOOL!!!!" Deadpool tossed aside Thanos dismembered hand and held the Gauntlet up above his head. "By the POWER of GREYSKULL......" shouted Deadpool, "THE UNIVERSE IS MINE!!!!" The entire universe flashed bright for a moment and then returned to normal. The only difference is that a plate of chimichangas lay at Deadpool's feet. "SWEEEEET!!!!" "That's it?" gasped Thanos, "you had the Infinity Gauntlet in your hand and all you did was force of will Mexican food?" "Well," said Deadpool, "when you put it that way........" Since the non-heroes won, CoryCurren, who was Thanos, has won! Since the Heroes did not win, Myndrunner, who was Uatu, has lost! Since over half the roster had been killed by endgame, BFG, who was Lady Death, has won! Thank you all for playing this very challenging game and being good sports. I am going to step back for a while but here are all the QT's. Yes there are things that I would have liked to tweak in this game, but overall I hope everyone found this game to be fun, entertaining, and challenging. Fallen Heroes/Death After Party QuickTopic STARK Industries QuickTopic STARK Mansion (after JARVIS flip) Miracle Twins QuickTopic Crimson Cowl Mafia QuickTopic VENOM Symbiote QuickTopic THE END!
  3. Official Vote Count Darthe (2/4) - NotBob, Arsis Not Voting: Tsukibana, Darthe, Key, Lenlo It is still Day 8 in this game.
  4. Night 7 conclusion. . . A scene happened. TommyRod, who was Galactus, Serial Killer Devour of Planets, has been killed! ... Just playin! Tommyrod, who was Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver, town Busdriver/Governor has been killed. It is now Day 8, which will end Sunday, August 31st at 8:00pm EST or when a majority has been reached. Some people have cheated but we caught them. Don't mess with Lady Death or she'll cut you. 6 players left. 4 votes for majority. Do it.
  5. Twilight has ended...and Kristen Steward is so upset about it! LOOK! Now then.... A player's alignment and win condition has permanently changed! It is now Night 7 in Avengers - Age of QTs and Facepalms Mafia which will end Friday at 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time or when I am around to end it early if everyone gets their night actions in. Failure to do so will blah blah blah. Don't give out your QTs or post them in the thread, mmmkay?
  6. A couple things... You can't post links to your private QT's here in this game thread. For most of you, this was clearly explained in the OP of your respective QTs and there really is no excuse. In the case with the interrogation room that Darthe was in, I did not specifically state that he could not post a link to the QT and I misunderstood what he was asking earlier. I thought he was asking if he could post quotes from it, which has been allowed. Since I did not specifically instruct Darthe that he could not do this, I cannot in good judgement modkill him for this. I did kinda think it was implied and didn't need to be said; however, I clearly am wrong in this. He should have known better to even ask, but he caught the Mod sleepin and it worked to his advantage. Can't punish a guy for that. About the game in general, there are some tweaks that could have been made here and there that we can discuss post game; however, while the game is still on, as a fair and just Mod, I have to make the calls that keep things fair and balanced. In light of some recent.....face-palminess....by some, I am going to make a game changing ruling. All votes have been cleared. Day has ended with no lynch or Modkills. We have entered a Twilight phase. Calm down, Tsuki, I don't mean the one with sparkly vampires. I will announce my ruling and the beginning of Night shortly.
  7. Night 6 conclusion . . . Scott Lang could have used his powers for good. He could have infiltrated the most seedy underbelly of crime syndicates by shrinking down to the size of an ant and sneaking into secret rooms. He could turn into his giant form and smash gangs and mafias with one fist and he didn't even need to work out or exercise. Scott Lang could have used his powers for crime. He could have stolen countless valuables and sacks of cash from any bank beating its security by becoming the size of a flea with the strength of an army of ants. He could grow to the size of a skyscraper and simply rip off the top of any jewelry store or bank and take what he wanted. No rival villain would stand in his way at this incredible shrinking/growing man. Scott Lang chose to sneak into the local 24 hour fitness women's shower by shrinking to the size of a tiny pervert and watch as countless naked women bathed in front of him. He chose to lurk around Kryspy Kremes and hide inside purchased boxes of donuts only to take a bite out of each of them before hiding. He chose to pick fights with drunk frat boys at bars, lure them into dark alleys to "settle things" and then suddenly grow to 9 feet tall to beat the shyte out of them. (ok that works for #1). He even considered entering the NBA if his jump shot was worth a dang. One would have to consider the surprise and panic that Scott Lang suffered the moment the power went out due to the God of Thunder's wrath. There was Scott Lang, clad in his Super Ant-Man suit, sitting in the corner of the New York Giant's Cheerleader locker room, suddenly returning to normal size. Screams and obscenities were hurled at him, along with bars of soap, bottles of conditioner, and a few fists and kicks before he desperately ran towards the exit. He almost made it out. "Halt!" shouted two rotund security officers, "you are tresspassing!" Scott Lang smiled, "Yes I know that...now," he replied, "and I am just trying to leave." "We can't let you leave," snarled one of the guards, "you are tresspassing so we must keep you here so you can be punished for being here illegally." "Whut?" asked Lang, "that doesn't make any sense." The other guard was perplexed at Lang's attire. "What are you," asked guard #2, "some kind of mascot?" "Yeah," sighed Scott Lang, "I'm the Ant......for the.....Brooklyn Angry Ants...they're a Division 2 team." "Well," grumbled guard #1, "we'll have to keep you here until the power comes back on. Weird how the commish's office is one of the few that has power. Its like this power outage only affected certain people and places." "Strange days," said Lang, "well, listen, I really have to be going. So....excuse me?" Scott quickly began to ran as fast as he could, not looking back at the bumbling guards trying to figure out how to avoid accidentally tazering themselves. Scott Lang lept over the guard rail and darted across the street. In his last moments of life, he noticed the large tour bus coming right towards him at full speed. "Oh great," he grumbled before accepting death, "I LITERALLY get run over by a BUS in this game! Nice job, Myndrunner!" SMACK! The driver activated the wiper blades to clean off the bug that had just splattered on his windshield. He then drove off laughing maniacally. TGlems, who was Scott Lang/Ant-Man, Hero shrinker/grower has been killed! * * It is now Day 7 in Avengers - Age of Undending Gameplay which will end Friday at 8pm Eastern Standard Time, or when a majority lynch has been achieved. At this time there's like, what?....7 players left? So get 4 votes on someone and you lock a majority lynch and I'll end the phase early if I'm around. Give it up to Lady Death for helping with the vote counts. Good luck and all that.
  8. Day 6 conclusion . . . Carol Danvers followed Luke Cage into his bunker. "So, this is the legendary chateau I've been hearing about," she remarked, looking at the large shower, round feather bed covered in animal fur, and many large velvet paintings of nude women. "I'm impressed, Luke." "Impressed?" Luke Cage chuckled, "you ain't seen nutthin yet, sweet cakes. Once I open up my final form, ya whole world get dark." Luke put his arm around Carol's shoulder. "Galactus ain't got jack on Luke's Caged Heat!" He pulled Carol close to him. "How bout we make some sweet SUPERLOVE before stompin' some scum!" Somewhere, the voice of Barry White began singing and the fireplace lit up on its own. "You know," blushed Carol, "not very many men are.....powerful enough to handle me. I mean, I am Captain Marvel.....I can be a lot to handle." Carol rested her arms on Luke's shoulders. "Are you MAN enough to handle my power? Power Man?" "Handle you?" smirked Luke, "Sheeeeet, girl.....I got somethin for you to Marvel at right here." Luke pulled her body tight to his and gazed into her eyes, "god of thunder my ass, you world bout to get ROCKED sweet thang!" It was then that Carol Danvers, the Warbird, Captain Marvel herself, unleashed a white hot blast of energy and knocked Luke Cage across the room. "DAFUQ!" he shouted shaking the remains of a broken velvet painting off his back. "Bitsh, you high or sumpthin?" Captain Marvel charged up another bio energy blast as her fists began to glow. "You want some sweet lovin, you traitor? How about a nice love tap across your scum-licking face?" Luke sneered and clenched his fist (among other things) to prepare for his shocking counter attack. "I knew you were some carpet munchin fool," Luke Cage shouted, "now munch on some BITSHHLAP NACHOS!!!" Both Carol and Luke released a steady stream of bio-energy blasting each other backward. "Give it up, Cage," grunted Carol, "I know you betrayed us! You stole Cap's shield! You knew it would prove that YOU were the one who killed him!" "Immabout to blast some sense into your dizzy head, woman," shouted Cage, "The scumbads killed Cap, not me! They been playin us all this whole time!" "Lies!" shouted Carol, "I know it was you, Cage! ....and now its time for me to assume my ultimate form!" With that, Carol Danvers spun around and both her energy and that of Cage's enveloped her in a cocoon of blinding light. The being that emerged from that cocoon had the form of Carol but with transluscent white skin and red beaming eyes. "I am now the entity known as Binary. I am Alpha and Omega. I am one with the cosmos and I force my will upon thee." "Bitsh, that ain't nuthin but afterglow," mocked Luke Cage. Carol's eyes flashed with red energy and she prepared for an ultimate attack, when suddenly Captain America's shield flew into the room and slammed into the back of her head, knocking her across the room. Her limp body ragdolled to the floor, turning her back into the more human looking Carol Danvers. "HA HA!" laughed Luke Cage, "I threw that shield before Myndrunner started writing this scene! Knocked you OUT!!!" Luke cage stripped Carol Danvers nude and tied a huge metal chain around her unconscious body. He then dragged her to a secret, windowless room which resembled some sort of interrogation chamber. "Pitiful," he grumbled, "I was about to make some sweet lovin to you too. Now you just a worthless white she-devil." He slammed the Adamantium steel door and activated the timer. "Auvetizen, ya stank ass skag ho!" "Very good," snickered a hooded figure who emerged from the shadows, feeding chips to a tiny leather clad monkey on his shoulder. "You have served me well, Meester Cage." Instantly, Cage's fists burst with golden flames as he swung his fist towards the hooded man, but something stopped his fist inches from his head. "Nine Nine Nine, Meester Cage," scolded Baron Zemo, "zat isn't part of our arrangement. Remember, if you hurt me you hurt you." "Arrangement?" barked Cage, "you put something in me....made me betray everyone.....my friends....I should take you down right now even if it takes the whole block with us!" "Tut-tut," scolded Zemo, "zat would be against your win condition, my large, dark muscle man." "Lo there," shouted a large, blonde haired man who burst opened the door, "and just what, pray tell, is your win condition, Luke of Cage? I thought us as brothers as you once called us. I was your friend, ally......you called me your badass hammer wielding homie. And now you take court with this hooded scum?" "Ah yes, Thor," snickered Baron Zemo, "Ze so called GOD of Blunder. Tell me, how long had Loki pulled the wool over your eyes before you really knew what was going on? Hmm? You practically handed the Earth to him on a silver platter, too busy gawking over some overrated actress to see that your own brother was actually the spawn of your father's sworn enemy. You are a primate, Thor. A primitave being who prefers to solve problems by smashing them. To one who only holds a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. This is an age of enlightenment. Inventors. The hammer has been replaced. You are a fossil who just forgot to lay down and DIE!" "Hooded devil," shouted Thor, "your words only display your cowardice. I know this man, Luke of Cage, is a good and honest man. You could never be like this man so you corrupt him with some ancient evil and turn him against his friends....because friends are something you never have. You hide behind your hood because even you cannot bare to gaze upon your own reflection. Not because of an outside hideousness....but because of the ugly truth within you. Coward you are. Coward." "Coward, you say?" sighed Baron Zemo, "Let see who has zee yellow streak after you fight ULTIMATE LUKE CAGE!!!" Baron Zemo turned and pointed a rather elaborate device at Luke Cage. He pressed a large red button and the device began to steam and whizzbang and glow green, then red, then purple. Then....it fizzled and sputtered before powering down. A puzzled Baron Zemo slapped the device a couple times and then threw it to the ground. "This ends NOW!" shouted Thor, before raising his hammer, gathering a surge or lightning from the sky (somehow indoors) and then slamming it down across Baron' Zemo's head! The Baron flailed like the inflatable arms dancing sales guy often seen at car dealerships before collapsing to the ground. The surge of energy from Thor's hammer rocked the entire city, causing a severe power outage. The monkey ran off into the shadows. Thor turned to Luke Cage and smiled. "You are free, my brother." Suddenly, Luke Cage donkey punched Thor in the nads with one of his glowing power fists before shouting "My hammer is bigger than yours, Barbie." Then, just as sudden, Luke grabbed his chest. "What the?" he gasped. Then, he remembered the sorcery that had bewitched him earlier. "Ssssonofabish.....Nazi jive turkey..." Luke Cage's lifeless body collapsed to the cold floor. The time on the interrogation chamber continued to count down towards Day 7, unbeknownst to everyone else. TheRagnarok, who was Baron Zemo, Crimson Cowl Mafia Mad Inventor, has been lynched! Nolder, who was Luke Cage, Recruited Crimson Cowl Mafia Interrogator, has been killed! Final Vote Count Rags (66): Tommy, NB, Lenlo, TG, Tsukibana, Arsis Lenlo (1/6): Nolder * * * It is now Night 6 in this endless game called Avengers - Age of Ultron which will end Thursday, August 28th at 8:00pm-ish Eastern Standard Time, or when all the remaining night actions come in and I am not too tired to end the night early. I might even get around to it at 8pm but we'll see. Just send them in as soon as you can. Thanks. Anyways, you know what to do . Don't be a douchenozzle and hold off on your night action to the last minute or forget that you have one unless you are seriously and actively trying to figure out what to do. Anyways, I hope everyone is having fun in this game despite the challenging nature. Post-game is going to be a riot! Literally! Oh and Lady Death is awesomesauce so here is a pic of her!
  9. Night 5 conclusion . . . Clint Barton wanted revenge. He had been sitting up on top of STARK Tower watching....waiting....hoping to see the one responsible for Tasha's gruesome and untimely demise. He suspected Quintin Beck was behind those nasty illusions of Gallactus, but he wasn't sure. Only his keen eyesight would tell him the truth or not. With the death of Pepper Potts, Barton had enough. And then, he saw his opportunity. There, preparing some strange looking device on the rooftop of the Daily Bugle was Beck, with his chrome dome sparking against the night sky. He nocked an arrow and quickly took aim. "Time to die, scum" Barton growled as he released his arrow. He had an array of specialty arrows to choose from, but this was a sharp arrow of death made out of vibranium and titanium. The arrow sailed true and straight....until it nearly reached its target. That is when chaos ensued. A blast of multicolored energy influxed from an unknown source, causing Barton to stagger backward. Flashes of all his fallen hero friends dying clouded his mind. He could hear the nasty, sinister laugh of Beck as more horrible images followed. Were these illusions or memories? Then, Clint Barton saw one image that he wished was just his imagination. His own arrow sailing straight for him. SCHNICKT!!!!! The only thing The Hawk could watch was eternal darkness. Meanwhile, Tony Stark poured out the last of his scotch into his glass. His vision was blurred beyond focus and he could barely keep from spilling the liquid all over his chest. He blamed himself for the loss of Rhodey and now Pepper, the only woman he truly loved. Even JARVIS betrayal was his own fault. "Well, there ya go, DAD" slurred Stark, "Billionaire Genius Playboy Philanthropist.......but I can't protect the ones I love." "You should worry about your own hide, Meester Stark," said a sinister voice from behind. "Vere is your IRON ARMOR now?" Tony closed his eyes. He was ready. "Auvetazein, Meester Stark," hissed the meanicing figure in the shadows just before firing a bright blue plasma gun, which burst a hole through Tony's chest. As Tony slumped to the ground, his last vision before darkness was the hole through his chest in the exact spot where he once had his reactor plate. Some death sentences you just can't escape. The shadowy figure tossed a timed device onto the floor that began counting down from ninety seconds and then stepped over Stark's lifeless body with his knee high leather boots. Before leaving, he hissed "Hail Hydra!" Moments later, Stark Tower was no more. RandA 'lThor, who was Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Hero Watcher, was killed Night 5! Songstress, who was Tony Stark/Iron Man, Hero Inventor, was killed Night 5! * * * * * Day 6 begins! It is now Day 6 in Avengers 2 - Age of Ultron Mafia, which will end Wednesday, August 27th at 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time or when a majority lynch has been reached and I am available to end the phase early. This is a hammer game. Once a majority lynch has been reached, no more votes or unvotes will be counted. With 10 players in the game, it will take 6 votes to reach a majority. Failure to reach this majority by the deadline will end with a random player being lynched. Good luck, we are all counting on you!
  10. Day 5 conclusion . . . Pepper Potts slowly walked into the workshop where Tony Stark sat drinking. So many of their friends have died....Rogers, Rhodey...even JARVIS. She knew that, unlike Director Coulson, none of them would be coming back. Suddenly, Myndrunner had to go to bed and so Tony Stark turned into a crazy knife wielding VooDoo Zuni Fettish Assassin! RRAAWWWRR! Drunk Tank, who was Pepper Potts/RESCUE, Hero Protector and Vote Manipulator, has been lynched! FINAL Vote Count DrunkTank (7/7) - Darthe, Tommy, Rand, Arsis, Lenlo, Nolder, TG Rand (1/7) - NotBob Not voting (5): Key, Drunk Tank, Rags, Tress, Tsuki * * * * It is now Night 5 in Avengers 2 - Age of Ultron Mafia, which will end Monday August 25th at 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time or when all available night actions have been submitted and I am available to end the night early. Failure to submit your night action by the deadline will result in forfeiture of that night action for that night phase. I will only accept night actions via PM and I will lock in the first night action you send to me. No take backs or erasies. I will begin processing any day results shortly. Good luck, True Believers, the world is counting on you!
  11. * * * * Official Vote Count DrunkTank (3/7) - Nolder, Darthe, Tommy, Rand (1/7) - NotBob It is still Day 5 in Avengers 2 - Age of Ultron Mafia, which will end Monday, August 25th at 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time or when a majority lynch has been reached and I am available to end the phase early. This is a hammer game. Once a majority lynch has been reached, no more votes or unvotes will be counted. With 13 players in the game, it will take 7 votes to reach a majority. Failure to reach this majority by the deadline will end with a random player being lynched. Good luck, we are all counting on you!
  12. He had only told his fellow Avengers part of his secret. Yes, he's always angry and ready for....the other guy...to make his appearance when needed; however, Dr. Bruce Banner had made a point of avoiding mass conflicts ever since the invasion in New York and his subsequent falling out with Stark over the Ultron project. It wasn't just the danger he posed by staying. It was a matter of trust, actually, that caused Banner to leave STARK tower. He could work with Tony even if they didn't see eye to eye on every issue. When he discovered the plans for the "HULK BUSTER" suit, however, that changed things entirely. Tony had called it a precaution. Dr. Banner called it paranoia. Even Tony's own artificial intelligence seemed to side with Banner on this issue. It was as if JARVIS was even afraid of it. Now, here was Dr. Banner once again on his own, walking the earth. SHIELD had managed to keep his enemies off his trail and as a thank you from Director Coulson, Banner had a new identity and a certain level of anonymity that he could hide amongst the normal humans with. Perhaps he could go back to helping others, those who are not strong enough to help themselves. Perhaps someday he could once again reach out to Betty. The desert sun had not reached its full heat, but Banner was already parched as he approached the lonely gas station on this barely paved road in the Nevada wastelands. An elderly woman greeted him at the door and smiled. "Welcome to Goodsprings, friend," she said, "'fraid we haven't had much in the way of travelers these days with that new overpass yonder." "Not a problem, ma'am," smiled Dr. Banner, "I don't mind avoiding crowds these days." The woman's smile began to fade. "You a fugitive? One of them cons escaped off the farm?" Banner chuckled, "I'm a doctor, ma'am." "Doctor, huh?" she grumbled, "If you're a doc, what are ya doin all the way out here in Goodsprings? Why ain't ya out on some golf course somewheres?" Banner could sense that she was holding something metal and loaded behind the screen door. "To be honest, ma'am," Dr. Banner replied, "I needed to step away from my practice for a while. I figured I needed to get out there and do some good. Wherever I could find it." A waify young girl appeared behind the elderly woman and tugged on her apron. "Grammy?" she whispered, "I think he can help mamma get better." The elderly woman sighed. "Clementine," whispered the woman, "you go back to your room, ok? We don't know anything about this man." "He can help, Grammy!" she fussed, "I know it!" "Ma'am, I understand your apprehension," Dr. Banner calmly spoke, "but if someone does need medical attention, please allow me to do what I can. I mean, it doesn't seem like there is a decent hospital for miles around here." "Fine," replied the woman, "meet me around the back and I'll let you in. Just know, you don't wanna do anything to make me angry, friend! You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." With that, the elderly woman placed her pistol on the counter next to her. "I'm Maybelline," she smiled again, "and yes, like the make up." "I'm Dr. Banner," he replied, "but you can call me Bruce." In the distance, a fit yet grey haired man lit his cigar and took a long puff as he placed it beneath his grey handlebar mustache. Through his aviator sunglasses, he watched Banner intensely. This would not be the time or place, but soon....very soon, he will reveal to the world what kind of monster Banner really was...even if it meant becoming the monster himself. "Green light," growled General Thaddeus Ross, taking another puff on his cigar, "Red light!" * * * * * Official Vote Count DrunkTank (5/7) - Nolder, Darthe, Arsis, Rand, Tommy Tsukibana (1/7) - NotBob It is still Day 5 in Avengers 2 - Age of Ultron Mafia, which will end Monday, August 25th at 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time or when a majority lynch has been reached and I am available to end the phase early. This is a hammer game. Once a majority lynch has been reached, no more votes or unvotes will be counted. With 13 players in the game, it will take 7 votes to reach a majority. Failure to reach this majority by the deadline will end with a random player being lynched. Good luck, we are all counting on you!
  13. "Eyes! Thousands of eyes!" shouted the pale skinned, gaunt girl wearing a crimson coat and black yoga pants, "all staring at me, all watching me!" "Wanda, please," whispered her brother, a silver haired fit young man dressed in a blue and white spandex, "you have to focus. Even I am not faster than STARK security." As the girl sat cross-legged on the pavement behind him, the young man watched with intense focus as two SHIELD agents began to turn the corner on their patrol. "Seven wolves in sheep's clothing," mumbled Wanda, still gazing up at the night sky, "bending backways and front ways, and sideways. Seven sheep in wolves clothing, hungry for lambchops!" She began to cry, "they all are wolves! No more sheep! Bo Peep has lost her sheep!" "Malchiet, Wanda!" hissed her brother, "you must focus now!" Patience was a constant challenge for someone like Pietro Maximoff....a miracle twin. To him, the world seemed to be slowed down, moving at a snail's pace. What would feel like a minute to an everyday human, felt like watching grass grow for a year to Pietro. Wanda, his twin sister, was his constant. She kept him at a decent pace and allowed him to remember that if he does not practice patience, they both could end up dead...or worse. "The wolves circle another lamb," she cried, "they are all wolves, one wolf and another." "Wanda," Pietro said calmly, "I see a wolf over there." He pointed to a SHIELD agent who was adjusting his weapon, standing in front of a side entrance to STARK Tower. "Can you....teach the wolf to be polite, Wanda?" Wanda's eyes darted and focused immediately on the SHIELD agent. A mystic crimson aura began to radiate from her and odd circles and runic writings began to swirl around her head. Pietro smiled as Wanda raised her hands and pointed towards the SHIELD agent. Her hands began to glow red and then a fuzzy bolt of energy shot out from her hands and zapped the agent as she hissed "HEXYPOO HEX ON YOU!" Suddenly, the SHEILD agents suit changed from a cotton-polyester blend to wicker. "What the?" startled the agent, "my suit is suddenly uncomfortable!" He then could hear the sound of bees buzzing inside his suit. "Oh no, not the bees! NOT THE BEES!!! AAAHHHHH" It was then that Pietro made his move. There was barely a flash and slight air displacement when Pietro was back standing next to his sister, only this time holding the badge of the agent who was now swatting at the air like a maniac. "Bingo Cheese Wiz!" grinned Pietro, "now Wanda, you wait here for my signal. I am going to free the lambs!" * * * * * Official Vote Count DrunkTank (3/7) - Rand, TommyRod, Arsis Tsukibana (1/7) - NotBob TheRagnarok (1/7) - Darthe, It is still Day 5 in Avengers 2 - Age of Ultron Mafia, which will end Monday, August 25th at 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time or when a majority lynch has been reached and I am available to end the phase early. This is a hammer game. Once a majority lynch has been reached, no more votes or unvotes will be counted. With 13 players in the game, it will take 7 votes to reach a majority. Failure to reach this majority by the deadline will end with a random player being lynched. Good luck, we are all counting on you!
  14. Night 4 conclusion . . . A thunderous shriek blasted through the entire downtown area as a large humanoid face face eclipsed the moon. "I AM GALACTUS AND I HAVE COME TO DESTROY YOU HEROES!!!" "Suit up," shouted Tony Stark to Colonel James Rhodes, "I need a distraction. Get out there and catch his attention while I cook up a nice surprise for our visitor." "You want me to take on GALACTUS?" shouted Rhodes, "Are you out of your damn mynd?" "Trust me, if whatever that is out there pretending to be a Rush/LedZepplin concert was really Galactus," replied Tony, "we'd all be dead by now." "I'm going too," shouted Pepper and before Tony could object, "RESCUE activate!" Within seconds, Pepper was clad in a white and red medical version of the Iron Man Mark VIII and she took off into the air. Immediately, Rhodes began to open fire on the giant face. "Tony, my bullets are going right through it, I think....I think it's an illusion!" Potts spotted a tiny figure on a rooftop firing a rocket. She dove forward, firing her pulsars towards the figure. "I have to protect Rhod...AAH!" The rocket turned into a stream of bright lights blinding her for a moment. Quickly, she activated her force shield and reached out to protect Rhodes from the attack but her beam redirected to a figure behind her. This time, a swarm of rockets swirled around Rhodes and impacted him all at once. He screamed for a moment and then his lifeless body crashed into the building below. Pepper screamed then flew down towards where Rhodes had crashed. She was not prepared for what she saw. "TONY! " she shouted, "Rhodey is dead and......and I think so is Captain America!" There, next to the broken and bleeding corpse of Rhodes was the body of Steve Rogers. Stuck in his head was his own shield as if some mighty force bashed him with it. Written on the wall in blood read the words... NO ONE IS SAFE!!! Krakalakachkn, who was Captain America Steve Rogers, Hero Leader and Protector, has been killed! Nervositee, who was Colonel James Rhodes/War Machine, Hero Cop, has been killed! * * * * * * * Day 5 begins! It is now Day 5 in Avengers 2 - Age of Ultron Mafia, which will end Monday, August 25th at 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time or when a majority lynch has been reached and I am available to end the phase early. This is a hammer game. Once a majority lynch has been reached, no more votes or unvotes will be counted. With 13 players in the game, it will take 7 votes to reach a majority. Failure to reach this majority by the deadline will end with a random player being lynched. Good luck, we are all counting on you!
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