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  1. My favorite Lan moment is when he finally professed his love for Nynaeve, but refused to marry her for the sake of his quest to avenge Malkier. Instead, he gave her his signet ring to wear around her neck. To me, that moment seemed even more profound than marrying her would have been. The ring is one of the last remaining symbols of his fallen kingdom, and his quest to redeem or avenge it. His quest is all-important to him, and he readily accepts that it will one day claim his life, and yet he gives the very symbol of that quest to Nynaeve, showing her just how much more important SHE is t
  2. You might also scroll down to the Illuminators section of this very board ;) We're a group of aspiring authors, artists, and whatnot with a bent toward WoT and other speculative fantasy.
  3. Personally, I think it was Rand's way of dealing with the realization that he was the Dragon Reborn. "Everybody knows that all male channelers go crazy!" I think he gave way under the stress of realizing that the fate of the universe hung upon his none-too-mature shoulders, and carried himself a little bit more insane than he actually was. Call it "the power of suggestion". Following the realization that he really was hearing LTT in his head, and not just "hearing voices", he snapped to a bit, shoved back some of the impending madness, and got down to the business of being the Dragon Rebo
  4. Ahhhh... I LOVE this! It would certainly explain his aversion to being called the Dragon---much the same way that Rand hated the idea himself at the start. It's quite possible that LTT believed (like Rand) that he was his own man, and hated the thought of bending to a preset destiny. Kudos!
  5. I should think that he'd have to be able to access the One Power before he could trade half of it. But that's just me ::)
  6. Shendare, I like the analogy of the water wheel. It kinda goes along with what I've been thinking for a while. Just speculating here, but I don't think that the Wheel of Time has always been a wheel. Rather, I believe time began as linear---having a beginning and ending---and at some point in history, the Wheel was CREATED. Whether the creation of the Wheel was spiritual (i.e. the Creator or the Dark One) or technological (mankind discovers the OP and taps into it) hardly makes a difference. Point being, time was originally linear, but now it's cyclical. As to the question of the OP
  7. I agree. Another way you can look at it is that when Perrin goes off on Berelain, he's VALIDATING Faile's concerns by showing that the woman can get under his skin. If you'll notice, in later books, Perrin treats Berelain as a non-issue, passing her flirting off as unimportant and beneath his notice, and Faile is fine with it---in fact, beaming with pride.
  8. Actually, I don't think it would. Think of a broken limb. When it sets wrong, you can't just reset it. You have to rebreak it first. Problem is, once you injure the limb a second time, you still run the risk of it rehealing the same way it healed before. As stated elsewhere, Healing by the opposite sex completely Heals the stilling/gentling. Personally, I feel that if the severed individual is attuned to one particular half of the OP, the same sex wielding the same half would be TOO CLOSE to the individual's original attunement to effectively Heal. It's like if you get wounde
  9. I posted on this once before, and figured now would be a good time to bring it up again. In my opinion, the Song that the Tinkers are looking for will definitely be part of permanently sealing the Bore. RJ planted too many hints concerning the Song and its importance. Also, he placed great significance on the Chora tree. It seems---and has seemed, from the "singing" scene during Age of Legends to the Da'shain Aiel's commission to keep the Chora alive, and on down to today---to be very important, but RJ never expressed WHY it's important. I think, in some way, the Chora will play a vital role i
  10. Personally, I look for Moiraine to kill Lanfear/Cyndane again. Poetic justice, I'd call it ;) As far as Rand "dying", I still cater to the idea that his "death" will actually be a transformation similar to how Isam and Luc merged to become Slayer. At the point that those two merged, both Isam and Luc ceased to exist, becoming a single brand-new entity. I look for something like that to happen with Rand and LTT. To me, that would be a perfect fulfillment of the prophecy, because while Rand would technically still be alive, he would not be the same Rand that is being slowly driven mad
  11. Welcome to the club ;) I think it's perfectly natural for a writer to be influenced by his favorite authors. As others here have said, it's almost impossible to NOT be influenced by others. When you read a piece, that piece becomes a part of your imagination, and as such, anything that comes OUT of that imagination will be impacted by what has been absorbed into it. I've been writing a trilogy of books since 2003, and I sort of went on hiatus after finishing book one (I REALLY need to get back to it!). One of the most difficult things for me to do was create a system of magic that no
  12. You sure? Granted, I've only read through the series twice, but I'm almost POSITIVE that we either have a POV from someone who's been burned out or stilled, or a reference of them speaking about it. While I agree with your analogy of the bridge, I disagree with how the bridge is structured. The individual only has ONE HALF of the necessary bridge. The other half is rooted in the Source. When the bridge is destroyed (however it happens) the individual is only left with HIS/HER END of the destroyed bridge. If BOTH ends of the bridge were within the person, then a shield or a steadin
  13. I would also think that it depends on how MUCH of the OP is being used toward this end, as well as the skill of the user. For example, if someone is particularly talented in Healing, it could be done much quicker than in someone who is not talented in that area. Also, if an AS is using an angreal or sa'angreal, or is in a circle, then the sheer force of the OP would speed the process. Look at how the New Tower girls were creating cuendillar. Some of them were taking FOREVER to create a single piece, but when a stronger (Egwene) or more skilled (Leane) woman tried her hand at it, the piece
  14. I don't think intent makes any difference. Say you cut off a limb on one side of your body, and you burn off the limb on the other. They are both gone, regardless of how they were lost. Similarly, when someone is stilled or burned out, the ability to channel is lost. Period. It's not blocked or disconnected, but REMOVED. The individual still has the ability to sense the Source regardless of how they were cut off from it. This is evidenced in Siuan and Leane on the stilled side, and also in Setalle and the Dumai's Wells Aes Sedai on the burned out side. So if both types of severance still
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