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  1. I always enjoy reading Vanion's blog. It's always makes me laugh at his reactions to people. ^^
  2. What I really meant in this thread was what happened to the people that were acting as the "chosen" on this site and why they are not on any more
  3. I gotta go with Graendal because I remember someone confinced me a long time ago with a good explination of who did it.
  4. i would like anyone that can make me a signature and post it out of the kindness of there heart? I'll thank you very much if it is done :P :P :lol: :lol: ...anyone? Will Sedai, Loraine Sedai, Cleo Sedai .....plz
  5. Man "Ask the Chosen" was the bonb it was mostly the main reason i used to come here and i would like to know what happened to that forum it was funny.
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