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  1. TheMasterDude

    20 points to...

    And THAT is how you get staff work done :D
  2. TheMasterDude

    20 points to...

    Whoever adds up all of the points people have earned since my last update. Name to be in alphabetical order please.
  3. TheMasterDude


    It's great that there are things still older than me. LolSomeone call?
  4. TheMasterDude

    Back to the old days

    Dont tell them that Ley! The fear is part of the initialization process.
  5. TheMasterDude

    Back to the old days

    The spaghetti is a lie! Just like the cake.
  6. TheMasterDude


    I know tress, we are finally to our 3 months of cool weather!
  7. Im with Wombat on this one. The whole "new characters and the perspective changes" from book to book has always put me off. Ive been stuck on the beginning of the second book for quite some time. Maybe if I join in on Tinas thoughts thread when she gets to it I can continue onwards.
  8. TheMasterDude

    Back to the old days

    What do you mean cleaner? Im the one who has be accumulating all the bodies under here.
  9. TheMasterDude

    Back to the old days

    *Portals back to the abyss. AKA under Tina's bed*
  10. TheMasterDude

    November 2015 Roll Call

    Outside on the porch while it's raining.
  11. TheMasterDude

    Back to the old days

    Old? Did someone call?
  12. TheMasterDude

    I'm thinking of a number...

    Who's the closest?