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Why did you choose your name?

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Guest Winespring Brother

I was just wondering what the reason was for people's names here on DM. Did you think long and hard about it, or more kind of go

"Oh hell, I need a name, quick!"


Do you regret your choice at all?

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I had to recreate my account after a little run in with Roka and I knew I was to join the White Tower and the Wolfkin... and I had just gotten done reading both the Belgariad and Mallorean series and Poledra seemed pretty kewl to have and sorta ironic for my Orgs I was joining.


also, it's been brought to my attention that Poledra appeared as a wolf with a BLUE nimbus and I just happen to be an Aes Sedai of the BLUE Ajah. Her Prophecy name was also The Woman That Watches, and my new Org Leadress name is She Who Watches, so no, I don't regret it - quite the opposite! :D

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This is my name everywhere I guess. I picked it originally for MSN chat as I lived in Perth at the time near the River Tay and first thing in the morning its misty on the water. Simple as that. :D

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Mine came from my prior nerd lifestyle as an avid D&D player. Came from my lvl 32ish Drow Ranger.. I was not very original and carried the name here.


Niamh.. is that not also the name of Merlins lover and protege?


Runie - Vicarious.

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I got mine from a random fantasy name generator when I was doing some FFRP on an IRC server about 10 years ago. I was playing a half elf. I messed around with what was originally spit out and got Jhaenara and have used it ever since for most things since it's very unlikely to be taken by anyone else... lol. I also use Rheannan a lot... mainly gaming (since Rhiannon is always taken).

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