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  1. If my math is correct, I was 15. I know for a fact that I was a Sophomore in high school, because I constantly left TGH in my Junior year history class and got my teacher hooked on them as well. That would have been the spring of 1990...
  2. I was wondering when all the older folks would show up after all of those students in the beginning of this thread. As for me, my official title is Senior Network Consultant, which really doesn't describe what I do at all. I occasionally still go out on the road to clients to fix whatever dumb mistakes their original network designers made, but more often than not I'm in the lab, banging my head against a piece of software or network hardware (router, switch, firewall, IDS, IPS, UTM, you name it) that just won't do what it's supposed to do. Then I normally write training materials so that other people can keep their foreheads more or less intact. Every once in a great while they actually let me out to teach as well. In my spare time, I'm a single guy who plays softball, darts, Warcraft, Thursday night bar trivia, reads a lot more than is probably healthy for him and is a huge Red Sox and Patriots fan. In terms of education, I have bachelor's degrees in Political Science and History, which just goes to show you that what you do in college has absolutely no bearing on real life.... Dear God, this sounds like a personal ad, or something you'd read on a dating site.
  3. That happens around here occasionally... As to the physical appearance of the Ring itself, as far as I know, there has never been an actually description, even in the BWB, although if it's anywhere, that's probably where it would be.
  4. The Nine Rod of Dominion, were as Luckers said, people. Regional governors/rulers that apparently reported periodically to the Tamyrlin. The Oath Rod that the AS swear on, the other that the Shaido have and all the others that have been lost were used in the AoL to punish criminals, as we know from several Forsaken POV's, not as a badge of office for some ruler.
  5. Ok, I've been away from the forums for a while, but I figured this was a safe one to answer. That said, I'm 32 and have been reading WoT for about as long as it has existed. I started reading in Feb. 1990 when I was a Sophomore in High School and I actually still have a first printing trade paperback of TGH that I pickup in August of that year. So yes, I've been reading this series for more than half of my life, which seems really strange, even to me. I really hope RJ gets well and we get to see the end as he originally envisioned it. In that order...
  6. Does Darts count as a sport? If so then that would be the one I'm best at. I play in a league on Tuesday nights and practice 2 or 3 nights a week at home. Nothing like a sport where you can continue to drink while playing. I play softball too, but as a softball player, I'm a good coach, if you catch my meaning... In terms of watching, I love baseball, American football(huge Red Sox and Patriots fan) and I like to watch hockey between the Super Bowl and spring training even if my favorite team is terrible. (which they are, argh!!)
  7. As Egwene and Graendal's Fav say, the second read is better than the first. I honestly find myself chuckling when I have one of those "Eureka!" moments. I find it funny that I completely missed this or that little important tidbit the first time I read them.
  8. I hear ya, Robert. I was in high school by the time most of that stuff came around. God, it sucks to be decrepit...
  9. Oh, I don't know about that. I'll agree with the first part, but Richard Seymore may go to the Hall of Fame someday, as may Cory Dillon and no one (around New England, at least) will ever forget Tedi Bruschi. And eventhough he's no longer with us, Adam Vinatieri is going to be the second kicker in the HoF based on what he did here with the Patriots. He's as much of a mortal lock for Canton as any kicker will ever be.
  10. The Chargers were undefeated at home this year too and they had the highest scoring offense in the league (not to mention the MVP and Defensive Player of the Year). Yet the Patriots still beat them. It certainly wasn't pretty, but they did just enough to get the job done, just like they nearly always do in the playoffs. A couple more things, while no one was looking Belichick, Brady and the boys have gone 8-1 on the road this year and in both the 2001 and 2004 playoffs they won the AFC Championship on the road. All I'm saying is that you can never, ever count them out as long as #12 is behind center and Mr. Ratty-cutoff-sweatshirt is coaching this team.
  11. Agreed - Most of the Discworld stuff is priceless and Good Omens is hysterical even starting with the sub-title: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch...
  12. I'm going to work from the assumption that gladius is a second declention masculine noun. If that assumption is correct then the plural would be "gladii" (pronounced glad-ee-i [the i is long as well])
  13. Rand = Tigraine Mantear (Shaile) + Janduin of the Taardad Aiel Galad = Tigraine Mantear + Taringale Damodred Luc = Tigraine Mantear (Shaiel)'s brother. Therefore: Rand and Galad = Half-brothers (maternal side) and Luc = Their maternal uncle Elayne (and Gawyn) = Taringail Damodred + Morgase Trakand Therefore: Elayne/Gawyn and Galad = Half-siblings (Paternal side) and Elayne/Gawyn and Rand = Step-siblings (no blood relative/parent in common) Being that all of the Andoran houses are related distantly, Rand and Elayne probably do have some common relatives but not close enough to make a difference.
  14. To recap Wild Card weekend and set up next week's games: AFC Pats over Jets (37-16) You didn't actually think Brady and Belichick were going to get beat by Chad and Mangini twice in one year, did you? Come on, be serious now... :lol: And by the way, Asante Samuel had another pick-6 (INT + TD) today(that's interception #11 this year, in case you were wondering), why the hell isn't he going to Hawaii? Colts over Chiefs (23-8 ) Colts defense actually showed up for the first time all year and played a hell of a game. However, if Peyton has another game like that in these playoffs, the baby horses will be going nowhere near Miami. Next week: Pats at Chargers - From the point of view of a Pats fan (which I am) this game scares me. The Chargers defense is good, very good now that they have Merriman back, and on offense LT is, well, LT. Somehow the Pats have to figure out a way to force Phillip Rivers to beat them throwing the ball, something I don't think he can do. Anyway, it's probably foolish but I'll take the Pats by 6 (23-17) Colts at Ravens - This is going to be a great game, the #1 scoring defense in the league vs. the #1 overall offense. If there's anybody who can stop big-brother Manning and his gaggle of whiny-assed receivers, it's Baltimore so I'll take the Ravens by 4 (31-27) NFC (Not that it matters, the real SB XLI is going to be played in two weeks in either San Diego, Baltimore or Indy, but just for fun...) Seattle over Dallas (21-20) What's the over/under on how long it takes the Cowpokes to get a new holder? An even more interesting bet would be: How long is it going to take to get the "deer in the headlights/ Omg, I f'ed up big time!" look out of Tony Romo's eyes? Either way, it was at the very least an interesting last few minutes Eagles over Giants (23-20) If Coughlin doesn't lose his job now, I'm going to start referring to him as "Matt Millen (the New Jersey one)". What a pitiful excuse for a team. Congrats to the Eagles and especially to Jeff Garcia who seems like a real class guy. (Hey TO, apparently Jeff's not that bad of a QB after all, you arrogant swine!) Next Week Seahawks at Bears - I have no confidence that Rex Grossman can beat anybody at this point and Brian Griese is apparently not even good enough to get the start over that turn-over waiting to happen, so I'll take the 'Hawks in a mini-upset (24-17) Eagles at Saints - The Saints simply have too much offense, period. The Eagles have had a nice run, but it ends here (31-17)
  15. Good Afternoon Mother, Along the same lines as the last question: Aside from actually teaching economics, would you consider yourself personally more of a Keynesian economist or do you follow the Laissez-faire/Adam Smith school of thought?
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