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  1. Sorry for the delay in my response. I am talking about the fan art calendar. Is that the calendar in the link?
  2. When is this expected to come out? Anyone got a clue? Also when it does come out how will it be sold? In stores or strictly over the internet? I just want to know when and where so I can make sure I get myself a copy... so yeah anyone? ;D
  3. Is there a chapter icon that represents Egwene? I planning on getting a WoT tattoo... and I like the bull with the garland... but doesn't that represent Gareth Bryne? I like him, but I would like to get something that represents Egwene. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Well I also asked this question on Wotmania and the people there told me that that pic is from the WoT card game. I searched the card game, and there is a lot of awesome WoT art I never even knew exsisted. http://www.randyasplund.com/browse/cards/wot.html
  5. I am looking for a particular artist. The picture is of Rand and Ishy in the sky battling it out... http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w140/dillinger_escapes/book.jpg Can you name that artist? :P
  6. I was wondering if someone could provide a link or something with RJ saying that 'half the mail he gets in regards to Asmodean's death is incorrect'. I heard that he said this before the whole Graendal theory came about... but I just want to look into it. Also if you have them available any quotes from RJ in regards to Asmo's death would be super. :D Thanks!
  7. Mat. Pretty much anything to do with Mat is just hilarious to me. Mat is not only an important character to the story because of his plot lines but because he provides comic relief to the story. :lol: I am drawing a blank on specific moments... :oops: I also liked the part where Nynaeve had gotten drunk trying to break her block for Theodrin and she had to be carried back to her room while she was singing. Also when ever Elayne tries to swear. It is so unnatural it is funny.
  8. Oh yeah big WoT addict. It gets a little ridiculous sometimes. My boyfriend got me into the series and now I have totally surpassed him on the nerdy/addict factor. I swear in Randland I dream about Randland I use other expressions, such as when I am talking to my boyfriend I call him "the shade of my heart". I also wish people to find water and shade. No one else gets it though. Huge Nerd! :oops: :lol:
  9. Not really sure if you can consider the Waste a country or not but I would have to go with the Aiel Waste. Only because I like Aiel. They are as a people so full of honor and duty. I can respect that and in many ways remind me of Native American tribes. I have a great respect for Native American ways...
  10. I have thought about it actually. I love a good many of the names throughout the books. I love unusal names, I only wish my name were as cool as some of the names in the series. I would have to say that Aviendha is probably one of my favorites for a girl, and for a boy... either Perrin or Mazrim.
  11. Would Asmodean have recognized Slayer though? Because Asmodean clearly recognizes his killer. Also if Lanfear is giving orders from Finn Land to Slayer to go kill people why wouldn't she order Slayer to kill Aviendha or Egwene, the two very people she suspected of Rand loving in the 1st place? This is a good theory though. I like it.
  12. Well personally I could never be a polygamist, however am I against it? Not really. I mean you see these images on Tv of these polygamist communities where woman are 2nd class citizens and girls of 13 marrying 60 year old men etc which does make me sick... but that is not the type of polygamist I am talking about. I really do not care what other people do in there own how so long as it not hurting anyone, they are adults, and its consensual. So yeah Rand having three women in his life does not bother me one bit. The only problem that I have with the whole situation is the unfair treatment. Rand loves all three of the women... but does he love them equally? He certainly treats them differently. Especially Min. With Elayne and Aviendha he loves them but he is willing to push them away to protect them... but he cant bring himself to do that with Min? What the hell? Plus he has been hanging around Min alone entirely too long. I think it is past time for all four of them to be alone together for more that five minutes. They all got alot to work out. Anyways. Its not the fact that Rand is a polygamist that bothers me, more of the inter-workings of his relationship.
  13. If that is indeed the only reason, then that is pretty stupid. I mean yes I know he loves his sister and Egwene... but starting a war over it, splitting the tower? How does that make him any different than Galad and all his do-gooder-ness? Also if that his reasoning then why did he let Min, Leane, and Suian escape? Doesn't that defeat the point of his fighting?
  14. I have read the series a few times, but one thing I guess I never paid enough attention to is the reasoning for Gawyn supporting Elaida. Did he support Elaida because he just disliked Suian so much? I know he doesn't like Suian because Suian always side stepped him when he tried to get information about Elayne's whereabouts. Is this the only reason? Or did I miss something?
  15. Man I wish people would stop bringing this up. RJ has flat out said that Olver is not Cain.
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