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  1. The name of my band! It really is that simple, nothing complicated :)
  2. But Mins got curly hair hasnt she? And is she oriental?
  3. When Rand saw him he wasnt crazy! He saw Rand through his bars and recognised a man who was going to cause huge chaos, or something like that........ But I disagree, I think the taint would just stay at the same level if they were gentled! And I see it as still being completely sane, slightly affected by the taint and then going straight into insanity, not a really steady gradual thing! Its known that insane men dont question their sanity so aslong as our men do that we know they're sane :)
  4. Even the stilling scene isnt rock solid evidence! She always refers to the person as 'she' for all we know she could be speaking of someone else! I'm not supporting either theory as I'm not sure myself but the main piece of evidence for one side doesnt have to mean she's refering to herself!
  5. The one in the black coat? An ash'man would be my guess!
  6. I think its just a general picture of a normal Aiel warrior, I could be wrong though!
  7. That made me laugh! Aginor/Osan'gar was totally useless when it came to actual achievements during the series, he got killed twice! Once by a loser and once by himself............. says it all! You can say the stuff about Halima causing the ash'man to take over the tower but it hasnt actually happened yet which means it cant really be put down as one of her achievements as its yet to be achieved! So yes, as things stand all she did was give Egwene headaches!
  8. Yeh I know what you mean Thor, the oriental girl looks hotter then how I imagined Faile!
  9. This one: http://img206.imageshack.us/img206/316/dragonmount2bg7.gif I'd probably say Egwene, cant think of anyone else it could be!
  10. I always thought that was supposed to be Moraine because of the stone on her head! Is this the other woman? http://img178.imageshack.us/img178/8962/dragonmountkw2.gif I thought that was Nyneave, as shes got the dot thing, cant remember the real name for it!
  11. mmmmmmmmmmmm can I have some kind of link to the trailer please :)
  12. I dont like to insult but Brand New suck! They're a band for people (who like stuff like Blink and Sum 41) to look upto as a non mainstream band they can listen to and think they've found a band nobody else knows! Nah just not cool! Powderfinger, on the other hand, are the greatest band of all time(in my oppinion)! Probably the most influential Australian band ever, and deserve every bit of credit they get. Which isnt really that much here but still, they deserve alot more!!! Fuel, alot of people have heard their stuff but dont know who it is! FUEL! Shimmer, Hemorrage, Falls On Me, Wont Back Down, quite simple amazing! Zwan, Smashing Pumpkins or the Future Embrace album! Anything to do with Billy Corgan is quite simply mind blowing! A true musical legend! Chris Cornell aswell! The Soundgarden albums were just fantastic, every album they ever made was all killer, never made a bad song! Audioslave aren't quite as good but still own! And if you really wanna jizz in your pants just bang some of the classics like the Cure, instant love!
  13. Gotta say the sarcasm machin's post tickled me! Demandred - Gotta be one due to him been the only male forsaken yet to die and stronger in the power then the women! Plus he's just majorly cool! Rahvin - Knew what he was doing and got himself into a position of power very quickly, well done to young Rahvin. Shame he was to go so early, he could've done some pretty cool things! Semirhage - Gotta love her, knows no fear and even manged to scare her captures into helping her escape in AoL, classical! Has to be near the top for that simple reason alone! Ishamel(Moridin) - Slightly demented and warped but is very amusing to read about, and the few PoV's we got I loved. Also the entire controlling 2 other forsaken really does kick major ass! Sammael - Probably the least tactful person in all the books, doesn't show much intelligence when it comes to manuvering against the other forsaken but his bluntness was pretty charming! He did get his ass kicked by 2 immense forces at one time though....... not very cool! Be'lal - Gotta be up here for beating Rand in the sword fight (as machin said) how many people beat Rand in a one on one? Well there ya go! Balthamel - Cool points for the entire man/woman thing and got close to Egwene which always is good........ thats not really enough to take him/her to the top though! Lanfear - Is strong but totally sucks! Never really pulled off a good attack against anyone and didn't take any(of many) chances she had to kill Rand and when she does eventually try all the manages to do is pull a darkfriend apart! Nah, not cool! Aginor - Killed twice, once by himself, once by a darkfriend Aes Sedai. If he wasnt so cool as Dashiva and didnt invent just about all shadowspawn he'd be rock bottom! But as it happens he did so, there ya go! Mesaana - Hasn't done much........... but when she comes into the book with that glowing thing going on, you gotta love that, pretty cool! Moghedien - Has failed quite afew times, but at least she's tried to bring a blow against the light, more then some! Graendal - Pretty useless, hasn't really made any real efforts to do anything, is boring to say the least! Asmodean - I like the guy, but for services to the DO he's gotta come rock bottom, did absolutely nothing of use and was captured by Rand, really........ not cool my friend! A loser in total really, didn't even have a good reason for turning to the dark in the first place........... guy needs to sort out his priorities methinks!
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