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  1. WoW howd that happen...theyre kinda different from each other :P
  2. Hi, nice to meet you. have a great time with us. see you out there
  3. Hello and welcome, good to hear more ppl coming to the series.
  4. Qute right, its good to have a little corner of the site to lie back in to get away from all the theorising, welcome! enjoy your stay.
  5. *trips them both and ties their ankles together with air* ok... hello he with no name, welcome. *drags the two bound away*
  6. Hello, good thing youre that avid a reader...youll need it for CoT :P :lol:
  7. 1st welcome, 2nd you might want to change your avatar, its cool but too tall, just saving you the rush to get one when an admin deletes it ;)
  8. Hi i am jason but you can call me god... srsly now, welcome, have fun see you out there somewhere.
  9. Hi there, i can easily say there will be a place for you, wherever it may be... nice to meet you, do also browse the orgs, theyre great fun to relax in to get away from the theory and such ;)
  10. hi and welcome, i hope to see you about the tower/s ;)
  11. hey, welcome to the life fantastic at DM. ;)
  12. hi and welcome, and we certainly do, if you scroll down theres the divisions, those are the RP areas, someone from that side of DM will be along shortly im sure ;)
  13. Hi and welcome, youve taken the first step into a wonderful world of friendship rivalry and random burnifrying... :shock: wait ignore the last one.....only on tuesdays ;) uhh yea welcome << >> :D
  14. YES DO you will be VERY much welcomed, :twisted: *angel halo* yes, were all a good sort over there :D << >> ^_^
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