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  1. heyyy i know that handle was familiar well you got back and settled fine so no harm no foul, still here to help mate. ;)
  2. Tradition Everyone get it... some more than once *drops moat on you*
  3. Eyy *scoops him from the water only long enought to hand him a potato to breathe through and attach a boulder to his leg*
  4. Hey there lil algai Yes sorry about the no contact thing, last 2 mentees i was assigned i went to great lengths to help but got not a word back and with my RL workload i just didnt see it this time, good to see you my latest pulling in. thanks to del for making me aware you were about. *drops a gateway under the guild link leading to the greens bath house* nothing like hitting the ground running ill have him trained in a week
  5. *cuts a spy hole* *yells through wall* Youre doing it WRONG!
  6. WOHOO *airpunch* havnt been classed inactive yet, effing score.
  7. god bless high tight ropes dresses and updrafts...
  8. shame we cant see you playing with yours...
  9. if i were seeing your back i doubt youd be in a position to see mine *cackles and cleaves a meat path*
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