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  1. WoW howd that happen...theyre kinda different from each other :P
  2. Hi, nice to meet you. have a great time with us. see you out there
  3. Hello and welcome, good to hear more ppl coming to the series.
  4. Qute right, its good to have a little corner of the site to lie back in to get away from all the theorising, welcome! enjoy your stay.
  5. *trips them both and ties their ankles together with air* ok... hello he with no name, welcome. *drags the two bound away*
  6. Hello, good thing youre that avid a reader...youll need it for CoT :P :lol:
  7. 1st welcome, 2nd you might want to change your avatar, its cool but too tall, just saving you the rush to get one when an admin deletes it ;)
  8. Hi i am jason but you can call me god... srsly now, welcome, have fun see you out there somewhere.
  9. Hi there, i can easily say there will be a place for you, wherever it may be... nice to meet you, do also browse the orgs, theyre great fun to relax in to get away from the theory and such ;)
  10. hi and welcome, i hope to see you about the tower/s ;)
  11. hey, welcome to the life fantastic at DM. ;)
  12. hi and welcome, and we certainly do, if you scroll down theres the divisions, those are the RP areas, someone from that side of DM will be along shortly im sure ;)
  13. Hi and welcome, youve taken the first step into a wonderful world of friendship rivalry and random burnifrying... :shock: wait ignore the last one.....only on tuesdays ;) uhh yea welcome << >> :D
  14. YES DO you will be VERY much welcomed, :twisted: *angel halo* yes, were all a good sort over there :D << >> ^_^
  15. nice to meet you mate, hope you hae a good time with us
  16. Righteous another aussie, WELL TAKE OVER THE BOARDS YET! welcome, i hope you find this place even more fun with the ability to contribute ;)
  17. hi there, good to see more lurkers lurkless
  18. Greetz! this is most excelent! nice to meet you.
  19. :| i should certianly think you ARENT :P anyhoo welcome, i hope you stay and have fun.
  20. Hi and welcome to dragonmount, to me it seems youre looking for the RP side, im sure someone more knowlegable on that will be along shortly.
  21. Hello, welcome to the lovely DM, i hope you find a place here and enjoy yourself
  22. hey there, that sounds great, do keep us in the loop on it ;)
  23. Hey man, good to see you join, it is indeed much more fun when you can post back, im sure youll have fun welcome!
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