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  1. *picks at sparkles* oh that ties it, im out of here again...
  2. Eyy, what can i say, it boggles the mind as to how missed i was, or at the very least my absence was noticed in the least.
  3. wait, get some of that green there to cover the glue lines on my latex sixpack... ata girl..
  4. yes so does a few drinks, but it is a nice shade though. how curious that my airlines colors are a purple....
  5. come with me, ill explain as we walk *leads you off*
  6. heavens only if it works, but yes, much potential here.
  7. Good good, nice to be back. lots of newuns to meat...
  8. Did someone mention milk and the possibility of novices?
  9. *pops head in testing the air* god here we go *waits for the confuion*
  10. *browses the latest additions* indeed, no truer words have been well... typed..
  11. Your just a tease... i have chat logs to prove it :P *tackle pokes EL*
  12. yea... im sure thats it >> << thought areobics sound interesting ^^
  13. yes, i must be delusional to even begin to think any of you could see reason at all, i suppose i just wont bother.... you seem to do what you want regardless, just shows the level of respect i get....
  14. As if we werent bad enough on our own... ^^ theyre all in for a big surprise *EG*
  15. .... heh...kooks...... now... how to turn this to my advantage... *plots*
  16. *draws arie in closer* it will be as it is spoken...sister, *lays a healing weave over their still connected hands, purposefully leaving but the faintest of a scar* *sighs deeply feeling as if a weight is lifted* time to celebrate i think :)
  17. *smiles slightly* *looks into aries eyes and considers the choice before him* how could i say no... *runs his palm along the tip of his sword and holds out his hand as well* As this blood binds us to life, it shall bind us to preserve it, till the night takes us... *takes her hand*
  18. *parries one but takes the last as a slash to the shoulder* *hangs sword arm at his side* nothing in life can be predetermined, come a situation unwinnable all i have is my sword an life, i will relinquish both if nessasary for their safety if they are insufficient then no.... i cannot, given their penchant for trouble i fear it may come sooner than late. i sence you have a proposal to remedy this.... possibility
  19. I solemnly swear i am not up to no good, they cause trouble for only others not tother way round. *draws steel* how will you act on your accusation... *flourishes his blade and levels in a mimic of her stance* your move...
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