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  1. i found out about it through the podcasts wow that was 2 months ago
  2. i think he is behind the couch thats where most things end up
  3. finally, another ian irvine fan his new book is out, and it is following on from both those series, im reading it atm, torments of a traitor, based ten years after chimera
  4. hey there! *waves* welcome and hope you enjoy your time here!
  5. ian irvine man start with a view from the mirror quartet followed by a tale of three worlds followed by (which book one has just been released) the song of the tears im reading the first book in the song of the tears, torments of a traitor
  6. when i heard i was also in disbelief and he will be missed, that i am sure of
  7. *silence* aww thats sad, never even heard of that other book
  8. wow i never realised he said bloody wedding, what are the odds ey
  9. lol i had read something like this before, but i find it funny everytime how about . . . you go to a musical instrument store and look for The Horn of Valere. i actually say the wheel weaves as the wheel wills though ^^;; most of my friends have no idea, those who have read WoT just shake their heads
  10. are you sure, i think your looking for fiddlesticks
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