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  1. *lol* I read the important meaningful parts! Honest!
  2. Awwww.. Bye bye Goldy! We'll miss you in the Archers. Oh and if you're reading this, *TWAP*, you're supposed to be gone! ^_^ Anyway, I'm sure I'll see you on MSN at somepoint. ^_^
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    Well really, who doesn't <3 Hooters? Really?
  4. The last twenty minutes had been a blur, the Mistress of Novices, as she was called, had been listing off rule after caveat after addendum about Tower policy, curfews, regulations, classes and a battery of other things that Bronwyn had been attempting to listen to and remember. Yet the volume of information was staggering and she doubted she’d be able to retain even a quarter of it all past this afternoon. Although uncharacteristic, Bronwyn was thankful for the quiet walk she had shared with young woman in white who was to be her mentor. They had passed a few people while walking through the Tower, aside from the occasional stare at the bright reds, yellows and blues of her clothes which stood out brilliantly against the plain whites of nearly everyone else, not a single person was smiling. At least Lillian wasn’t upset when she had occasionally fallen behind to gawk at the magnificence of her new surroundings, her new home. Although the colouring was quite dull, there was a quiet sense of elegance to the whole place. Her room would need some work as there wasn’t a speck of colour to be found anywhere. Perhaps Lillian would know where she could find some paint. “I’ll dance with a girl with eyes of brown, or a girl with eyes of green.” There wasn’t much space in the room, especially if the other two beds were going to be occupied. Bronwyn folded neatly all but one of her new white dresses and placed them in the top drawer of the cabinet. Atop the cabinet she rested the fiddle case that had been strung over her should for most of the day, she didn’t really like parting with it, but she assumed it would be safer here than in the bath. I’ll dance with a girl with any colour eyes but yours are the prettiest I’ve seen. I’ll kiss a girl with hair of black, or a girl with hair of gold.” Something flicked in the back of her mind, something about punctuality, the People never rushed and were always laid back, but she decided it would be good not too dawdle. As expected, Lillian was waiting just outside the door for her when she opened it mid song. Remembering how quiet their trip through the halls was Bronwyn consciously shut her lips. Of there were more stares and as the two weaved their way round the complex maze. Most like very few had seen a Tuatha'an before. She had no doubt she’d be dependent on Lillian for quite a few things during her stay here, the least of which would be for directions. Buildings without wheels were a novelty for Bronwyn and she’d never even seen a building with more that 2 stories in her life. There was no way she’d remember how to get back to her rooms after taking all these turns and stairs. Every floor looked the same, and all the doors were identical. It was amazing they weren’t lost already, well, for all she knew they could be. At least the bathing room was distinguishable from the rest of the place, not for its outside appearance but for the heavy warm and damp air that grew thicker with each approaching step. The bathing room itself was quite a shock, a large pool built from salamon coloured marble and granite. Bathing in a bucket was luxury to the People, most often it was in the river which was always cold, but the warmth in the air told that this would be different. A few deep breaths of the heavy wet air filled her lungs and grew a smile on her face. Lillian had already made her way into the water and Bronwyn took her invitation to come as well. She left her clothes in a pile on the bench with the towel that set out for her, a blur of colour beside a multitude of white linens and salamon tile. OOC: Ok. Better.. ish.
  5. Thanks Sirayn! ^_^ Andy!.. You remembered me!. ^_^ Sorry for ditching my other characters.. I wanted to start over brand new. ^_^
  6. Hi, I'm the creator of this character. Actually, no, there's no relation. Apparently I just wasn't being as creative as I thought I was when I was naming her!. Anyway, Thanks the approvals! ^_^
  7. Ooohh!. A perfect candidate for the Illuminators! Welcome to Dragonmount! I'm Odette, you'll probably see me around sometime or another. ^_^ Also, since your a guitar player I thought I'd mention that in the Illuminators Org we're attempting to see if there is enough interest for a section to be dedicated to performing arts (such as music), so you might be interested. Anyway. Welcome again!. ^_^
  8. And you spawned fantastic movies like "Bad Taste" Oh wait. Nevermind. ^_^ (Quite amazing that that movie was made by LOTR's Peter Jackson). *plans on visiting Australia next summer* *nods* ^_^
  9. ^_^ I picked Odette because it's what I named my flute. I don't play the flute that well, and I would have named myself after my violin, but somehow "Reginald" didn't really suit me.
  10. That's what I had always assumed but I've met a couple people recently who disagreed. Thanks though. ^_^
  11. Hi ^_^ I just had a quick question that maybe you all could help me with. Does RJ ever say in the books whether the Wolfkin's eyes are all yellow? Or is it just the irises? Or is it something else? If someone happens to recall an exact description that would be great. Thanks. ^_^
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    Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Thank you! I'm turning purple now.
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    Arya is actually Kati's clone. You can see the Government ID code on her wrist. *nods*. ^_^
  14. I'm from Yellowknife NWT!. I have a polar bear for a license plate. ^_^ It looks like this! (not actually my license plate, just one I found on the internet). I've lived in pretty much every province and territory except P.E.I. and N.B. I refuse to say where I currently live. I hate this place. ^_^
  15. Awwwww!... Kitten! *twaps Sin* Bad thoughts! Bad thoughts! Purge your mind! Bad thoughts!.
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