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  1. Once I get some more ink and can ink it Ill be happy to post it up :)
  2. I'm working on a tribute piece right now, and I would feel horrible now that I know of this and didn't share my idea with some people who are doing something special. Ive drawn out the spear/scarf/wheel/snake symbol often associated with TWoT and in he background I'm learning some calligraphy (Rather clumsily admittedly) so i can use the first paragraph of EotW, for me at least thats just really moving. I was even thinking of adding maybe a bit of a commentary at the end of like "Oh and what a beginning it was" or something like that. Idk if yall will like the idea, but I thought I'd p
  3. Could be. Quite frankly they should do a crossover. Thatd be beyond awesome :D
  4. Might enjoy this. *Runs off to read the Hobbit and Silmarillion again*
  5. Well also consider that Trollocs wont be the DO's only weapon in the war. Insects, birds, the general parts of the animal kingdom stereotypically associated with Dark lords will probably appear as well. Not to mention probably a whole army of Darkfriends (Theyre probably out there yea) Trollocs? 1 million maybe, Rand wont have that many by and stretch. So it seems likely thats all he'll need.
  6. Jeff Corwin is out there too. He decently amusing to watch. Corny at times but not torture. And not Steve Irwin :cry:
  7. Awwe man i about broke down at this news when my mom told me this morning. Seriously for a few years i woke up and just watched animal planet for his show. He really acheived his dreams of awakening the world to the animal kingdom, as well as defending them bravely. The world lost a good man today :cry:
  8. Well if that is the case, about the Ways, Could we not also assume that all the DF Ashaman will possibly open gates to let them through. Which could lead to a multi-location (Possibly hundreds, every city like kind of thing) battle that stretches across the land, not just one big clash. Both have possibilities...
  9. Of those 3? Definatly RJ. Sheerly because of the depth his story has to it, and that i can and want to re-read it as many times as i can just to figure these things out.
  10. Goodness Luckers, great one there! I havent seen Perrin, Perrin could possibly be right up there with Mat (Rand will trust those close to him, even though Perrin has no liking for battle he's good at what he does, and would be a fantastic person to rally around if needed.) As for numbers, generally Trollocs (orc like fellows) are quick to create, thus always result in higher numbers due to the ease of creation. The thing they lack is quality, which is generally what the good guys have. Ive never looked over the population estimates or anything, and am so swamped right now ive forgotten
  11. Idk, I enjoyed Wizards First Rule, dispite any similarities. And Stone of Tears was ok. I bought Blood of the Fold but never read it. I kinda like it only when i really have nothing else to read.
  12. Haha the covers are pretty bad. MoI was good though, with Gruntle standing tall over Capustan. But who can wait till April when you can have it next week lol.
  13. Im gonna reccomend the Malazan books of the fallen for you. Though it has mages, and "dragons", its still an amazing read and well worth your time.
  14. YAY!! I started this series on a whim. Quite funny really. Was forced into going to the bookstore with an Ex, and i just picked up a book so i didnt have to talk much. Happened to be Memories of Ice and i was hooked. (Of course i then realized it was book 3 and went to buy Gardens of the Moon. This is easily the best series ive read besides LotR and WoT. It seriously ranks up there with them. His storys are so involved and keep you jumping at every turn of the page. The way he weaves the threads together is nothing short of masterful. Right now im on House of Chains. The worst of the on
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