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  1. But why? What was wrong with the ebook cover of Lan rescuing Nynaeve?
  2. No, Thom is reaching into the fire to pull Moriaine's bead out is a Dream Egwene has in TDR. The two things Min sees about Thom are in EotW. They are of a man, not him, juggling fire, and the White Tower (which makes no sense to Min seeing as how he's a man). Likely the man juggling fire is Mat and references saving Moiraine, and the White Tower is because he'll become her warder, but we really don't know specifically.
  3. Reading Forge of Darkness which I'm finding to be really really good. Can't wait for Fall of Light. It's really putting an interesting spin on the whole Malazan series, and I love learning more about these characters who I loved, but were so mysterious in the main series. Need to finish it up though cause I have 14 WoT books I have to plow through and a little over 2 months to do it. Jesus, January's right around the corner!
  4. There was actually a plan back when RJ was alive to write two more prequel novels after New Spring. The second prequel novel would have actually covered this story you wanted chronically Tam's travels from the Two Rivers, his rise to becoming a Captain and gaining his heron mark sword, the Aiel War, and finding Rand, taking him back to the Two Rivers. The third prequel novel would have covered what happened just before The Eye of the World begins giving us what Lan and Moiraine were doing before they came, along with Thom and everybody else, and what brought them all to the Two Rivers just
  5. I've read the entire series 8 times all the way through as far as I could get at the time. So I've read EotW-WH 8 times, NS and CoT 7, KoD 6, TGS twice, and ToM once.
  6. QFT. Anyone who's read anything by Jordan besides WoT knows he has NO PROBLEM WHAT SO EVER getting VERY GRAPHIC about his sex. He toned it down in this series primarially to get younger readers, probably. Though he did say that the Fallon series was edited to amp up his sex scenes and turn them into Victorian porn, which he wasn't a fan of. Conan also has PLENTY of sex.
  7. Everything by Joe Abercrombie. Start with The First Law trilogy. Also everything by Tad Williams Memory Sorrow and Thorn trilogy, Otherland series, Shadowmarch series. The Chronicles of Dune by Frank Herbert are good. The Dark Tower series by Stephen King is pretty great. There's The Way of Kings of course, but I assume you read it though it's not listed. The Amber Chronicles by Roger Zelazny is good. It's too bad you don't like Malazan. That's at least 3 months worth of awesome material. Oh well.
  8. Pedophilia is defined as the desire for children ages 13 and younger. If anything he's an ephebophile, or a person who is attracted to people in their late teens, 15-19. He's hardly a cradle robber if she's 16. Plus at the start of the story Rand, Mat, and Perrin are all 18, so by the time he meets her he's only 20. That's a four year age difference. And in most older societies (and even a number of current ones) you're considered an adult at 16, which Faile is. So, no Perrin is not a pedophile.
  9. The strangeness isn't very significant because it's already passed (it was due to the Bowl being used), but Elayne's unraveling is still slightly significant since the Seanchan believed it to be an unknown weapon used by the Aes Sedai against them. Because of this strong suspicion Tuon agrees to attack the White Tower in TGS before the Aes Sedai can use it again. This fear will ultimately effect whatever negotiations the Seanchan and Aes Sedai try to have in AMoL.
  10. I loves them both but I have to go with Egwene. The Tower stands.
  11. The Fallon Trilogy is great because of just how well researched it is. It's interesting seeing all these characters and then finding out that they're all real people moving as they did in history. Unfotunately, my biggest complaint about the trilogy was the way it so abruptly ended. The series goes from about 1750-1838 and then just stops mid-story. Almost nothing is wrapped up, and characters are actually moving to converge at the end, but never will because there wasn't a fourth book. I know Jordan always said that he was thinking of maybe writing another one, but was more focused on WoT
  12. If you're talking about ToM then no, he's no longer insane. He was genuinely insane, but hasn't been since Veins of Gold. I'm pretty sure Nynaeve checking him in ToM and seeing how his insanity is held back by the veins of gold prove this.
  13. Well the Myrddraal were never meant to be made. The Trollocs made them themselves. There were an unexpected consequence to Aginor, and even he barely understands them. So the light side would have to have someone as good with bio-engineering as Aginor (and there probably weren't many since Aginor was one of the most powerful male Aes Sedai around) to make something akin to the Trollocs for the light side, which I'm not sure would even be possible, and then those things would have to make the opposite of Myrddraal themselves. So it's really a giant gamble that you would ever get something like
  14. Aran'gar likely wants Logain gentled and killed so that he can't sense Aran'gar channeling Saidin. Also if they did so it would put them all in bad standing with Rand and the Black Tower, but likely it's more to protect her cover.
  15. Yeah, Rand just hasn't learned yet how to use Saidin. This continues through TSR until he finally gets Asmodean to teach him. Learning on his own he struggles just like Egwene did back in TEotW. He talks about this again in TSR when Egwene and Elayne come to try and teach him.
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