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White Tower Mafia *Starting*

Guest dragonsworn1991

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Guest dragonsworn1991

The great hall of the white tower was silent. All of the ajahs very seldom venture there anymore.


There is no mafia team in this game. Everyone is bunched in teams of threer. Abilities can be purchased in the way of ter’angreal. They are as following.


Hedgehog – Makes a target skip a night action 35 points

Oath rod lvl one – Role blocker  – 65 points

Oath rod lvl two – View someone’s night action – 80 points

Oath rod lvl three – Finder – 115 points

Balefire rod – Nightkill  - 200 points

A’dam – recruitment – 250 points


Points are determined by relativity to the game.


This game will take place in a different ajah headquarters every day.


Current Players


1. Mystica

2. Lily

3. Ludmian

4. Charis

5. Ain

6. Crystal

7. Torrie

8. Narina

9. Zania

10. Talya

11. Elgee

12. Jaydena

13. Mirshann

14. Bursius

15. Moose

16. Daetirion

17. Meesh

18. Illiara

19. APTL

20. Minuet

21. Verbal32

22. Cosmicpanda - White sister

23. Tynaal

24. Vanion


All votes must be [glow=red,2,300]glowed[/glow], and to unvote you must glow the words [glow=red,2,300]Unvote[/glow]


Deadline will be set based on activity, and when everyone checks in




If you haven't recieved a pm, please pm me.

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As I walked through the Great Hall I heard my footsteps echoing in an eerie silence. This place had held so much beauty and grandeur that it was intimidating to most, but it had always previously seemed like a pleasant place for occasional meetings with fellow Sisters when the weather didn't invite walks in the Gardens. It was never really silent before, there would always be the noises of visitors or the quick,  impatient footsteps of a Sister immersed in a book on her way from or to the library.


But now, the great arches and majestic heights of the Hall echoed sorrow, emptiness and desolation with the sound of my Footsteps. This should not have happened... We are supposed to be the Servants of All, supposed to Hold together. But such dissension as has been shown now has never been heard of before.


As I walk back to my quarters surrounded by worried thoughts I stumble into a Sister, recognize her and inside my mind a voice screams "My Ajah will prevail!"

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  • Club Leader

I wander the White Tower, made anxious by the silence. Where once was so much activity, nothing but silence and emptiness exists. A tear escapes as I recall the laughter, the bickering, the interaction between Sisters. We fought, oh, yes, we did, but we were united. We were the White Tower. Now I no longer know who to trust. Perhaps it is safest to trust no one. Perhaps walking the Great Hall is not safe, but I can no longer stand being shut up in the Ajah Hall.


What was that? I know I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I shiver, as I realize I am no longer alone.....



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  • Club Leader

I think I understand what's going on, now. Let's see if I do.....


We are all supposed to discuss lynching someone, and vote to prevent a random mod kill, right? Obviously, we will all vote for someone not in our Ajah. How in the world is a group this size going to agree on one person to lynch?


Do I have this figured out right?



This ought to be interesting....



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  • Club Leader

I'm trying to figure out what we base our first vote on. Who we don't want to play with? Because there's only two people (other than myself) that I don't want to see die sooner or later..... lol.  (Nothing personal, everyone. ;))


I don't think there's going to be much we really can do until more people get playing/posting.



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The old days are gone. The White Tower is not anymore what it used to be. Distrust and animosity rule where friendliness and cooperation used to be. But who is to blame for this? Who? Certainly, not our Ajah. Plotting is beneath us. We've always had nobler things to do. But who is to blame? We'll surely find out. And our Ajah will prevail.


So what are we to do now? Should we just choose someone to lynch? How do we know who is in the same Ajah as we are? How do we earn points? What about recruiting?

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Gliding along the Great Hall, Myst's face was as unreadable as ever. Serenity made flesh. The perfect cover for the rolling thoughts that occupied her troubled mind. Would there ever be a time where she could call this place home again? She took a seat at the far end of the Hall and observed the others standing, walking or sitting. None spoke and the silence that filled the room felt like the weight of a mountain. She gathered up her courage, acquired over the long years of service, and waited. The hunt is on, and she would make anyone responsible rue the day they brought this filth to her home.





You know who's in your Ajah once they've all signed in on the Quicktopic Dragon has sent us all in a pm.

Earning posts is done by posting 'relevant posts' (which is decided by the mod).

Recruiting can be done after buying an a'dam (see first post here).



I'm not quite sure what we're supposed to do though. There are no modkills, so we can safely decide not to lynch anyone if we're not sure. Though I'm guessing that there will be an addition to the first post here as it doesn't mention any killing or such. I have a feeling we haven't been told the whole deal of this game just yet.

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No Ajah were speaking to one another, dark looks were being cast about, whispered words and suggestive shawl pulling was on the increase tenfold, this is what happens when the White Tower runs out of wine, they all knew the ajah that was in charge of supplying the alcohol, but which ajahs had been the ones who had met in secret to consume it all.


This should be interesting. ;D

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I down the hallways, quietly alert.  A pair of Novices squeak in surprise upon not hearing me approach as they were engrossed in scrubbing the floors and curtsy hurriedly.  I take slight amusement at the abashed expressions on their faces since they are only out scrubbing the hallway floors as penance, but my amusement doesn't last long.  The rift between the Ajahs weighs too heavily on my mind for me to be distracted from it for long.  This is not how things were supposed to be.  We are supposed to be a unified front against the Shadow.  All the more reason to strive to overcome dissent and others' foolish ideas of how to run the Tower.  Order will be restored, but only if my Ajah succeeds.

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Guest dragonsworn1991

For aa more clear mission statement, sorry I was so vague


Darkness engrosses the tower, the cold emptyness of darkness is not just on the outside of the tower as night reaches its deepest hour, it is inside the tower to. Each ajah has selected three members to prove who is the smartest, most daring, and all around cunning players. Can your ajah survive, and seize control of the white tower, that is for you to decide. Only one ajah can win.


It takes 13 to lynch

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I walk in the White Tower and can feel eyes looking over me. Sizing me and looking for any weakness that can be probed and used as an advantage. I quickly steel myself, raise my chin, and continue walking with my shawl held tightly. Passing the other Ajahs and feeling them look over me, I wonder what weaknesses they have that I may exploit and use to vault my ajah into the position its needs to be in to carry the Tower through these rough times. The only way to turn the Tower from its downward spiral is to work together with the other Ajahs. But it seems everyone is in conflict. No one will talk with anyone from another Ajah. I guess it is up to my Ajah and I to carry it through. 

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I slowly walk down the hall trying to ignore the countless pairs of eyes following me.  This should be interesting.  A game of wits and survival. I wonder who will prevail.  Each ajah has its attributes and failings.  The Reds are strong and brave. The Greens courageous and have numbers when counting their men.  The Yellows can heal and are often kind.  The Whites and their logic and impersonality.  The Blues plots and plans. The Grays have their mediation and judiciary prowess. The Browns with their possesion of knowledge and script. Continues walking, and muses about the future twists and turns.  I know however, that my Ajah shall prevail.



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