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  1. It's not mentioned a single time in tGS and TOM even while in Mat's company (the same exact position as in KOD where her sword is mentioned several times) and in AMOL she has a cudgel which she never did before. This clearly looks like a result of the author switch of the same kind that Sid mentioned with Mat's bow. BS was never famous for attention to those kind of details and such things are plentiful in tGS and TOM. I remember people trying to find justification for a number of them (like Graendal seeing the compulsion weaves made by Aran'gar) until BS admitted that they were simply mistakes. Some were retconned later. Same goes for trying to argue that it's Domon's cudgel and not hers IMO. BTW, she thinks of the cudgel as hers and not Domon's. And she is not actually wearing it. It's stowed in her pack which makes it even less likely that it's Domon's. But in any case the whole thing is only important because of its possible relation to Egwene's dream from COT, CH 20 about a Seanchan woman with a sword saving her. If this was Egeanin (as I and many others have argued in the past) then it would be very strange that BS would skip her sword and give her a different weapon without a single word of explanation. Im thinking along the lines of her ending up becoming Egwene's warder.
  2. Moghedien stated that previously Demandred had only wanted Rand dead and hadn't seem to fussed on who killed him. I would like to find out the reason he has gone from wanting him dead to being the one who HAS to kill him now.
  3. Thanks(fastest fingers first lol) I only asked on this thread due to what I saw someone else post elsewhere about Talmanes that made me think.
  4. As an aside, just a general question, but did RJ ever put a character like himself in the books?
  5. So the question now is, would Luc kill his nephew? Rand has been noted to have look of Tigraine.
  6. On my re-read, I've reached ACoS25, where Moggy is put under the control of a cour'souvra. She is let out of her vacuole-prison and meets Moridin, who has her cour'souvra and another on a chain round his neck. She thinks of the danger she is in: Compare this with the description of Mezar, in ToM56: (emphasis mine) I wonder if Morry has added a few more cour'souvra to his collection.. They would need to be taken to SG for that, and mindtrapped by the DO personally. I'm thinking that cour'souvra are for VIPs only. Off the cuff and I don't have the books to hand too cross reference, but reading this just screamed at me that the "turned Mezar" = Moggy, and Taim = Moridin
  7. So now I know when the story ends, the series has been such a huge impact on myself and I'm sure many others, when I finish the book and know there will be no more stories too tell, no matter what satisfaction I get, I will be so sad that its over. Will tell you one thing, I guarantee that I will wish Tor hadn't released it yet and I still had it too look forward too, the hours I have spent on this site reading and pondering all the theories......no more. Thanks Harriet and Brandon for allowing the series too be completed but surely you could have taken longer, wrote more chapters, split it into two books and give us more too look forward to............
  8. They also said it was impossible to heal stilling, until Nynaeve did it. Even the AoL people thought that was impossible. Also a good point. As healing a previously stilled or gentled person was said to be impossible, even in the AoL. Actually one could argue that Nynaeve already knows how to raise the dead (Birgitte). But Birgitte was a special case. She was tied to the Horn and awaited her rebirth in T'A'R. And she was ripped out of T'A'R. Whose to say every soul awaits rebirth in the World of Dreams? Bodes well for the Dragon's soul then....
  9. Maybe Fain had a change of heart when he realized that Rahvin was there and that Caemlyn wouldn't be easy pickings for him. dont his whitecloaks try to kill rand? and later there is a fake aiel attack on the sisters, my guess is those are also his exwhitecloaks Yes but both those events happen much later, after Rand had fought Rahvin. Fain leaves the Two Rivers and goes to Tar Valon via Caemlyn, Rand is in Rhuidean when Fain is in Tar Valon - so Rand must still be in the Waste when Fain goes to Caemlyn with his Whitecloaks. So Fain would not go to Caemlyn in order to attack Rand (or set up the future crossbow ambush) because Rand is not there and there is no reason for Fain to know that Rand would later go to Caemlyn.
  10. Just something i thought in passing, i think Callandor may be used by Nynaeve and Logain +1 to bring Rand back to life......the 3 day references and the use by Rand before of trying to bring that girl back to life.
  11. Ive been having that debate on various other thread for quite some time. Just wanted to find out if i can rub it in some peoples faces after i've read the book :D
  12. Got to ask this question, do we find out if LTT is a form of madness, or not? A yes or no will suffice ;D
  13. In KOD when Rand had his hand blasted off, and Nynaeve healed him didn't the dragons grow back too? I've always thought they were part of his skin and missed the bit where he went in the Tattoo shop in Rhuidean :D
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