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  1. It's not mentioned a single time in tGS and TOM even while in Mat's company (the same exact position as in KOD where her sword is mentioned several times) and in AMOL she has a cudgel which she never did before. This clearly looks like a result of the author switch of the same kind that Sid mentioned with Mat's bow. BS was never famous for attention to those kind of details and such things are plentiful in tGS and TOM. I remember people trying to find justification for a number of them (like Graendal seeing the compulsion weaves made by Aran'gar) until BS admitted that they were simply mistakes. Some were retconned later. Same goes for trying to argue that it's Domon's cudgel and not hers IMO. BTW, she thinks of the cudgel as hers and not Domon's. And she is not actually wearing it. It's stowed in her pack which makes it even less likely that it's Domon's. But in any case the whole thing is only important because of its possible relation to Egwene's dream from COT, CH 20 about a Seanchan woman with a sword saving her. If this was Egeanin (as I and many others have argued in the past) then it would be very strange that BS would skip her sword and give her a different weapon without a single word of explanation. Im thinking along the lines of her ending up becoming Egwene's warder.
  2. Moghedien stated that previously Demandred had only wanted Rand dead and hadn't seem to fussed on who killed him. I would like to find out the reason he has gone from wanting him dead to being the one who HAS to kill him now.
  3. Thanks(fastest fingers first lol) I only asked on this thread due to what I saw someone else post elsewhere about Talmanes that made me think.
  4. As an aside, just a general question, but did RJ ever put a character like himself in the books?
  5. So the question now is, would Luc kill his nephew? Rand has been noted to have look of Tigraine.
  6. OK, so here's the question... And here... ... are the answers. This looks like skimming to me. Sure, you didn't have the answers at the time you decided to joke vote, but I think Wombat's point was that you came out in that post and stated "game time" as if you intended to start playing seriously, FOS'd several people, and then joke voted anyway. And it took 8 votes on you to get an answer why... and Ishy's answer is more of an answer than yours. I'd be willing to accept that you really felt like joke voting until you got an answer to the questions, but you never answered that. And what you did state was that you never got an answer to the questions. Yes, I did miss the answers. I haven't been on as much as I'd like, and I thought I'd been keeping up well. I stand corrected. And I was at like 2 votes this morning, came back to 8. I've been busy with RL, sorry. I'm at L-3, I will say I am a Jedi, and that I have powers. It's in the Jedi's best interests to not kill me. Kae said she was a Jedi and had powers, both BG and Kae are confirmed Jedi town
  7. Caught up.....I don't think I have much new to say....my last few posts said the same as what I think now.
  8. Actually Songtress you saying you went along with BG because you thought he had an investigative role, on day 1 and being happy to go with that, well just makes mo sense, not to me anyway.
  9. Before I get the change to go access a computer to bring up the quotes, anyone who wants to go back a few pages and observe how Songstress agreed with Key that a vote change may be in order(empathy in mafia, is done by mafia) then after Lenlo's defence says she didn't see anything before but what he said after made her doubt him??? then voting him "just to add some pressure". That's all mafia leading play.....subtle
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