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  1. LOA until I get settled in at school, which will most likely be two weeks. :(
  2. Last year Crazy & Her Little Brother The Ajah Scarf Random Shot of my Poodle eating a bone I like taking pictures of stuff and myself. :P
  3. Good luck! I'll send happy thoughts and healing ones too!
  4. Ain


    :| Nice... I guess I should be honored, though :P
  5. I think this a great idea!! A month gives plenty of time to read any novel of decent length (within reason), and I always love friends recommending books. Then I'm not the only one talking about it if I like it :p Kinda of like the Jane Austen Book Club, but er the Ogier Book Club! So, in conclusion...I'd be down for this! :D Also, in my area there are tons of used book stores, so that is always an option for those in bind!
  6. I will have to have mine on top cut out :'( However, I won't ever grow any on the bottom!! :p *flees*
  7. Ain


    Yes! Not as confusing as I once thought! Just had to condense and pace myself :D Thanks for all the warm welcomes!
  8. When I went to the midnight showing I came out with the whole o.O face :P I went and saw it again last Friday, wide awake though this time, and found that it was an awesome movie. IT was good as movie, but as far as following the book it was horrid. LOL Did like it though *shrugs*
  9. O! Drat! Just from looking at the website it looks amazing! Alas, its about 5 hours away XD Thanks for the suggestion though, I am thinking about trying some of the churches around my school, or perhaps the university organizations.
  10. I agree with that! Disclaimer: My opinions and experience from my area...I in no way think that this applies to everyone and every Church in the world! :D I am a Christian by faith, but lately because of faults and kinks in the Church I have been chafing and not attending. I do not agree with the way a large majority (I say majority because I know all churches are different) in my area are run. They are overrun with gossip and hatefullness. People trying to rule the church, not going to worship. I just don't go anymore because I have yet to find a church home that is not overrun by hypocritical behavior. I believe in God, and all that, but I also draw my morals and code for living from other faiths and montras. I believe that being a good person is more important than going to churchand singing from a pew in the back. That's one problem I have with the Baptist and Methodist churches in my area, it seems if you aren't on Pew #1 every Sunday morning you are looked down upon. I hate that! I hate that if you don't shove the faith down people's throat you aren't witnessing...gar! I've been going to church since I was 7 years-old and was very very active before I started high school...I just can't handle the politics anymore. It may not be all churches, but in my area it seems to be! Pah...perhaps its just Southern Baptists in Bible Belt Northern Louisiana :|
  11. Ain


    I <3 that word. LOL I guess maybe I have an older soul...or at least vocabulary (sometimes ;))
  12. Ain


    Well I'm new apparently :P Other than that I'm a college student studying Journalism and possibly Communication Design (haven't quite decided yet). I'm a member at TV.net, and have been at a few other sites in the past, pretty much same name...just figured I'd go ahead and shorten it up for everybody. I figured I would see what all the hullabaloo is about. *shrugs* I make sigs so I put a link in my sig line, and will definitely be checking out the Illuminator Org ^.^ Anyways, other than that I guess I like WoT ok :P So, Hi!
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