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  1. mcs0083

    -Embarrassingly shuffles in-

    Uh I would like to rejoin or whatever that is called XD
  2. mcs0083


    If any one who is currently running a game needs a replacement let me know.
  3. mcs0083

    The person above me game! >Xtra Newbiefriendly!

    The person above me..... oh I don't know.
  4. mcs0083


    I know some lazy masochists.
  5. mcs0083

    The Gwampy Thread

  6. mcs0083


    And the Honeymoon continues on.
  7. mcs0083

    Well then

    This place needs some attention -cleans up a bit-
  8. mcs0083

    Oh deary where am I?

    So I stumbled upon this place again. I'm not exactly new, but I have not been here in a very long time. Hello to those that don't know me, and warm wishes to those do.
  9. mcs0083

    September Roll Call

    Present! Autumn is by far my favorite season. Not to hot, not too cold, it's beautiful outside, and it's the only season that my allergies don't leave me half dead :P
  10. There really hasn't been anything said about berfs other than "weaksauce" and "I'm getting pings". Is there anything specific or is this a scum plot?
  11. Catching up and will post later
  12. mcs0083

    (ADVANCED) Ender's Game Mafia, Town Wins

    Sorry I haven't had time to post before now. I am honestly not surprised by the fact that Dap was town, and I did not vote for him because I was getting a read. Yeah, it can be said that I didn't vote because I couldn't make up my mind, but I do not think Des is scum either. Anyway, I'm sure the mafia split their vote, so there might be one or two on Des and the rest on Des. Also something interesting... Mod was the vote count on Des miscounted?
  13. Been really busy for the past few days. Catching up.