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  1. So I stumbled upon this place again. I'm not exactly new, but I have not been here in a very long time. Hello to those that don't know me, and warm wishes to those do.
  2. Thanks everyone! It all looks a bit different Ryrin. I just became extremely busy so I kind of drifted away, but I'm glad to be back now. And Tina I'll post there as well but I'd like to rejoin the Black Tower please.
  3. I'm not totally new to DM but I have been gone for..... years at this point lol Probably around 2. I used to post on here a lot, and while I may not be able to post as much now, I look forward to reconnecting with everyone I knew on here from before, and meeting all the people who have come since I've been gone. It should be fun :)
  4. Oh and I concur with Em. I'd like your addy too whilst you are sojourning XD

  5. Oh, so you have time to play mafia? :OP

  6. More awesome than captain awesome?

  7. You know where ^^

  8. What is it not supposed to mean? :P I totally got you there

  9. What's THAT supposed to mean :P

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