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  1. Welcome to DM! If you want to find people who have similer interests I would suggest checking out the White Tower. And stop by us Reds we'd love to have you!
  2. hey hun. Its great that there are a lot of big fans in the UK. I know there are quit a few big fans here in America. Welcome to DM! Come stop by the White Tower Red Ajah. It'd be great to see you there. ;)
  3. Welcome to DM White_star! And I should tell you I actually like speculating about the same things you do when I read the books. Feel free to drop me a pm if you ever want to talk. Mind I am a tad bit rusty on the books but i think I would understand you. While your here check out the White Tower organization. We don't discuss theories but we go through the ranks of Aes Sedai and Warders. Its quit fun. If you decide to join come by my home the Reds. It'd be great to interact with yet another individual there.
  4. Hey Emtsuj, welcome to DM! I really like your username. I think its clever. Do you like to make up names? The White Tower organization is great if you happen to join an organization. i would also suggest stopping by the Reds while your there.
  5. Hey Pixie hun. Languages always interest me. Its cool to learn that rand means edge in dutch! Now if you want to post about theories I would post in General Wheel Of Time Discussion and Structered Wheel Of Time Discussion. Now if you want to pretend to be Aes Sedai and Warders stop by the White Tower org. While your at it come by the Reds. We are a friendly group of individual people who'd be happy if you stopped by. Welcome to DM sweetie, enjoy!
  6. That movie rocks! Very funny. Great job on that. Welcome to DM, hope you like it here! Please stop by The White Tower community side, its a lot of fun trust me. While your at it come by the Red Ajah, thats my ajah. We'd be happy to have you stop by.
  7. hey hun. Welcome to DM! I'd suggest stopping by The White Tower. We are a big goup of people all obssessed with Robert Jordan. Stop by the Red Ajah when you can. We girls and Red Friends can be seriouse and silly as well as friendly. We'd love you to come by. *hugs* And again welcome to DM, hope you enjoy it here!
  8. Welcome hon! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here as much or more than the other sites. ;)
  9. Welcome to DM Monique! Come visit us at the White Tower and perhaps join. Make sure to stop by the Green Ajah while your at it!
  10. Hey Kepler and welcome to DM! Join the White Tower and come visit us Greens at the Green Ajah. Hope to see you there. :)
  11. Welcome to DM. Check out the White Tower org while your at it. :)
  12. Welcome Dashara! I also love writing, but I usually do that off this site. Though others like the illuminators guild. Come by and visit or join the White Tower org. Its great fun chatting and moving up in rank. Not for a time when your trying to get sleep though. I hope that gets better for you! *hugs* A lot of people in the White Tower org also RP. So come by when you can. Oh and stop by the Green Ajah while your there. ;)
  13. Welcome Zenda! I love reading too. Come visit or join the White Tower org. We are full of fun people that love to meet new ones. Check out the Green Ajah while your there! ;)
  14. Welcome to DM! Feel free to join or visit the White Tower org whenever you wish!
  15. Why not try the White Tower org? There are some of us you have not yet met. ;) Stop by the Green Ajah if you may! :D
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