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  1. Dear Moon Maybe your boss is thinking of promoting you! Dear Reds I'm on Spring Break so i'm checking in! My classes are going well. Political Science is really hard. We have to read a chapter every week and every week we take a quiz on that chapter. Last quiz i got 90%!!! =) I'm loving my COMP 101 class as well. Doing work in the COMP labs is so much fun because I talk to and joke around with my friends and tutors when i do work there! I'm rereading the entire WOT series. Unfortunately i don't have a lot of free time when school is in session but i am still attempting a reread. I've read over the break and all! Hope everyone is good! Nice to see Myst posting again!! *snugglebites the Red Head* Love Nari
  2. Dear Reds I'm busy with friends, volunteer jobs, and appointments. I'm also preparing for my classes in the Spring. Political Science 101 and COMP 101. On top of that i have a really bad cold that i'm taking antibiotics for. I'm super excited because i just got a new PC laptop from financial aid. Which means i will be able to work on my online class at home instead of just at the lab! It also means i will be able to play more computer games. Lol. Basically my schedule is about to get EXTREMELY busy. If you need me try me at my msn: narinamenderlin@hotmail.com Otherwise you can ask any Red Sister or Red Brother if you have any questions! Love Nari
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