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MoN Appreciation Week! 8/3/09 - 8/7/09


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I am sure that you all know we have a wonderful MoN that is there for us all the time. This week from Aug 3rd until Aug. 7th will be MoN appreciation week! Be prepared for some fun and games. There will be ample opportunity for you to bask Lor with the praise and worship that she deserves. Feel free to add anything you like and be on the lookout for several threads were you will be able to tell a little about your experience with Lor and what she has done for you!


This is a run down of the activities that are planned for this week.


Aug. 3rd: Lor Siggies and intro to MoN Appreciation week.

Aug. 4th: Lor Quotes 

Aug 5th:  Lor poems

Aug: 6th:Good things about Lor and what has Lor done for you?

Aug 7th: Buy a flower/chocolate for Lor.

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I'm a blond, so red looks good on me. ;)


I've got blue eyes, so blue makes them stand out. ;)


So, I heartily approve of the decorations.


Except... the red is going to draw attention to the red, puffy eyes... since ya'll are going to make me cry.


*eyes the sigs and sniffles*


Anyone have tissues? I'm going to need them...



*snugglebites the Red and pounces on the Blue*


*eyes Torrie and snugglebites her, too*


Ya'll are awesome. <-- note, that's a statement. Not a question or a exclamation. It's just plain fact. *nods*

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Torrie... just make sure you send me names when it's over so I can give folks credit and get them their shawls and der's for their efforts. *smiles and hugs* Your name had best be at the top, too. ;)


And the quotes are scary... *smirks* Only because I'm afraid you're about to find out exactly what kind of naughty little novice I was. It might give you ideas, then I'll have to laugh while handing out penances.


*accepts the box of tissues and snuggles it to her chest*

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  • Club Leader

Lor, you have no idea how much I wish I could go back that far! Sadly, I can only go back to whatever is stored here. So, relax, hon. Your novice secrets are still safe, unless that other thing came through......


(Oh, and Torrie organized this whole project. I figure she's going to be too modest to tell you herself, but she did.)



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Lily if I had only known that was what you were working on I could have given you some access to something. *weg* Nevermind.


Lor you have no idea how hard they tried to keep this from you. Not to mention plan it all. For some reason, don't know why *smirk* I was on Torrie's list when she sent out the PM.


You are well loved Lor.

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*clears her throat, grabs a fistful of tissues and blows her nose*


*buries her saved threads under the snotty tissues and hums*




*unburies a few*


*grins as she reads them*


I got raising points for archiving threads, ya know... ? *smirks*

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I thought the idea of the quotes thread was so that other people can join in and post quotes from Lor that they loved too? So where are all those OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD folks? Get out the dirt!! *smirks*

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