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  1. Sneaking through, may return in greater presence soon.

  2. Ha, give him some time to decompress people. I would venture to say that he is set for a little R&R after more than 2 years of constant stress and mental torture. I doubt he intends to stay away from his children. He ponders how to handle the three loves knowing he will have to face them again. Also indicating that he will eventually return.
  3. Not sure I want to go through 24 pages of responses, so I will try to avoid too many common topics. Egwene gets mentioned a lot.....Don't get me wrong, she did great things....but I am glad she died.....I hated her from the start. Overall, The novel feels just a bit too much like the scraps left over after the other two volumes of the original aMoL story. One book devoted almost entirely to a few weeks worth of battle. I did enjoy it, I will read it and the whole series again someday(My 12th overall reread), and kudos to Sanderson on keeping us from thrashing ourselves to death won
  4. Just finishing up my 10th reread of the WoT series leading up to aMoL.
  5. The Ogier have always been a easy going group. A few years back we lost several of our key members to a mass exodus. My attempts at resurrecting the group weree derailed by life, and now Jaimelai has taken over. Join up and help him keep things active.
  6. The Ogier live in the Stedding. The Wolfkin have also found themselves a home in a Stedding.
  7. Oh, Jaim....Nuki's a sneaky one, but I've seen a few tricks. ;)
  8. Yeah, I am the original Org slut. Although now they call them SG's. For the longest time, the only SG I wasn't a part of was the Shayol Ghul SG. Then Lily went there and got me to follow along. ;)
  9. *lurks* Where ya been?

  10. Sam . . . We miss you in the Blue Ajah! Please come visit!

  11. I got them from a free pile left behind by a retiring teacher where I work. And yay for liquidation sales....boo that Borders is going going gone, but it is time to be like vultures.
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