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October Roll Call


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Meh. I don't know what we're going to do. Maybe Hulu&Hang (Not as dirty as netflix/chill- we watch Hulu with our Friends)

Or we'll go to a party (A friend of ours throws killer Halloween parties.)


I mean, I'm already going to do the usual... (You know, plot world domination, bathe in the blood of my enemies, raise a horde of undead to do my bidding)

But No extra special plans for the big day.

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I personally don't celebrate halloween...though my sister does with the kids....to me its a kids holiday....the commercialized version of it anyways...the one that is celebrated in the USA.  samhain (sp??) I don't celebrate either but that's because it's not my religion, however I do recognize it as a holiday for other people/cultures.  

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