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Hello new friends!

Elektra D

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Good morning!

I cleverly figured that the "Introduce Yourself!" forum would be an ideal place to introduce myself.

I'm Elektra, and I'm new to the forum, and I'm currently attempting a re-read of the series before I get to read the two latest books.  I'm currently on page 32 of the first book - I have a long way to go before I get caught back up. :)


A little bit about me, (critical details and random facts):  

- I'm in my mid 30s, yet I still feel like I'm in my mid twenties. That is until I spend time with people in their mid twenties and it becomes glaringly obvious that I am no longer in my mid twenties.

- I play roller derby, and that takes up most of my free time when I'm not working, eating, or sleeping.

- I occasionally knit things, usually just scarves for friends or hats for babies (friend's babies, not just random babies).

- I'm pretty nerdy/geeky, I love pretty much all science fiction and fantasy, be it movies, books, tv shows, video games, board games, etc.  

- I don't have any pets, but I do have a roomba who I talk to, and about, as if he were my pet anyway. 

- Anecdotal evidence from my friends suggest I'm the only person in the world that loves Cadbury Cream Eggs. 

- I spilled coffee on my desk this morning. It was sad, and now my desk is sticky.



So! Why am I here?


Well, now that I've started to re-read the series, I'd love to read about other people's ideas on what's going on.  I remember having intense debates with my friends regarding the fate of the main characters.   We used to write fan fiction about how we thought things should have turned out.  I'd like to have that back.


Also, I hoping to meet new friends. I've been feeling a little lonely now that I moved to a new city. 


oh, and I need distractions at work. :)


So, please feel free to say hi.  


If you have any questions, pleas free to ask. Asking questions is fun!


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I don't know too much about roller derby. The only stuff I know is from the movie "Whip it!". Looks sorta cool though. I don't like falling, so I suppose it's not for me :tongue:


What do you work with that you need distractions from? Just so that I know what not to mention.


Where did you move to?

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Welcome to DM!


I'm Cairos. Feel free to check out our Social Group section. I'm part of the White Tower, Black Tower, SG, and Band of the Red Hand. All of these social groups are awesome in their own way!


It's nice seeing new people! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!  

I'll definitely have a look around the Social Groups.   They look pretty fun!  



I don't know too much about roller derby. The only stuff I know is from the movie "Whip it!". Looks sorta cool though. I don't like falling, so I suppose it's not for me :tongue:


What do you work with that you need distractions from? Just so that I know what not to mention.


Where did you move to?


Actually, that movie did have consultants (who are actually in the movie) that actually play the game. It's somewhat accurate, but a little sensationalized compared to real life. Most commonly people play on flat ground as opposed to the banked curve track.  And there is a lot less rule breaking (hitting, etc.) in the actual sport compared to that movie.  But most else is pretty close to accurate. :)


I just moved to Vancouver a little over a year ago.  Still getting settled.  Still trying to make new friends and stuff.  




Welcome!!!! We have Roller Derby here too.

Please stop by the social groups. Just a heads up, with most of them, you can't see all that's going on until you are a member.


So.. I need to be a member of the respective sub forums? (band of the red hand, white tower, the kin, etc?)  I think I get it.



What kind of madmen don't like Cadbury cream eggs? Have they been tainted?

Welcome, and ignore the egg haters, they have been turned of something.


Finally someone else who likes them!  I'm not alone! ^.^  


Thanks again for the welcome everyone!

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Very good decision. :p We have a lot of fun over in the Band, and it's full of lovely people. All the social groups are. Any you join will love having a new member, and you'll meet beautiful people in all of them.


Welcome to DM! I'm BB, and I looooove cream eggs, so you're already in good company haha. If you're at all interested in writing still, take a bit of a look at the roleplaying section-it isn't super active, but the more members we get, the better it'll be, and you can always find someone to write with. If you want to start writing something, hit me up!


Oooh, I only had to re-read up to book 5 my first time through. I haven't yet attempted a proper re-read since finishing. It's a big commitment XD


Why did you move? Work?


And a classic question: who's your favourite character? Always a good conversation started round these parts :p

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Welcome to DM!!!


Since it sounds like you still have to finish reading the final two books, after your reread, you might tread carefully around the threads on our Discussion Boards, that is where people can start and/or join in on discussions about the series and characters from it but for those who are still working on it the threads are also probably going to contain some spoilers... not as many if you are closer to the end than the beginning but probably still a decent amount to merit a warning.


As a number of the other members have already said, in addition to those boards you might enjoy checking out our many Social Groups which can be a great way for you to meet and get to know some of the people around the site. You may join as many groups as you'd like and each one has their own draw. All of the groups have some great members, many of us are members of multiple groups, and each group has some fun activities to participate in. If any of the groups appeal to you then feel free to apply to join them. If you have any questions about The Band of the Red Hand, home of music, travel, drinks & food, I should be able to answer them (I'm the Band's Exececutive Officer). If you have any questions about The Black Tower, home of Spam and Madness, I should also be able to answer those (I'm Logain, leader of the Light Faction). Other than those two groups I can't really answer many of your questions but if you post here or in their general board I'm sure one of their members will be more than happy to help answer your questions about their group. From my experiance, many of the groups seem to have a little bit of RP mixed in however do not mainly focus on it.


If you are looking for some in depth RP we also have the RP-Groups which, though I have little to no knowledge of, is something many find fun to participate in. If you plan on participating I believe they have a main board you can post any questions to if no one here is able answer them.


I hope you have a great time on the site and, from your responses, looks like we'll be see you around the boards soon.

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Hello Elektra :)


Welcome to DM. I once bought a Cadbury's cream egg from my school tuck shop. When I bit into it it was full of dead ants. It had been badly stored and infiltrated. I still like them but I always check for ants even now.


The social groups are fun :)

Oh sweet heavens, I am now petrified with fear.  

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We have a Red Aes Sedai who's into Roller Derby! She's not around often (Reds are notorious wanderers ... lol), but she's a bundle of energy :)



What's a roomba, btw?

Ha.  Seems fitting from what the Reds are like in the books. :)



it's a robotic vacuum that cats enjoy riding. search google for videos of cats on roombas. is adorable.

My roomba is pretty adorable sans feline. He tried to eat one of my socks the other day.  I came home and he was just laying prone on the floor, all out of energy, with a sock sticking out of his mouth.  Totally my fault for not picking up after myself. :(

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