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    When I have the time: reading - all kinds; interested in comparative folklore, mythology & religion (BA in Cultural Anthropology); crafter; seeker after Wisdom

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  1. Will Mother Nature not make up her mind? I am so ready for warm temperatures and each day above 65*F is a tease. We get a couple of days with sun and then (seemingly) four days of clouds and rain. Anyone else hoping for a little more stability in the weather? Who's working with the Bowl of Winds?!
  2. Good February everyone! Here in the US we just found out from Punxatawny Phil that there will be an "early spring" because it didn't see it's shadow. I know that weather prognostication is not unique to a groundhog in the Mid-Atlantic state of Pennsylvania. What other ways of predicting weather changes have you heard of that involve observing animals or natural phenomenon? Oh, and I saw my first robin this week...
  3. Lily, I hope your January has gone better than your December! Good health to you this new year!
  4. Rather quietly, with a niece and nephew each from different sibs.
  5. Ryrin, I am so sorry to hear that! I hope your son's surgery was successful in removing all the cancer and that he is healing!
  6. Well, Happy birthday next week then, Toad! I hope your day is full of love and fun!
  7. Kaylee, I remember visiting my bro in AZ during December and thinking that the cedar wood that people were burning in their fireplaces made the night air smell like salsa. Mmmmm!
  8. We celebrate Christmas and Yule/Solstice and my favorite part of the season is the music. I am pretty darn good at baking and cookies, pumpkin bread and brownies are what we give to our neighbors, friends and loved ones. Once the scents and sounds are in the air, how can one not feel festive?
  9. Welcome to December and Happy Roll Call! What are you celebrating this month?
  10. I have to follow Ji'e'Toh to the best of my ability or else not be able to live with myself. That doesn't always tell me when I might have trodden on someone else's toes, however. I try to make amends when I know I need to.
  11. Welcome to November! For what are we grateful this year? What have we endured? What have we learned? My father passed away early last December. This year has been one of marking 'firsts': the first Christmas without him, the first time we couldn't tell him Happy Birthday over the phone, the first time my mother came to visit alone, and on. My siblings and I have talked about this amongst ourselves a little bit; how we've mentally been marking time until the one year date. I've come to understand that death is the true test of Belief. I have learned that not even Belief answers all the questions but also that that is okay. I am grateful that I had a good relationship with my dad. He understood me. I am grateful I still have time to work on my relationship with my mom. She doesn't understand me. But I can try to understand her better and that is akin to loving her better.
  12. Who's here and are you in costume for anything this month? If so, what or who are you dressed up as?
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