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  1. What is the origin of the word 'gaidin'?: Gaidal Cain. Oh that's interesting. Didn't notice that.
  2. There is no rule; this is not a competition. Read for your own enjoyment, do not care about anything else. I re-read the first six books in every year, then I usually say: "ACOS is very good, I will re-read it, TPOD is really short..." i'm reading the discworld series atm, just started the third book. Once i finish this series i think i'll do a whole re read
  3. Muffins


    Hey there, welcome
  4. I finished the series around five months or so ago. I've finished quite a few series since in audiobook format and have been thinking of doing a re-read or listen of the audiobooks again. How long have other people waited to do a re-read and what books do people think require the most attention. I've been thinking about the series alot lately while doing things and are itching to do a re-read next year :p
  5. Welcome good luck with the rest of the series ^^
  6. I had only heard of the wheel of time 6 months ago when i started to get back into reading again. Found some recommendations on Reddit and decided to start reading the wheel of time. I have just finished the series, listening to the audio books in around 3 months and what a journey it was. Joining the site so I can read peoples opinions on the story, characters and theories. Dan
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