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  1. Jivenrah, Novice A dragon. I am tired of being cold and want an internal heat source.
  2. What all of Jordan's characters look like is entirely in my head. I can't bear to have them given faces different from that. Sorry, I'm a party-pooper that way.
  3. Maybe in a few years we might revisit the idea. When we need feline attention we can go to my sister-in-law's place. She lives about three blocks away. Useful!
  4. Poor kitty. So sorry Elgee. My girls wanted a kitty, but we live next to a very busy road so I have warned them getting a pet isn't likely. Hugs to you.
  5. Oh, I need this! My goal is 25 books this year. Thus far, 4/25. 1 - The Girl Who Drank the Moon - Kelly Barnhill 2 - The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic - Emily Croy Barker 3 - The Scarlet Pimpernel - Emmuska Orczy 4 - The Nightingale - Kara Dalkey
  6. I think that was the scene that truly hooked me on the series and it still makes me teary after all these years and re-readings.
  7. True. And perhaps it is the age at which we first encounter an author that determines our love of their work (or the opposite)?
  8. Cindy, in order to compare I'd have to go and read more Sanderson and I haven't the time nor inclination. I realize RJ was taking a long time too, and that this turned into 14 books, but what he wrote interested me and kept me waiting for his next book. Not so with BS.
  9. I disagree; i was anti-sanderson for a few years after reading his WoT stuff, but his stand alone stuff is very well thought out and doesn't have any of the head-scratching inconsistancies which plauged his WoT work. I find him unable to get to his own point. 10 books for Way of Kings? No. That is just poor outlining and no one willing to tell him he needs to edit. I've read the first two and wanted to scream at how slow everything was unfolding. And predictably. My husband tells me Mistborn is better but is depressing.
  10. I've read the entire series once, but did read them repeatedly as each book was released. I dislike Sanderson's writing - even of his own stuff. Appreciate those comments about how RJ's writing was evolving (as I'm sure it was) so the last book was odd. Last year I was reading the series to my 8 year old daughter and couldn't continue as she was getting upset about Siuan and Leann getting stilled. Might have to wait a couple more years.
  11. That's how I read them. And, yes, it does take dedication but I felt it was worth it.
  12. Well, if anyone could survive bonding a Myrddraal it would be the Amyrlin, Elgee.
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