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  1. cat stalks across the courtyard, bartender opens the bottle
  2. Mandien

    Hi all!

    hi Mairoh nice to meet you ?
  3. Best of luck! I went to uni as a mature student (age 30) and loved it it turned my life around
  4. I think there's a hint in MoL where Amys or another wise one says Nakomi is an ancient name. which red ships do you mean Demandred?
  5. Personally, I think if anything she's the last of the Jenn Aiel this is a question which puzzles me
  6. Mandien

    Hi all!

    hi Mairoh nice to meet you ?
  7. my geography is appalling, I just know how to put 2 + 2 together ? Thank you for the name change
  8. thanks, Tay I'm from Lancashire and from your username, I'd guess you are from Dundee or Perth nice to meet you
  9. agreed, without the Tuatha'an the Aiel are just a race of amazing warriors a bit like the Zulus Personally Id hate to see them simplified to this point
  10. as I reread the series I'm concerned about how the producers can implement the magic/one power within the series, GoT works because magic is kept in the background. it's there it's important but it's not in your face(exception: Night King & minions & Dragons) I'm not sure the non-science fantasy reading general public would accept overly magical TV which is the audience Amazon will need to win over to make this the next Game of Thrones
  11. I find pretty funny, Avienda dropped the soap, I have toh to Elayne would make a great penultimate episode
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