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Thank you for all the work you have done here over the years Luckers! It's very much appreciated and I'm thinking about making that old warning point message from you as my sig in your honor. :biggrin:



Suttree, I don't care how thick people are being you don't get to call them idiot to their face. Nor do you get to call them noob, or tell them to get over themselves.


It has been a huge pleasure debating with you on the forums and exchanging ideas behind the scenes. Cheers mate!

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Wow! Less than two weeks after AMoL; and Luckers is leaving Dragonmount. How long have you been here, Luckers? You're one of the founders, or pioneer members. And you're leaving with such a dispassionate, low-key farewell. That is so Aiel ... life is a dream! 


Most importantly, good luck in your next endeavor. Hopefully it will as fulfilling as DM, if not more. 


Second, thanks (cannot come up with a proportionate word to express my gratitude and respect for all you've done over the year I've been an active member) for everything. 


May you always find water and shade. 

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Ah maaaaaan.. Luckers leaving Dragonmount?!

Sad day. First the insult (AMoL), and now the injury. :madmyrddraal:


You'll be missed very much and this place isn't the same without you wielding that axe / pencil of yours.


Whatever I write, it won't do enough justice to your work on the slopes of this digital mountain.

But, thanks James, for all the time and heart you put into this place and WoT.

Loved crossing swords with you about all sorts of theories.


(and I still have toh towards you; you were so, so right about AMoL based on ToM...I just wouldn't / couldn't believe it up front)


So long man,





I just read in another section that you're not actually leaving.

That makes it a slightly less craptastic day.

Glad you're sticking around. Still.. this place lost a fair bit of it's heart and soul with you dropping your Axe.

(keep the Hammer/ Pencil!)

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I'm sorry to see you go, the best of luck to you and I hope the reason you're leaving is you've joined a scientific expedition to investigate some weird occurances of people disappearing by stones that have various shapes and markings on them.


Or failing that, now Tarmon Gaidon is over you're being recalled to the Horn as a hero :)

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Luckers seemed like a nice guy And everything but I think this was for the best.  I know he has done a lot for dragonmount and wot and u will all hate on me for expressing my opinion but I think it will be alot better place on these forums with him as a regular member for himself and others. 

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