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  1. Mat and Min treated each other like old friends, when they barely knew each other at all. We as fans knew both of them quite well, but they as characters had very little interaction with each other. Why pick Emarin/Algarin as one of the 'prefers men' characters if they had to be picked? He had a wife(that passed away) and kids(that moved out). Androl and Pevara's dialogue was fine if you're 12. Chapter 2 was so clunky I could barely get through it, and that clunkyness/bluntness kept showing up throughout AMoL. I would never have finished the first book of WoT or any series if this
  2. I'm pretty sure anyone here would be more than willing to trade any miniscule amount of gratification gleaned from pointing out errors in the book for a book without them.
  3. What I'm saying is that after the scene is over, I didn't feel like the Light had just dodged a bullet. My heart wasn't in my throat, I wasn't frustrated at either or even both of the people arguing, really. It was pretty blah. The word 'Moiraine' provoked a bit of an emotional response, but after that I was reading people talking at each other as usual. Then there's no small secret smile (or anything) from her as she watched everyone sign their oaths to follow the Dragon Reborn, likely the answer to one or the other of her interactions with the Finns. It was a hastily drawn sketch of a s
  4. Per the author Moiraine had to be present for the meeting at the FoM so Rand and Egwene worked together instead of separately. All would have been lost had she not been there. Haven't read the whole thread, because of how long it is and how much time of mine AMoL has already wasted. Thinking on Moiraine's role in 'saving the world', and what she did while linked with Rand (almost a non-entity) the only possible explanation was her being necessary for Merrilor to not fall completely apart. Apparently if what Sutt said is true, then that is indeed confirmed. The fact that it needed to be
  5. Having just finished the book, I have a few thoughts. I set my expectations extremely low for AMoL, due to ToM, the pre-release materials, both 'memories' and chapter excerpts. Had I not, it would have been next to impossible reading through the first over half of the book. Many scenes were very flat, repetitive, and numerous horrible character representations gave a lot of very cringe-worthy moments. Mat, Rand, and Tuon's meeting should seriously be stricken from the record. I have a feeling a good portion of the battles could have been greatly condensed and saved everyone a lot of ti
  6. sorry to hear it, Luckers. I wish you the best of luck as the wheel turns.
  7. I agree. This could be from any of dozens of people's perspectives or at pretty much any point in the book.
  8. The Great Captains are all pretty well spoken guys, it could be one of them. It could even be Mat.
  9. could be an overconfident Moridin's thoughts
  10. I'm sorry, but I can't see the quote working unless Faile is actually riding Bela and therefore directing her movements. Otherwise she's just speaking aloud to a horse as if expecting it to understand her. (Yes, Bela is a horse, not the Creator or the DO or the Champion of the Light or what have you.) Faile has never met Bela to my knowledge (and in all likelyhood has never even heard of her so far), so I hope she isn't suddenly Bela's best friend just by proximity like something in the vein of Rand suddenly being impressed with how great a spymaster Balwer was from a half day of being i
  11. To ask questions only through the one in Tear (assuming it was still usable), and then only at great need. So far in my life there hasn't been any such need or one that even comes anywhere close.
  12. It had nothing to do with DF's running free. It was the fact that he said Birgitte and Aviendha didn't need minders, making it obvious that of the four Nyneave and Elayne were the only ones he thought were unable to take care of themselves. Mixed in with their sacrifice (that he apparently didn't care whether they apologized or not), and the fact that he made the 'minders' comment with no hint of malice or humor at all, made them even madder at him because he had no idea he was insulting them. This is a wonderful example of how people 'on the same side' can be so incompatible that they
  13. This one makes sense. His attempt to save more than a remnant of a remnant ends up destroying all, from her vision. Pretty disconcerting. Not what I meant but since there are kids around, I'll go with it lol. yeah, though the other did occur to me, I decided to take the high road with it
  14. This one makes sense. His attempt to save more than a remnant of a remnant ends up destroying all, from her vision. Pretty disconcerting.
  15. Sthpoilerth! heh, thinking of ch 52 Mat playing 'Feels so good' made me laugh
  16. @Whizbang The broach is an angreal, and she did use it during the compulsion in TPoD's prologue (and again when she made a gateway for Mat and the Band). Perhaps a potential confrontation with Cadsuane made her wear it, or she just took to wearing it all the time lately. But when she was 'questioning' Ailil, she definitely would have needed it if it's the type of questioning we suspect it was, and simply may not have taken it off between that encounter and meeting with Cads.
  17. These may or may not be Egwene's (or someone else's though that seems unlikely) dreams. If they are really happening, it sounds like awesome. Hats off to whomever, these sound like excerpts that belong to a WoT book.
  18. I'm not saying anyone's mutilating his notes, and I'm not saying I'd have no satisfaction with it unless RJ penned every word. But in filling the gaps in the notes, it's extremely important to fact-check things. This is where the intent thing comes in. I'd love to think that what we got is just how RJ would have wanted things to progress, but textual evidence disproves it. Because of this, there are seeds of doubt that take root, and the story is partially ruined by those nagging suspicions. I'd have a fairly high level of satisfaction if everything that happened after KoD didn't throw st
  19. I don't know about you, but when I read the WoT, I look at the details, because the first books programmed me to do so. Even if I don't intend to, things just jump out at me if they spark an idea or a possible inconsistency, which I generally cross reference online or in the other books. I certainly did not do this at first, but after a few re-reads I found that to not do so means there are so many layers of the onion that you're missing it's almost a disservice to the author to not attempt to appreciate the material fully. I don't look for mistakes specifically, but any incongruity used to
  20. Eh, it could be Mat. Any collection of words inside quotation marks could be Mat for all I know anymore unless it explicitly says otherwise.
  21. I hate to make anyone listen to that. Perhaps you can set a timer or something for about 47 minutes in
  22. She didn't say that in ToM, she said it in chapter 2
  23. The thing is with Elayne's pregnancy is that the woman said she will have problems (as she does), and they may get even worse as the pregnancy progresses, and not that they may get better. Now Elayne says she's all better and has it under control before the pregnancy is over with.
  24. Reminds me of Robin Hood I would guess Thom before Mat, though, since he's the storyteller.
  25. Not all. Some. More RJ than just about everything else, but certainly not all, and the stuff that was certainly hadn't gone through many drafts, if more than one. I'd wager that anything Mat other than Ghenjei was just outlines or a sentence here or there at most.
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