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  1. I think that what a lot of people forget when talking about Moiraine and Nynaeve is the time warp between SG and the rest of the world. What was about a week or two for the rest of the armies and only a few days for Ituralde's group was less than a day for Rand and co. Is it any wonder that other characters have more POVs when there was much to catch up on with subtle answers to questions such as who was acting as Sammael etc. when there was such a timing distraction between TGS and AMOL? Sometimes I don't really get why people are complaining I guess...
  2. I agree with this. I think Taim was probably converted (convinced or turned - maybe nicely seeing as he still has a mind) by the Black Ajah after Cadsuane left him for others to transport. It could explain the ambiguity around the appearance of Taim in Caemlyn and why he looked weird (paraphrashing 'washed out, wrung out hard and hung up to dry, something wasn't right'), and then there's the whole 'Taimandred' ruckus that ensued.
  3. Interesting idea Mash but... You seem to be glossing over the fact that Moiraine ensured the Dragon's Peace. Rand was about to walk away before she made her grand entrance. That would have meant that the armies of the light would not have been cohesive and fared much worse than they did fighting together. I think they would have eventually given up when they thought that "all hope was gone, all light was gone" which would have meant that Rand couldn't keep resisting the DO on his own. I do agree that without Thom guarding the cave, it would have been total disaster with Nynaeve and
  4. Perrin was able to travel within the Dreamspike's field in the dream. From other relatives I would also assume, like you, that Androl could have travelled within the field too. I think this was shown in WH (I think - can't be bothered checking it's late but it was "Working Leather" chapter whatever book). I'm pretty sure the Dreamspike was in effect then but Androl was using gateways to cut leather if that helps :-)
  5. This, in the old thread about who would turn to the light I predicted Moriidin and more recently since aMoL and evidenced on these boards, I've believed that Rand had already morphed because of the "all that he is can be taken" which clearly referred to the point in time where Rand took c'ontrol' of Moridin IMHO. ETA: I meant that I agreed that Rand already in Moridin's body carried Moridin in Rand's body out of the cave if that wasn't cleaar.
  6. After all the lead up (I'm sure I read about an interview from RJ or BS on this board yonks ago) about Ogier being capable of being darkfriends, and that certainly some would have been, we didn't see a single one in AMOL. I was hoping that Covril was one and that that was her reason for debating against Loial at the Great Stump. Maybe BS just ran out of space for that arc and resolved it as he could. Thoughts anyone?
  7. I think from what Lanfear told Perrin at the end that they can be turned back and that he will eventually tell someone (probably Nynaeve) about it. Of course she's going to try - it's in her make up. I suspect it will take a circle and the Ogier to do it, based on the fact that some are being held by the Ogier in a stedding (foreshadowing). The problem is that as soon as they are taken out of the Stedding they could overpower their captors and escape before the job is done. I also think that Logain may be key to the revelation. He is worried that something in him is broken from his att
  8. It's probably been mentioned but I haven't seen it so far but I think that the fireflies vision of Min's was about Rand letting go of the souls of those who had died for him (letting them be their own heroes etc.). I can't think of anything else and the "stronger together" theme of the whole series fits to me. It was very obviously the lynchpin of Rand's victory with Egwene being the catalyst. Edit: italicised clarified text
  9. I posted on some other thread about Nakomi being a Hero of the Horn, my reasoning being: There was a lot of debate about when Aviendha met Nakomi on the way to Rhuidean about their encounter being in the World of Dreams due to the extra coals in the fire, food cooking fast and tasting great etc. When Aviendha asked Bair about it she said it was "an ancient name", like out of a legend perhaps? At the end TAR and the waking world merged, as evidenced by Lanfear's plan to kill Moiraine and Nynaeve (who were in waking world SG) and the Horn being blown gives a Hero access which could b
  10. And Loial singing to trees in Emond's Field is earth shatteringly important?
  11. I think that may have been Loial singing to the apple trees where Perrin's family are buried
  12. I said earlier that I thought the baby Logain hands back to his mother at the end when he finds his glory could be a nod to fandom about the Gaidal question. I agree it's not important anymore just a matter of curiosity. The way that BS answered other fan "we really wanna know"s makes me think he threw it in there somewhere. Sutts, where does it say that Grady's son is four? Just point me in the right direction if you don't want to elaborate. Cheers Also on a semi-related note, aren't the twins (Shevan & Haevel???) supposed to herald the new age? If this is true they can't be Elayn
  13. I thought that the "BUT" was another Nym. I thought that Fain and Shadar Logoth would be part of the new prison. I was right that Rand's "blood on the rocks" would be him leaving footprints of blood, although my details in the how were different. I was right that TAR and the real world would somehow "merge" during the last battle, but I had that tied in with the Ogier and the Book of Translation. (@Ace Sedai - search for them yourself if you want proof. I can't even remember where I posted them, I often forget which thread I'm in and post spur of the moment ideas in unrelated t
  14. Three thoughts: Gaidal Cain could be the baby Logain handed back to it's mother after saving the refugees at the ruins in the Field of Merrilor. I've always thought it was Grady's son after the mention of how ugly the kid is though. I think that Rand swapped bodies with Moridin sometime during the use of Callandor after the vision fest with the Dark One. "All that he is can be seized..." It was Rand carrying his discarded body out of the pit, he needed it to pull off his "death". Nakomi could be a Hero of the Horn. It is unclear if Aviendha was in TAR when she met Nakomi on her way
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