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  1. almen bunt renald fenwar can I say Min?
  2. fare thee well, always been interesting to read your theories and as someone mention may you always find water and shade good luck mate
  3. i totally agree that line was awesome :)
  4. Nakomi... Maybe...?? Now who Nakomi is, is another question entirely! My personal theory is that she's The Creator incarnate. I mean, if the DO can influence the world, why not the Creator, too? But that's just me... yeah nakomi came to my mind but i am not sure ah well
  5. when rand finds out egwene is dead :( when rand is ready to give in and doesnt want to let go. hurin's death birgritte losing her memories and rhuarc i seriously thought lan was dead when he sheathes the sword to kill Demandred
  6. wish we had more of moiraine in the book would have been pretty cool her role wasn't as bada** as i thought it would be
  7. who was the woman resembling an aiel in the end when rand is trying to get out of SG?
  8. i just finished it over 3 days as well quite enjoyed it the book overall so many different reactions at different moments :p the egwene moment was AWESOME and sad at the same time :( so glad nynaeve and lan survived :D and the ending was superb :) i nearly feared mat was dead as well
  9. one more day to go and tomorrow our thirst for AMOL will be satisfied. hope you all have a great time reading it. now that the end is nigh close, my impatience is higher than ever. enjoy AMOL everyone and let us thank everyone who made this book possible. see you all on the full spoiler board
  10. yeah i am hoping to drop by Dymocks around 12pm on my break :p
  11. i will try take my time with it as well but most likely will end up just going really quickly :p will be on holidays so can afford a full day of reading
  12. yeah i kind of feel the same way too :) already got chills and thats without the book the 8th cannot come soon enough :p
  13. i'm thinking mat and egwene too or mat and moiraine just before he leaves for Ebou Dar
  14. i vote nynaeve, even though she is not as skilled with the destructives weaves, she is stronger in sheer power level and also can adapt quite easily, against Suian, Mo, gray man and BA. just a side question how many flows can egwene and nynaeve divide their power into ?
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