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  1. What a suprise the threads been derailed already and turned into the existing demandred thread where not one bit of proper discussion can happen without attacks on sandersons writing.
  2. is it against the rules to direct people to a reddit wot for fanfic? isnt brandon writing his book virtually nothing but fanfic since he went off from the notes so often and done alot of his own things? if RJ changed his idea with someone taking on the series im sure he wouldnt have cared in the end if fans made up scenes that were left out of the book. Are authors normally against this? also if i remember correctly pre aMOL their was a thread that people wrote a few scenes about what they think was going to happen in aMOL isnt that fan fiction ill try and find it.
  3. That would have fixed the issue about fain being lackluster in the end and would be interesting from Demandreds pov to see his reaction to mashadar and if he understands it at all.
  4. Since we didnt get a reunion on screen anybody want to try and make a fan fiction version of their reunion. I would try but my grammar and writing are pretty bad. Id imagine Siuan would drop all Aes Sedai serenity and start running if she saw Moiraine. (Interesting that in New Spring siuan was the more calm one in control and now it seems like its Moiraine).
  5. I saw alot of dissapointment in the Demandred thread on the way Lan was the one to kill Demandred, while i didnt mind it and thought it fit quite well others wanted him dead by the power and not a simple sword fight. How would you have rathered he died? Remember he's in a circle of 72 with sakarnen! edit forgot about the spoiler title could a Mod please change it.
  6. For a fighter to stay in that kind of peak condition by the EoTW, he would have practicised. It is that simple. Warder bound or not, at Lan's age, which is over 40 by the EoTW, if he has let himself go, it would have been next to impossible to be in his condition. perhaps im trying to explain my point wrong, He is the best swordsman because as the writer robert jordan wants him to be the strongest. It doesnt make sense hes the best though because regardless of what you say he wouldnt have had anything near the practice that borderlanders or warders get in the tower cause they train aga
  7. I don't claim it makes sense, but the quotes are right from the source. Took me about 40 minutes to find them BTW. At least, I see that BS did do some revisions. I'd assume that BS's style/prose was an even bigger factor in the issues than the number of drafts. [ IE, some people are very careful and meticulous in putting anything in writing, others write and rely on correcting issues later.] Where does it say that RJ did 12 drafts before showing Harriet? Here you go... Btw here is the best place to pull quotes. http://www.theoryland.com/wheel-of-time-interview-search.php M
  8. As to Moghedien, she may have been among the weakest surviving forsaken, but all 13 [ including her ] were among the most powerful of the original forsaken. This is what seems so strange to me if they had so many channelers back then and the aes sedai act like they are way weaker and less capable then the previous ages aes sedai, then you would think that their would be alot more stronger channelers. In the space of 10 years alone we have Logain, Rand and Taim all close to equal to the strongest forsaken.
  9. Edited cause i was off topic: On topic He does use the TP to shield Taim and Moghedian hints that Demandred had been using the TP to fulfill BAO the WYLD prophecies. Dont have the ebook for aMOL so i cant get the direct quotes for you. This is what bothered me earlier in the books how many revolutionary weaves do we really see? it seems like people in this age know more then the previous age. Warder bond, horizontal gateways, tieing off a gateway, healing gentling,stilling, healing madness, detecting a man channeling etc. What do we actually see that someone in the third age didnt
  10. Their is no content before Teotw, new spring was made after book 10. When robert jordan created the character he made him fit you cant say he would be fit from being out of trouble when robert jordan didnt write anything on him pre teotw to book 10. I could make up that he was super fat and he dieted for a year before they got to the two rivers and it is the same as you saying he would be fat if he didnt fight anyone. Its all pure speculation. Im just making the statement that them being stealthy and not fighting that many dark friends wouldnt have gotten the same training as a borderlander or
  11. in other words if you want rand to die from being gentled then be it if you want him to die from an intoxicated body from the TP then be it the series is over and no notes left after the lighting of the pipe. Create what you want in your head and thats what happens.
  12. This also, what i dont get is moghedian is a relativly weak forsaken with the abudnance of channelers in the age of legends wouldnt their have been more powerful forsaken then her. Blah blah blah i know the whole greed exscuse (which makes little sense if he was scared of them betraying him why not just 13x13). Why didnt the DO transmigrate tons of his old lost choson instead of only bringing back a couple of them once rand had killed them. The dark ones power is flawed earlier in the series.
  13. wait 50 thousand channelers in shara? ahahahahha no chance, Didnt robert jordan say that their were 1% channelers in this age compared to the age of legends. Or did he specify randland only? if he didnt then thats already wrong. Secondly the age of legends was peace with no black ajah killing channelers ect and many channelers would have had tons of kids with other channelers and they still only had 2-3% of channelers. i agree 100% on everything you said.
  14. The reason why demandred didnt win in the hour is because the light have to win and to make a climatic story you have to have the light in a bad position and an underdog. How did the rebels win the battle in return of the jedi? they should have been crashed same reason the good guys have to win. Fayde's logic is stupid RJ says it can kill 20 men, or 6 aiel in the early parts of the series then he says people like lan can kill them by themselves and other borderlanders. Which brings down the threat of them. The light werent using balefire cause its "bad for the pattern". He was surrounded b
  15. If that's what you took away as the central conflict of asoiaf it may be time for a reread. The mysteries are far more in hidden and less in your face but they are central to what is going to happen down the line. As for WoT it is pushing it to say things got out of control at book 6. 8-10 are the ones that most cite as getting away from him with only CoT really being problematic. What made the WoT great is still in those books and the writing quality never suffered. All the mistakes, unpolished prose, blunt plotwork etc makes it hard to even rank TGS-AMoL with the others. I mean in almost
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