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  1. So I've never seen this question answered or asked, and it's bothered me for a while. It's been said that linking isn't the same as adding two power levels, and the theory stands that women have 21 levels of power, with men going a few beyond that. So that being said, how is it that 13 of the weakest channelers could shield and hold the strongest man (Or woman)? and does that count for a channeler with an angreal or sa'angreal? I mean 13 level 2 channelers (since mograse at level 1 cannot always touch the source) shouldn't be up to say Lanfear's level, unless something magic happens when you hit a certain number. Has anyone ever explained how that works?
  2. 1. In the final confrontation, Rand realizes the Dark One can't win as long as the human race doesn't break or give up. Even if the Dragon goes to the shadow, as long as people don't give up, he can't win. 2. Turning Rand would probably make answer 1 easier than killing him. That and Rand has the pattern protecting him. There's plenty of times they tried to kill Rand and failed. 3. Why? Because the Dark One told him to in LoC. Further explaination, there's a line during the Last Battle when Demandred is telling people to keep balefiring anything and everything, because the pattern must be unravelled before it can be remade. I know that was what was implied...however, it seems pretty obvious that if they had killed Rand on day one they could have just won the military engagements and enslaved the world. Why allow Rand the opportunity to seal the Dark One away? There was no reason to allow him to live. I dont recall the line about Demandred saying to balefire everything - I'll have to go back and read again. That's just a big plot hole. They never really "tried" until it was too late. I chalk this up to the grand "Super villains in every story ever are basically idiots" theory. If they had killed him, the seals would have broken, and the dark one would have broken free right? How is that not a win?
  3. 2) Actually, did they expand upon that? I was lead to believe that all men born in those channeler towns are treated like animals, but sure there are men born outside the town who can channeler, sparker or non sparker, but that's assuming Demandred had time to go testing. Sure, Taim could have done it but that's getting to a stretch now. He was able to send scouting parties to a hostile country? One where they kill and enslave outsiders?
  4. I think exhaustion is the only explanation. Dumai's Well was an all out assault to free Rand, not a prolonged defense. Channelers are highly effective, especially in the short term, but if you need them for a prolonged defense you're going to have to be rotating them, facing exhaustion, and attrition. And not all Asha'man are as strong and talented as Rand or the named Asha'man. They can only do so much. I think Rand and the prominent Asha'man paint a distorted picture of how good they are in a fight. They are better than most at killing, but the Power of your average channeler, male or female, is not that great that 100 Asha'man would be able to hold back that amount of Shadowspawn. As Agitel said, Dumai's Wells was a unique situation, they only needed to kill with all their strength for a short amount of time against a fleeing foe with a fraction of the number. They didn't have to worry about anything but rescuing Rand. At Maradon, they weren't used just for killing. They were used for Healing, Travelling, scouting, relaying messages (via the beacons etc.) They were up against a force that outnumbered them vastly and were forced into a prolonged battle where they were on the defensive. The Shadowspawn were attacking, not fleeing like the Shaido, thus they had to protect themselves not just kill, which drains strength. I would say that I could agree that the Asha'man at Maradon didn't put up as much of a fight as you would expect, however, even if they had been written as good as realistically possible - without becoming totally overpowered - they still would have lost Maradon. I know they're not as strong, but still 100? Were there even 100 at Dumai Wells? Yes that's a different situation, but its' not like they rested after or anything, nor did they even seem exerted by what they did. Look what Eggy and her AS did against the trollocs. Yes they have san and angreal, but Maradon had walls that effectively funneled the monsters into one locations, making weaves more efffective, not to mention the battle before Maradon. In fact, let's just back, before Itrulade was let into Maradon, recall the battle forcing the trollocs across the river, and how Itrulade was looked at funny by some officers for sending 1 channeler away to burn siege equipment, why would 1 matter if he had 100? No way he had 100, or it as forgotten at that point.
  5. You could care less about who she is? So you do care some?
  6. I still enjoyed the book, but it's kinda hard to notice people missing when THE BATTLE FOR EXISTENCE ITSELF is looming. I mean, what people just said screw existence, I don't feel like going outside today? I don't get it.Stop being silly Vards, why on earth would we hold the author accountable for details and continuity? ;) Touche sir, touche. Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction while reading the book. At least Maradon the Asha'man are shown in action fighting the trollocs. It's just that there are a huge amount of trollocs, too many for them to deal with. But in aMoL they're not even mentioned. Logain shows up with 200 (according to Elayne), which is less than he should have had, but it's like 600-700 Asha'man just fell off the map at some point. per my understanding Rand took a ton of channelers with him from the black tower somepoint around Knife of Dreams, I think. That's been the understanding, I assumed they came back, however it now begs the question, how did Maradon fall with 100 Ashaman? and why did Lan have 5 with him. 5? Really? The WT army had none (Except maybe the bonded ones, but I thought they were with Rand), Elayne's had none, Lan had 5, so Rand's army have 395 Ashaman with him? Really? I mean, if he was trying to remain hidden, why take that many. It's just a lot of stuff that does add up. I mean, I understand why it was done, as discussed a few pages back, the channeler numbers were out of control, they had to be taken in some, so that's how they did it. But Sutts, I'm going to a book signing next month, you best believe I intend on asking about the Sharan men. I just can't let that one pass me by. I can stand for making random people disappear, I mean maybe they were hiding, because they lost their will to live and survive, but I can't abide by introducing people who don't bloody exist!
  7. I still enjoyed the book, but it's kinda hard to notice people missing when THE BATTLE FOR EXISTENCE ITSELF is looming. I mean, what people just said screw existence, I don't feel like going outside today? I don't get it.
  8. Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction while reading the book. At least Maradon the Asha'man are shown in action fighting the trollocs. It's just that there are a huge amount of trollocs, too many for them to deal with. But in aMoL they're not even mentioned. Logain shows up with 200 (according to Elayne), which is less than he should have had, but it's like 600-700 Asha'man just fell off the map at some point. Naw Logain said he had 100. Taim had 100 as well.
  9. Fair enough. Logain's exact words in KoD are: "More than half the Black Tower is in Arad Doman and Illian. I sent all the men with bonded Aes Sedai except those here, as you ordered" (KoD, chapter 29) A little later he also says: "One thing pleased him [Taim] though: that I didn't take any of his cronies." (KoD, chapter 29) In any case, most if not all the full Asha'man at the BT were Taim's men, apart from Logain, since Taim didn't promote anyone to the rank of Asha'man who wasn't loyal to him. According to Tam, Taim brought 40 men back from the Two Rivers in PoD. As for the number of Asha'man given to Ituralde, it was definitely 100: "What could you do if I gave you a hundred men who could channel?" (tGS, chapter 10) Then I'm kinda lost about Maradon and the numbers now look worse. The hell are all these Ashaman hiding. LAN only had 5. Wtf is that about.
  10. The men would have to completely rehabilitated from animals in less than a year. Plus his selection would have been scarce given the ages left alive. That's a small group.
  11. This feels like we're arguing about two different things man. Yeah, it was extremely weird there were male Ayyad among them. I never said otherwise. But what does that have to do with what I'm saying? There are no male channellers anywhere until the BT. Why should the presence/absence of male channellers matter at all? They are on equal grounds. Shara is as big as Randland + Waste. If we assume their population is the same as well, 400 is a ridiculuous number. If they have 50 million population in total, then they have 250.000 potential female channellers. How in the Light are they going to miss all of those people? Even the White Tower is better at recruiting and their recruiting until Egwene is practically nonexistent. I guess we are. I'm just saying Randland has Male's because Rand specifically started recruiting them, and his Taveren nature drew so many, plus on this side, a lot of men knew they could channel because their dads died of it. In Shara, it wouldn't work like that. Anyway, yea you're right 400 is small, but we don't know if they only keep the woman who can spark or what? Plus, how many were lost in the hostile take over? I think at most they would match the Aiel or Seanchan. I guess instead of having 11000 channelers battling it out at the end of the book, 8000 on one side, he just nerfed EVERYONE.
  12. Honestly, I wouldn't be suprised if he did just that. Yes the dude is evil, but he's also dangerously obsessed with proving himself better than LTT/Rand. His hatred of LTT is what defines him. Look at how he dealt with Gawyn and Galad. He could have blasted them to pieces at any moment if he had wished to, or let his guard deal with them. But he didn't because what he wants more than anything else is to step out of LTT's shadow. Hiding behind a Sangreal wouldn't allow him to do that, unless Rand uses Callandor, which Demandred thought was very unlikely since he couldn't do so safely. If he called for Rand while in a full circle and with a Sangreal, it's because he was busy winning a battle, which he thought he was fighting against LTT, again going back to proving himself the best. In the Prologue of WH Toveine estimates there are 500 Asha'man at the BT. This is a 107 days after Taim arrives in Caemlyn. That's a rate of about 5 Asha'man recruited per day, which is even faster than the 3-4 Torval had claimed in PoD, when he reported there were 438 Asha'man at the BT. Later in KoD Logain says he's sent nearly half the Asha'man out of the BT, and none of them loyal to Taim. This is 54 days after Toveine's estimation in WH. If we go with the 5 Asha'man per day recruitement rate, their numbers go up to 770, and it might even be higher than that since the more Asha'man there are, the more recruting parties there are. Using Torval's 3-4 per day, we're closer to 700. I'd estimate between 350 and 400 Asha'man would make up about half of what the BT had at the time. If the rate of recrutement kept on at the same pace, there should have been at least 1000 Asha'man by the beginning of aMoL (910 at the least, 1200 at the most). And I believe Rand gave Ituralde 100 Asha'man in tGS. The first part: I seriously doubt it. But we'll never know. So I'll agree to disagree here good sir. The second part. Hmm. I thought a lot of them were coming back and forth, mostly coming back. I know Itrulade didn't get 100, it had to be less than that. Rand's personal cadre of Ashaman was like 10 or less, when they came to Maradon, they thought they had to abandon it, if Itrulade had 100, he would have put up a much better defense! Much much better. I'll go back and look for numbers tho just to make sure. Are we sure Logain didn't mean those of the Rank Ashaman? Weren't nearly all the "Two Rivers Boys" still in the BT? I mean there were dozens or a hundred of them alone. I'm going to search thru KOD tho, thanks for the tip. I'll report back.
  13. I don't necessarily disagree but the solution is very easy. Shara is as big as the Randland. They have been breeding channellers for the Light knows how long and they are battle-ready. They could easily counter however many channellers the Light had. The answer was not to make the existing channellers disappear, it was to balance the numbers. 400 was a ridiculuous number for Shara, and that is not even counting the Town. Not without men. Remember they'd have virtually no male channelers. And they would have lost a lot of the females to the battle to take over their land. At most they'd counter the Seachan or the Aiel. At best. That still leaves White Tower, Black Tower, WindFinders, and The Kin, and one of those two aforementioned factions since they can't counter both. The shadow took roughly 20% or less from the WT and the BT and that's about it. What difference does that make? There are no male channellers anywhere. And on top of that most female channellers of Light (AS, damane, Kin) very rarely get pregnant. Plus, Shara does have male channellers. They are used as breeding stock for women who can channel then murdered. And there are strict rules for Ayyad. They keep their bloodlines absolutely pure. Yes they are killed. By no male channelers, I mean none who are trained. And only a few who would be of channeling age at the time Demandred took over. Since they're only used for breeding stock, and kept ignorant and treated as animals. Demandred would have to overcome years of that abuse in order to begin training, he wouldn't have had enough time to do it. Thus when they came, they'd have none, or nearly no male channelers, yet they brought some with them. Odd.
  14. I agree, but that's only after the Light side channelers were nerfed. If it happened correctly, the full might of the WT, and a few thousand other channelers would have been there. And how long was he there blowing people up before he made that arrangement? A good while. He gave Taim the item towards the end there. He called for Rand in a full circle, with the 2nd most powerful item of power made for men in existence. I'm sure he would have laid it down nicely if Rand had appeared. I mean he's not evil or anything. Where are you getting this 400 number from? Rand's Ashaman he had post Ebon Dar were sent back, he didn't send 400 with Ituralde, he only had about 10 with him, and I'd guess Ituralde had 30 or so, they had a unit, with 2 unit leaders. Couldn't be that many. Where is this 400 coming from?
  15. Dang. Well enjoy your new gig. I've been MIA since my job blocked the site, and it isn't as much fun not posting from work. We may disagree about a lot, but you're an interesting and enlightened person to debate with.
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