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  1. I know! And I always though Siuan and Gareth would be the ones to fetch the horn.
  2. I agree with Rhienne; I did not enjoy the Pevara-Androl scenes.
  3. I have waited for a while before I commented again. I confess that for the first time ever.; I cannot contemplate rereading the Wheel of Time; I do not want to re read the final book ever again. I shall not read River of Souls either, I am not a masochist. I shall purchase the Encyclopedia , but first I shall read bits and pieces in the bookstore . I feel very disappointed with the caretakers of Mr. Jordan's Legacy. I would like to read Luckers review if available, and Terez's , and Mat's. Also I would like to know what Fish thought of the culmination of such a well beloved series. Sad.
  4. I imagine both of them crying and laughing and hugging for a long time. And I believe Thom and Gareth would be serving them tea while they all catch up.
  5. I agree with the comment that Aleator 77 wrote..Suttree also points out that R.J. called rape.
  6. Mat is the most complex hero of the three. He is lovely!!!
  7. I am still of the opinion that Team Jordan ought to have incorporated the people that are the super readers, and look for a better writer, I read a short story by a 16 year old today, and his prose is better than Sanderson's! I read the Eulogy that moved Harriet so much, I am sure we the fans have mourned Mr. Jordan too. I did. The quality of the last three books is lower than the previous books, . We, the fans ought to get an apology from the editors and also from Sanderson. Too bad that they published something that we all were desperate to read fully aware that it was a third rate job. I just love how Mr. Jordan wrote .
  8. Thanks Suttre!That is exactly what I meant. And I did not catch everything that Dom caught!!!!It just that I have read the books so many times that I feel the wrongness of the dialog.
  9. I am not sure; but I remember reading in the past that Mr. Jordan was going to write the Last Battle early in the last book. I think that was changed by Sanderson and /or Team Jordan. I also feel the quality of the history was left to hang by the time that T.O.M. was published without a serious attempt to correct the writting and the history lines . The glaring mistakes about Mat and Min interactions, etc, could and should been corrected. And Androl! His lines etc. should have been given to another known Ashaman. And the underwriting of major characters . Nynaeve and Moiraine for example, was a let down in the quality of the books.
  10. Egwene is a great character! She was not the strongest channeller, but she was the best Amyrlin in centuries. She was very loyal to Rand as Egwene, but a the Amyrlin Seat , she had to keep the dignity of her position. I am devastated that she died. Randland lost a lot with her death, even if Randland could carry on because of her willing sacrifice. And to her haters I would like to say that they have to evaluate her journey from the Two Rivers to Tarmon Gaidon. She was not a Tavereen, but for sure could bend and repair the pattern as well as the three Tavereen could.
  11. Elayne has been prepared all her life to lead, and she did that. I liked her as a leader, I expected a more of her at the end. She had lost so much!!!She was always loving to Egwene and towards her family. I think she was underwritten, as most of our beloved characters.
  12. One would think that when the author or authors , and the people that speak for them answer a question with a Read and Find Out; it is that the answer shall be written. Otherwise ; do not say that.
  13. Lol, the whole breaking the spirits of men and women is just so laughable it is basically ridiculous. does sanderson think we are fools. If moridin had the choedan kal in his hands would all the armies and all the spirits and the dragon reborn matter? would it sanderson? The dark one's goal has always been to break free from his prison. I agree with you Elan!!!! And if Maria and Brandon were honest with us, They should really address every RAFOS. We have read, and found out not even a 25 percent of the RAFOS.
  14. I felt so betrayed by the way my favorite characters were dealt with, the lack of continuity and resolution in the superb way I was used to read in the books, the misuse of the world of time vocabulary that I have not been able to re-read it. I do wish again that Terez and the nucleus of super-readers would have been hired to ensure quality control.
  15. I am very sorry to see you go. I hope your future is going to be great and fulfilling! You are going to be missed.
  16. I wish Mr. Jordan's notes and explanations would be added to the Encyclopedia. Or that B.S. would answer our questions.
  17. I was very disappointed; Moiraine was underused, and it is insulting to us , long time fans who have wanted her back in the front of things for a very long time. Thom as well. I agree totally with most of you , we were forced to read silly fillers, and deprived of real substance.
  18. I think Lan will survive. He has lost too many people already. He is a true hero. He has made himself the man he is, without any superpowers or gifts. He is the Bat-man of the series. Rand never bowed to the shadow. He has always been the champion of the Creator. He found out that huge truth in Veins Of Gold.
  19. Luckers; May I ask you if you liked the ending?
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