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  1. That was one of the more blatant ones, imo. We were told so much Grendael pets were always pretties or some such, that an old weathered man stuck out like a sore thumb then. Ingtar being the dark friend from shieran who the man who called himself Bors saw in the prologue of the great hunt. When rand goes to rescue Egwene in Fal Dara after Fain escapes, he meets Ingtar near the dungeons. Little clue there I suppose. Subtle too.
  2. I've reread the books 1-10 at least twice now and the last few once. I've been reading them for years and use to reread before each release. This is my first time to listen to them. What's your favourite little thing that you noticed, that made you go, 'hey!, that's connected to this later!'?
  3. Irish Gaelic too no? With regards to the Aiel.
  4. Maybe a of a spoiler here, if you haven't finished Gathering Storm. So stop if so Doing my first listen of the books on audiobook and I just noticed something I hadn't before. The Great Hunt, ch 5 I think. Moraine and Suiane discussing how if an amyrlin is stilled they must be kept on a servent becuase who could rally around someone who's cleaning dishes? Really nice foreshadowing for Egwene. It's unreal how much of that there is in the books. What's your favourite bit, that's not mine but it's my favourite so far in book 2 of my reread/first listen (skipped book 1) First post in years!
  5. http://encyclopaedia-wot.org/main/biblio/collect.html That link has some information about your book. Nice book to have!
  6. Bye Luckers. This thread has stirred more of an emotional response in me than the ending of WoT.
  7. I said it earlier, only one book was needed but it maybe should of been a split book released simultaneously. The timeline was seriously messed up in these 3. Also: Bloody Nice to see flaming Uno being bloody back but his first flaming appearance was bloody flaming awful and bloody ashes but he flaming bloody overused the bloody flaming curses in his dialogue which was a bloody shame. His pov was much better than his flaming first appearance.
  8. Bloody Nice to see flaming Uno being bloody back but his first flaming appearance was bloody flaming awful and bloody ashes but he flaming bloody overused the bloody flaming curses in his dialogue which was a bloody shame. His pov was much better than his flaming first appearance.
  9. Honestly, you are being less critical than it deserves IMO. My opinion of Brandon has literally fallen through the floor - not simply because I didn't like aMoL, but because within aMoL I found several portions to be very well written and very enjoyable to read. To me, it looks clearly as if he spent a lot of time on sections he was personally interested in and blatantly slapped down words on the paper simply to get through other sections. That is inexcusable for a professional. In the past, I had just assumed the guy didn't have the talent or skills to get the job done. Quite to the contrary, he absolutely did possess the skillset and talent to do a satisfactory job with ending this series. He just didn't spend the time. 100% effort versus 110% effort. Very sad. To be fair to Sanderson, I imagine it was very difficult to keep up the effort to finish another persons work, no matter how much you love the series. 3 years working with another's characters, following their guidelines and working towards their conceived ending will stifle your creativity and wear down your enthusism for the work. If you look at Sanderson's own work released since he took the WoT reins he has improved significantly over his previous work and the works are critically and commercially well received. When the shackles of WoT were removed he showed his worth. Gathering Storm was his best and he gradually declined.
  10. I think the question that should be asked is why the book was split into 3? And why it was so rushed? I mean the majority of us have been reading the books for so long that a 2-3 year wait on the final book wouldn't be an issue. Anyone do a reread yet?
  11. Lol. Sanderson has a tendency for uber cool characters in fairness.
  12. Have to disagree. While the series got away from Jordan clearly during the tPoD-CoT(although the quality of the writing never suffered) swing KoD reversed it and he had things pointed in the right direction. There was an appaling amount of filler in these last three books and even larger structural problems. The books sped up do to where we were in the story arc more than anyting else and the same would have happened under Jordan. We will have no idea how good Brandon on this point until we see him at a similar spot to CoT in his own Stormlight archives. Agree with this. Someone on a forum here in Ireland said that the book felt like reading a a gemmell book and I have I to agree. Sanderson is a talented fantasy author and is improving all the time but he let himself down at times with these books. It was a no win situation for him though. Jordan's books were at times bloated but the character interactions felt more real, Egwenes daring Tuon to put on an adam actually saying dare being one that stuck out for me. Androl was super deadly at everything! One of the characters that he had a major input on and some if his exploits were exciting and inventive but didn't sit well within the story. Androl was cool for the sake of it. The biggest issue I have with the book was that I skimmed sections of it! There was too much focus on battles, tactics and general warfare. I think the massive last battle chapter should of been the only fighting to the forefront. It would of been more interesting and stood out more. All the previous stuff could of went on in the background or with little snippets povs. Taim was a let down. Logain was a let down. Demandred was okay. Moggy was pointless Moraine criminally under used and so was Nynaeve! Fain!!! It that was the ending Jordan envisioned for him he should of been killed off ages ago.
  13. Anyone else think that the 3 book split wasn't necessary and that it could have possibly been told in 1 massive book. Lets face it aMoL was stuffed with battle scenes which whilst being good got a bit boring after 400 pages or so. Dark Rand Arc and epiphany/Egwenes rise to the top Mat saves Moraine/Perrin battles Slayer Seanchan attack/black tower Field of Merrilor/ massively reduced 4 front battle Last Battle/rand v dark one Aftermath Could if been done in one book. Smaller font? 1400 page book split into 2 but simultaneously released. Also could have been worked on a lot more a d not have taken so much time to get released. Happy the end is here but at times the journey has been a chore and defintely could if been handled better. Not sure if this is the right place for this so mods do what he do if so.
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