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  1. It is from the first book when they are crossing the river to leave Two Rivers.
  2. Do we know who will compose music for series ? Ramin Djawadi did a wonderful job on GOT.
  3. Didn't Nynaeve channeled inside the palace in Far Madding when they where going to get Lan and Rand out of prison ?
  4. I got annoyed with the whole Elayne and Rand reletionship. During book 4-5 Elayne send Rand alot of messages through Egwene but Rand never send any back. During book 6 Elayne learns that Rand slept with Avendhia and ask her to marry him, most people would conclude that the man your in loved with dosen't feel the same way about you.
  5. Even if I don't like her way of bullying people I do like that she does stand up to Rand, not many people does that in the series. When it comes to which Aes sedai that Rand trust I've always found it interesting that Rand dosen't counts Elayne among them, either he dosen't trust her or he dosen't see her as an Aes sedai.
  6. I might be wrong here but if I remember corrretly Al'Thor means son of Thor in Two Rivers, it's like having Andersson in your last name. In Malkier the royal family does have Al in their name which is why the borderlanders thought that Rand was a prince.
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