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  1. Morgase marriage was about to keep the peace between Andor and Cairhien. Prince consort in Andor have been commoners before so it's not about titels but which marriage that servers Andor best.
  2. True there is a bigger chance for Min to meet Rand one day but Min wouldn't find Rand attractive when he is a sheep herder. Elayne would probaly find the meeting with Rand interesting because it would be the first time she meet a commoner without having a lot of people around her.
  3. Min wouldn't love Rand either if he wasn't the Dragon Reborn, none of them would love Rand if he wasn't the Dragon Reborn.
  4. Perhaps the broken crown is a reference to the Borderland kingdom that Saldaea was part of when Hawkwing conquered it.
  5. I thought that was the sword Justice but I could be wrong.
  6. Elayne and Aviendha were of to change the weather back to normal, either they do that or everyone will die of thirst and there wont be a last battle. Min is an important character but to say she is a key character to winning the last battle like Rand, Mat and Perrin is wrong.
  7. What was it Min did that was so important that if she didn't do it the Dark One would win the last battle ?
  8. Min a key character for winning the last battle ? Rand, Mat and Perrin är key characters for winning the last battle.
  9. This is the scene where the bandits were trying to sale the three girls to the fade ? I have always wonder if the shadow hade any plan behind it or if it just was coincidence.
  10. How is Elayne dark friendly ? Because she dosen't want to swear the oaths while she is pregnant without knowing the consequences ?
  11. In most country's that Rand occupied he was quite good with politics, true there was rebellion in Tear and Cairhien but they were mangable. When he occupies Andor he manage to turn majority of the nation against him. How did Rand manage to to turn so many against him ? What did he do wrong ?
  12. In which way are the borderlands society flawed ? It's not their fault that most of the people in Randland dosen't believe that Trollocs even exist.
  13. Did Rand really threatened Juilin Sandar in the Shadow Rising ? I've always thought it was just Lan who did it and mentioned Rand name to get an effect.
  14. The kidnappning of Faile by shaido and Elayne succession to the throne story have some in common, both events är important to both characters and both storys är to long where nothing really happens. I remember a scenen where Demandred notice that Elayne is upset about the way Rand has placed the Lion throne and Demandred smiles and say let the lord of chaos rules. I thought after that scene that the shadow was going to create distrust between Elayne and Rand but nothing of that happens. Faile relationship with Perrin is one of THE most interesting in the series, here there are two different culture that collide and how they handle it is fascinating.
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