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Halloween mafia game


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Welcome to my Trick-or-Treat mafia. In this game, you will be visiting houses and trick-or-treating. This will all happen on one night (Halloween) of course, but for game purposes, we will refer to the time you are visiting a house as day and the time spent walking between houses as night. You are all in costume and some of you have knives hidden in those costumes and aren’t afraid to use them.


Each house will have a trigger (ie the 9th post) and when the trigger is hit an event will take place. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. You have no way to know ahead of time. You also won’t know the triggers ahead of time, usually.


This game has started out balanced, but due to the fact that anyone (town, mafia, or 3rd party) can hit the triggers, it could go in any direction. Luck will play a big role in this game, so old fashioned scum hunting is going to be your best friend.


The town’s win condition is to remove all threats to the town.



The Rules:

  • You may not quote any part of any private communication I have with you. This includes PM’s, QT boards, or IM convos.
  • You may not talk off thread unless you have been specifically told otherwise.
  • You may not edit your posts
  • This is a hammer game. When the hammer vote is cast, I stop counting votes and unvotes.
  • If no majority is reached by the deadline, there will be a random lynch. ALL players will be potentially vulnerable to the random lynch. No coroner report will be given on a player that I random lynch.
  • Lynch votes and unvotes must be red, if possible. Use red for nothing else, please.
  • You must unvote before voting again. Again, red, please, if you can.
  • You are required to post at least ONE game-related post per day/night cycle in order to stay in the game. We want a very active game here.
  • Please send all day/night actions to me on the same PM thread you receive your role PM.



1. Darthe, Pirate, mafia, lynched day 3

2. Kathleen/Sakaea 3.0, witch, mafia, lynched day 6

3. Verbal, Scooby Doo, roleless townie, sent home night 4

4. Random/TGlems, roleless townie, modkilled day 10

5. Basel Gill, screwdriver, roleless townie, lynched day 8

6. Nolder, crayon, roleless townie, lynched day 7

7. John Snow

8. Barm, whoopie cushion, roleless townie, lynched day 4

9. Player, Fred Flinstone, roleless townie, lynched day 5

10. LedZepMan/Sakaea, giraffe, roleless townie, sent home night 2

11. Moon, cockroach, cop, sent home night 6

12. Mish, Pocahontas, mafia, lynched day 1

13. Sakaea, gypsy, roleless townie, went home day 1

14. Rand

15. Lolguy/Peace

16. Christine, mad scientist, roleless townie, sent home night 1

17. Tina, Green M&M, roleless townie, sent home night 7

18. Lenlo/JLM, cactus, roleless townie, sent home night 3

19. Despothera, werewolf, roleless townie turned mafia, lynched day 2

20. Krak, vampire, roleless townie, sent home night 8


We begin with Night 0. There are no night actions for this night. You all need to vote in Blue for the color house you want to start off with. The houses are: Light Blue, Yellow, Dark Green, White, Red, Tan, Dark Blue, Brown, Light Green, and Grey.

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House votes:


Yellow – 1 – Basel

Grey – 2 – Christine, Nolder

Red -1 – Verb


The voting will continue until either a majority of 11 is reached or everyone has voted, at which time the house with the most votes wins.






You all gather to go trick or treating.


One of you says “Let’s do something different this year. After every house, let’s send someone home.”


“Yeah. And between houses, too. The last one left gets all the candy,” another one of you piped up.


There were some murmurs from the group. A few of you didn’t want to give up your candy and were reluctant to agree. But this was the group of cool kids, the ones who played in Shayol Ghul, and you wanted to be a part, just this once. Slowly, each of you nodded your agreement.


(Henceforth, when we refer to lynching or nightkilling, it means someone got sent home without their candy.)

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House votes:


Yellow – 1 – Basel

Grey – 2 – Christine, Nolder

Red -1 – Verb

Dark Blue – 3 – Lenlo, John Snow, Kae


The voting will continue until either a majority of 11 is reached or everyone has voted, at which time the house with the most votes wins.

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As long as it's not yellow I'm ok with it

I hate the color yellow it's gross


I'll follow Christine and go with Grey


I grew up in a yellow house! Other than houses, yellow is my least favorite color, but I like yellow on a house.

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Ok so I was like maybe 7 or 8 and I was trick or treating with my step brother and and his brother and his friend and all night I keep tripping over my costume

As we're walking down this hill I get this weird feeling like these two girls (mid teens?) behind us were following us so I told my step brother and he was like don't be dumb they're just trick or treating and going the same way we are

I knew they were following us I could just tell

Anyway so eventually we start heading home and I have the most candy I have ever collected in my life

Huuuuuge pillow case full

And I trip and the two girls run up from behind and grab my pillow full of candy and start running down the hill

And I'm like hey go after them to my group and they're like lol nah we've got our candy we're good


It was a very sad night and I haven't ever really liked Halloween since

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*comes running after the group* I'm here, I'm here! I say we go to the Dark Green house! (it's my favourite color, kay?)


I've never gone trick or treating properly. Halloween, not such a big thing here. Just an excuse for adults to dress in slutty costumes before they hit the town.

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