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Mad LavaLamps in the BT?(WELCOME LORD LAVALAMP!!!)

Niel an' Tyomn

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We love having new victims civilians in the BT! We hope you have a splendid time and please please do enjoy your death stay with us!


Here are some Tainted Brownies! For yourself and your lavalamp minions! :tongue:




If you have any questions about anyone or just the BT in general feel free to ask any of us! (except the Shadowites they bite!)

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Welcome to the Tain Lavalamp! :biggrin:


(except the Shadowites they bite!)

Oi we do not!


...okay mebbe just a little :baalzamon:


Heya, I'm Nya/Nyan a StormLeader for the Shadow :baalzamon: If you have any questions about our cool shady faction please do ask away. Read the stickies (I know there are a lot, but I'm happy to help out with any other questions yoo might have if it gets confuzzling :)


But mainly, just jump right in on our spamminess and general BT fun here :D glad to have yoo with us!


P.s. Teh llamas may bite tho :P

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Welcome to the Black Tower, Lava Lamp! ...Interesting name :tongue:. Now that I think of it, we need lava lamps in the Black Tower, since they are quite crazy :cool:.


As sources of general information and the Shadow Faction have been offered, if you have any questions about the Light Faction or just anything at all, feel free to shoot me a pm - I am a Storm Leader of the Light after all :cool: .


Enjoy the Taint!

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Wow. That was fast. Was it Lamp at first sight?


Welcome Lamp to the BT, home of the TaintTM, brownies and two and a half factions - because we love you Civvys.


Yadda yadda Shadow Stormleader yadda yadda bites yadda yadda balefire blah blah questions etc :biggrin:


Oh ... I also do private tutoring in Mafia O and A level.





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Welcome. You are now one of us.


Shhh... This is the scary part.


Welcome Lava Lamp!


I am the leader of the shadow faction here and can also answer any shady related questions. Or any BT questions also. Enjoy the brownies. They are good for you.


Shoul we tell him about Verbal?


And this is way too scary!



Welcome to the Black Tower! You will soon be added to our private boards. Tell us all about yourself. Are you mad or crazy? Do you like brownies? Who is your favourite asha´man? For how long have you been reading WoT? Where are your keys?

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