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  1. YAAAAAAAASS oh you would so rock it! (Btw, something really unexpected happened this year. Nya got a dirndl. XD )
  2. Awesome Hiarth! Thanks for sharing :) and yep you're very pretty :D Also, imho you look way too young but you'd be an awesome soccer mom I'm sure. *soccergirl approval* XD <3
  3. The cold never bothered me anywaaAAYYY

  4. Another time, Miri might even have felt sorry for the woman trussed across a horse's back. Another time, Malachias would not have relinquished every chance their current situation presented, to laugh at the officers forced into sharing a horse. Or clinging to, it looked more like. This time, though, Miri felt scared. She led them back along the forest paths she'd arrived on, trying to move as fast as possible through the thickets. She heard her heart thudding louder than the hoofbeats and tried to keep from wondering how much longer the wounded boy had to live. It was not as if she couldn't see blood - but she hadn't been in such close proximity to someone dying of a wound before, nor responsible for whichever slim chance he still had of being saved. Finally, the trees grew thinner and the tracks wider. Not checking behind her, she urged her bay forwards. She could still hear the string of curses stretched out behind her - as long as those remained, the others were still tailing her. At the very least, the other horses would be following hers by instinct. "Hyah!!" Miri swept her heels along Wyn's side, Jeral's horse following in a canter. How fast could they go without hurting the unconscious scout even more? How long could they have left? Gulping, Miri lost herself in the thrumming of the hurried ride, a mixture of concentration and trusting her horse to carry them home safely. Looking through the gap of Wyn's ears, the track in front of them, was the only thing that stuck out, stayed in focus as the foliage whizzed by in a blur. Eventually the clearings grew wider and more frequent. And just like that, they were past the latrines, someone was hollering to open the gates, and then they were spilling into the daytime hubbub of Citadel activity. Miri yelled for help but didn't stop galloping until more shouts drew near, men running to meet them. She slowed the sweaty horses, leaping off Wyn's back and aware of the others catching up behind. Briefly Miri turned to check Arkin and Arinth were both actually still on the horse - they looked fine, if severely shaken up. The mare carrying their prisoner had also followed them into camp, so Miri turned back to finish untying Jeral's body as the medics arrived and immediately took over. Dithering for a moment, she glanced back to see the other two busy with trying to return to solid ground as fast as they could. It was even more comical than their getting up on the horse, but the medics were already leaving with the motionless body so Miri didn't linger to watch. Grabbing the two abandoned horse's reins, she trotted them after the medics. She'd just check whether they could do anything for him, then take the geldings to the horselines to try calm down. There was something very unsettling about the boy's limp body. It reminded her of her own fragile little brother, bedridden and feverish most of the time. Leaving home she'd left him behind too. He was safe enough there, but...... this time, this time she wasn't abandoning anyone when he needed help. Miri closed her eyes for a moment, desperately hoping. She wasn't too sure who she was praying to the Light for, Jeral or Terri. Maybe both. Please let him be alright.
  5. XD awesome name!!!! Welcome to DM! If you have any questions just feel free to ask :) Enjoy! p.s. do come to the roleplay boards, we love new players!
  6. Trying to overcome her shock Miri looked down wide-eyed at the scout who held onto the stranger woman. “In come the Cavalry?” Arkin’s comment broke the lull in the scuffle. Without thinking, Miri launched herself off Wyn’s back as out of the corner of her eyes she saw Arinth rush in too. She tackled the woman’s legs, deeming them the safest place as they couldn’t wield weapons. Slightly terrified at her own impulsiveness, Miri clung on until the more experienced fighters had trussed the warrioress up tight. Only then she allowed herself to let go. Miri jumped up and dusted herself off. …The horses! Looking around she saw that Chief had quietened down over his initial fright. Wyn stood blowing gently, the others behind him. She patted his nose, grinning at their loyalty, then brought forward one of the steeds for Arinth to dump their prisoner on and helped to tie her to the saddle. Good Light the woman’s glare was intense. But now that the danger had passed, adrenaline still coursing through her veins, Miri felt rather gratified by all this. She’d helped take a captive! Then – Jeral. Oh, Light. Her good mood vanished abruptly as she scurried after Arinth and stared at his motionless form in dismay. He looked so ..little, so…..dead. The Sergeant hefted the body and stepped towards the horses looking a little lost. They had to get the boy back. Fast. Yes. Miri’s heart started beating anxiously again, and she darted past the officer, grabbing Red’s bridle. “Here, sir!” The gelding had a blanket roll strapped to behind his saddle, ideal for wrapping Jeral in. Arkin’s deft hands joining their hasty work, they did so and then gently heaved the boy across Red’s saddle between the three of them. Miri fussed about strappings as they secured his form with the leads and their own belts. The thick blanket would cushion him from the gelding’s movement. Besides that, she knew that Red had the softest step of all mounts present. It was good to remember things like that. “All right, this should be safe enough.” Miri babbled into the breathless silence. She tried to repress her rising panic by taking charge of distributing the horses, not caring what the men might say about women and talking. “We should hurry back before it’s too late. Now- oh.” Looking back over her shoulder, she started back to fetch the remaining horse. The only remaining horse. “Uh…..” Arinth and Arkin looked back at her, uncomprehending. Miri cleared her throat. Despite the desperate situation, she could feel hysterical giggles building at an alarming rate. “Umm….well, it’s like this. I’m the more experienced rider so I’ll lead Jeral on Wyn, and the mare will follow along with our captive. Which leaves you two with, ah, this boy here.” Biting back a laugh Miri patted Chief’s neck and peered back at the scout and Infantry officer. “It looks like you’ll have to share,” she explained, trying to sound apologetic but not really succeeding. "Don't worry, he's fine. Just got a bit startled there before, weren't you Chiefy, all good now." Well, there was no time to waste. Miri dumped the reins into Arkin's hands and stepped back. None of the men had said a word yet. "..........You both do know how to ride, don't you?!" (OoC: Muahaha so much eviiiil)
  7. Once again, Miriamele Erkynalder rode happily through the forest atop her bay gelding, head thrown back as she breathed in the freshly washed air to the steady rhythm of hoofbeats. Her blissful reverie was short-lived however as a yank on her arm made her eyes snap open. Wyn loyally followed the track guided by a touch of Miri's legs, but the bundle of lead ropes she held was proving a little stubborn. She turned in the saddle, reprimanding the willful brown who was loitering behind the group of horses she led. "No slacking, Chief!" A slight tug on his lead made him trot to catch up, and Miri focused back on the way before them. Her very first entirely independent task, exciting stuff. As a recruit with the Cavalry, her daily duties had mostly involved Band training, sparring, mucking stables and tack, but lately her commanding Officer had drawn more and more on her skills of actually handling horses. These orders were the highlight of the week. This morning, Arkin and some of his friends had gone on one of their customary scouting patrols. Nothing out of the ordinary, but a certain Infantry Sergeant was apparently one of said friends, because Arinth was nowhere to be found and some other high ranking commanding chap was looking for him. So Corporal Heyyn simply dispatched Miri with a handful of steeds to bring back the whole group sharpish. She hoped she'd get to stay around to see if they would be given a lecture. She slowed Wyn at a fork in the track. Miri knew the forest well enough by now, and the Corporal had given her a good idea of the area Arkin's scouts would be in today. She should meet them quite soon. Shame about the peace and quiet. If only.... "Azu!!!!!" The black mare had seized the moment to begin chomping on a sapling, blocking Red from following behind her so that Chief ran into his flank - effectively bringing the whole entourage to a milling, snorting halt. Miri huffed. "Great job, girl" She mumbled, untangling the leads from her lofty perch. The only way really, keeping a bunch of horses tangle-free was to move them fast. Arkin's troupe had to be somewhere nearby anyway. "Alright muleheads, geyyup!" Miri commanded and set them off at a brisk trot. Moving them down the narrow tracks at this faster pace allowed for much more concentration, and Miri focused all her attention on exactly that. The foilage became a blur as the drumming of hooves filled her ears, so it was no surprise really that Miri didn't see or hear the conflict until she was almost on top of them. Shouting in surprise, she pranced Wyn sideways causing the rest of the horses to shy to his other side, narrowly missing one of the men hoisting a body. Chief bucked, his lead breaking free from her grasp but he remained wedged in between Azu and Red, as the group of startled horses spilled into the tiny clearing already occupied by the three figures. Jeral!? Fighting to keep the startled horses under control, in a split second eveything felt like it happened very slowly. Miri danced Wyn back a pace, suddenly feeling an impact as his hindquarters brushed one of the people - the woman - knocking them towards Arkin. She lost sight of what happened next in the scuffle and got the horses quieted after their initial shock. Phew. There was a momentary silence. She gaped up from the boy's motionless body to the faces starting right back at her. (OoC: WHADTHEDEVILISGOINGONHEEEEEEEERE?)
  8. Good LIGHT! Miri tripped out of the treacherous folds of her tent flap and stepped right on into a bucket of water, carried by her own momentum. Still so sleepy she was almost blind, the young recruit pawed at her bleary eyes as she hopped about shaking one sopping foot and roared a heartfelt "THE BLOODY GOAT'S-" Her cry rang out into the crisp morning air like the foghorn on a river barge. Miri cringed. That had been entirely unforeseen, and she didn't really know where it'd come from either. She had not been with the Band for even a week, but those few days had somehow added countless new expressions to her vocabulary already. Miri completed the rest of her offensive sentence in a wretched whisper, staring down at her soaked sock in dismay. First she was made to get up at the crack of dawn, and now this. Not befitting a nobleman's daughter, not at all. Light! But she wasn't of noble kin at all here, neither was she a girl. Miri forgot her mask all too often lately. She paused, pondering what a boy, what Malachias would do now. Raising her eyes, she stared right at a concerned-looking Infantryman who had frozen in his tracks just across the path. Defiantly she covered her momentary slip by pretending to cough, jammed her wet woollen sock into the boot she was holding with a rude noise, and without thinking, kicked the bucket on her way out. Finally bringing up a rather disgusting gobbet of spit, Malachias hacked it into the nearest bush and strode off with a squelching, painful limp... When she reached the training grounds she'd woken up some, at least. Joining a group of other raw recruits, Malachias grunted a willfully sarcastic good morning at them and listened sullenly as Sergeant flaming Rumbleroar assailed their ears with rules for the sparring session. Looking around, she dragged another scrawny, sleep-ridden recruit she didn't know into the open, close to where Jeral had planted himself in Arkin's face. She waved her violet-banded arm at the latter in a mocking salute, then turned back to her own sparring partner. As feet ceased shuffling and all waited for the starting signal, Malachias felt herself grow more alert. Over the last few days she had been taught a few very basic fighting moves, but truth be told she not what to do with herself here. There wasn't anything for it. Annoyance was seeping in with the growing urge to hurt something. She sized up the recruit in front of her one last time. Her toe hurt. As Arinth yelled BEGIN, she asked herself again.. what would a boy do? She narrowed her eyes. Malachias took a couple steps back, then dashed at the other recruit with a vague wave of her wooden sword then brought it up in an overhead arc with a fury fuelled by all the injustice of being made to wake up so early. Here's hoping it would at least score a bruise. ~ Miri alias Malachias. Clueless recruit in disguise. Not a morning person.
  9. Grinning widely at the sight of dogs, Miri sauntered downhill to join the Sergeant. Her father had had an entourage of hunting dogs following him at all times, and her earliest memories were of rolling around on a rug in front of the fire trying to catch floppy ears in pudgy hands. They were memories as warm as the fireplaces in them. She dropped to her knees to cuddle the head of one of the massive canines. She bounced back to her feet to walk alongside Arinth, who seemed to regard the mastiffs with a wary distaste as they trailed behind. "Nope, never met a real Tinker before in my life," she admitted brightly, glad that he'd told her he hadn't either. Sometimes she just grew too aware of how sheltered her upbringing had been. "But my brother told me a lot of their generosity and friendly manner! I don't believe a word of their nasty reputation." Sounds of merriness grew louder as they neared the group of wagons as bright and varied as the shades of a rainbow. With the music the spectacle of colour grew too. Their conversation dwindled into a cheery silence. Miri tried to drink in as much of the peaceful yet lively atmosphere as she dared, it being so different from the battleworn grumbling encampment they had just left behind. A man in a colourful outfit that clashing something terrible strolled over to them, and although he radiated nothing but amiable welcome, Miri felt herself grow shy and kept a step behind Arinth as he made his introduction. The Tinker made her feel humble despite his simple manner, and humble was not something she was used to. Exchanging an excited glance with Arinth, Miri followed their guide into the Tuatha'an camp. She felt a sudden pang of homesickness as she watched brightly dressed children tussle with the dogs, but it soon passed as new sights and sounds entered on her. Piebald drafthorses with long wavy manes and fetlocks stood munching here and there between the wagons. Her stomach made itself known loudly whenever they passed a cookfire. Tinkers smiled at them, playing tunes on all manner of instruments. There was something magical about their world.
  10. I actually wasn't particularly surprised by Gawyn and Egwene..... But BELA!!!! GAH! It was Hedwig all over again :(((( And Suian and Gareth.....soooooo unfair, they of all people totally deserved to live happily ever after. If that wasn't bad enough, I apmost stopped reading when Lan fell but thank the Light he made it XD I was pleasantly surprised at how many major characters he didn't kill off :) usually with big epic series that have a long-expected battle showdown at least half the cast snuffs it and leaves you thoroughly heartbroken.... So I'm pretty happy with how aMoL ended, really :p Except the Suian and Bela parts. Fishguts.
  11. Mm, well there are always exceptions - I know a 33 yr old riding pony that never walks but insists on trotting at the head of a horse trek :p
  12. Oooo! I love the idea of her being an ex-warhorse, actually :p Rather doubt that she'd be Tairen bloodstock though, as they're described to be a much finer breed and, well.... she's stocky and shaggy, the exact opposite. Like comparing Arabs and Welsh Cobs. Then there's her speed, I find it unlikely that she'd be used in battle if other normal mounts were around.... but you have a point, maybe Tam grew fond of her loyality and bravery XD I want to believe he brought her from travels in his former life, that would be awesome and add to her mystery
  13. Oh my god... what a nasty way to go :/ i know how close you can get to tiny pets - I had a duckling called Pieps once, unfortunately my littlest bro stepped on him when he was learning to walk... >.< Anyhoo, may they live on in our hearts <3
  14. Miri's fingers were still burning. Angrily shaking the smarting digits, she stuffed her quiver into the barrel of archery equipment and replaced the bow she had been using in an even less ceremonious manner. Light curse that bloody weaponsmaster, and ultimately her flaming fool of a father for having kept her away from archery for that while. Her skills were only rusty, not bad really but Light! Her fingers hurt. Sucking at the forming calluses Miri made her way back to the barracks to collect some washing. That was still something new to her too - even the male Banders brought their things to the washhouse, and other such menial tasks. She shook her head. Menial tasks. She was a Band member now, not of higher nor lower standing than any other. Wincing, Miri recalled the incident sparring with that Scouts scoundrel where her little masquerade as a boy had flown up only a short while ago. That had been embarrassing, and dealt a crushing blow to reality - time to learn be one of them, and forget what she had been. The idea wasn't so bad at all really. Although, the whole being trained to be a fighter in a regiment wasn't really agreeing with her boundless curiosity, or, if you really had to label it aptly, flighty impatience. There wasn't much adventure in swinging swords and feeding horses, and she'd much rather do something more..... didn't know, really. She'd have to try get a word with some of the officers to see if she could tag along on a patrol or something. Why, speak of the Dark One. Glancing to the side she spotted Sergeant Arinth and Arkin hunched over studying something profusely. Immediately interested she changed course, dawdling nearer. Oh. Only reading. Disappointed, Miri hefted her basket and made to stride forth again. Time to do her chores she grinned wryly, but then half-swung back, remembering she wanted to ask about that-- “Um, maybe I'm going too fast. Do you know your letters?” Peering back longer again, she inspected them a little more intensely, unaware of her mouth gaping slightly. If she tarried longer on that spot they'd see her, and she had by no means meant to overhear their coversation. But.... the very idea of someone not knowing their letters was alien, her and her brothers' lessons had started before she could remember. Miri frowned. How was he supposed to read... her glance drifted down to the object of their scrutiny. "Wherever did you find a copy of that!?" Miri enthused somewhat incredibly, unconsciously intruding into the pair's private space of study. Dropping her basket where she stood she gawked at the book's title blurting "I never even near finished that, nurse said she'd put it away cleaning and I never found it again. Is it any good??" Flopping onto her knees Miri tried reading over Arkin's shoulder. Silence. Ooo, awkward... flushing bright red Miri remembered her place all of a sudden, and it wasn't a particularly appropriate one.
  15. ((OOC: almost forgot about this hehe, but here I am anyway.... hope its still not too latesies :p)) Miri hefted the last bale of hay over the wagon and cocked an eyebrow at Wyn. "That going to do?" The horse answered by way of pushing her aside with his muzzle to get at his feed. Shaking her head, Miri dusted her hands and surveyed the horse lines and full feed troughs. Approval. As a raw recruit, she had started by helping out with the Band’s cavalry's horses at the end of every day, and it had quickly become a welcome routine instead of duty. And this way, she was able to look after her own horse every day. Wandering back to the centre of the camp, Miri gratefully soaked up the buzzing evening sounds of preparing camp. There were too many grim faces lately – with good reason, but it just made everything more depressing. Good spirits usually came with nighttime, and making camp heralded good rest - and after that stunt in Tanchico the Banders could definitely use some merrymaking. An interesting snatch of talk caught her ears, and Miri sauntered over to join in listening to the conversation. Or rather, a back and forth among a group of Archers whose grumbles were getting louder by the minute. “Thieves, they are, a refuge of thieves and outlaws the lot of ‘em whatever their holy make-believe” the grizzled bowman with the eyepatch was just offering to his listeners. Miri paused and shouldered her way closer to the sour-faced men tending to their weapons.”Who?” “Flaming Tinkers,” The archer beside her threw a pile of fletchlings into a tub and spat onto the ground. “Right over thataway, and we’re s’posed to feel all comfy an’ safe round them likes tonight!” The older man gestured what he thought of that, and cautioned “every man sleep light or you’re gonna lose more than just your pots n pans. Bloody cutpurses…” Wandering away again, Miri chanced a curious glance in the direction they’d indicated. From what she had heard, Tinkers certainly had a bad reputation most places. Yet in her brother’s travel tales they had been nothing more than kind and generous. Who believed all the Archer’s rumours anyway, bunch of discontented stickshooters. The Band were considered outlaws themselves, and they'd proved amiable enough....some of them, anyway. She hefted her wheelbarrow again and trundled it over to the grain wagons. Reporting back to the Cavalry officer in charge of the horse lines she was dismissed for the night, so Miri grabbed her pack from the supplies tent and strolled out looking for a place to sleep. The recruits usually grouped together still, but everyone already seemed to have found their beds and none of the other new Banders she knew were in sight. Too early really to bed down yet, and dinner could be skipped in favour of the more interesting attractions of this night’s camp. Grinning, Miri continued outwards to the edge of the camp, in the direction those Archers had gestured. Not too long and the racket of the camp mingled into a cacaphony of merry tunes coming from behind a nearby hill. Shouldering her pack, Miri climbed up a small rise and peeked over.
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