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  1. *facepalmheaddesks* that's what my mom said too when i sent her the pics...she was like OMG YOURE A KISS FAN NOW But, no. We're Octavia and Lexa from The 100 duh!! Best series ever. *cries* ;P
  2. you all look amazing!!! >.> and if you recognize these you DEEZ AWESOME
  3. YAAAAAAAASS oh you would so rock it! (Btw, something really unexpected happened this year. Nya got a dirndl. XD )
  4. Awesome Hiarth! Thanks for sharing :) and yep you're very pretty :D Also, imho you look way too young but you'd be an awesome soccer mom I'm sure. *soccergirl approval* XD <3
  5. *looks at Hiarth* Did I hear soccer?? =D =D Speaking of, here's a few of me this afternoon showing off skillz in my USWNT fangirly tee being all pumped and excited for the game tonight. Not having much training during offseason kills me. HYPEEERRRR And yeah I'm a poser & I know it XD
  6. *crashes out of the top of the Tower roof* AVAST GOES THE WEASEL *proceeds to dip the ends of a humungous paintbrush in aaaaall the paints and abseils off the side splattering the walls with rainbow paint*
  7. Big props to you, Livi :) I wish you all the best following through with this!
  8. Nya ~ Yeller Sedai Oh and Nürnberger Lebkuchen + Glühwein aaaaaaall the way man I <3 Germany
  9. Nyanna al'Meara, Yellow AS :nyn: I was born in Fürth, a town adjoining Nuremberg in southern Germany. We moved to a small village when I was one, then immigrated to New Zealand when I was four, wherr I grew up. Back in Germany since year ago.. Incidentally, I now live about 20km from Fürth but go there to work in a Pub no 300m from where I lived as a wee baby XD
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