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  1. I know points are the biggest deal. It still just seemed like kind of a dick move. They def didn't need to kill him to win, and he could've won with them, so it seemed spiteful since he hadn't really been actively trying to nab scum that much or anything. Plus, it's tough to win as a Survivor. Doesn't matter whether Lenlo thought Arsis claiming was a "boring start" or not- it would prob have worked with most scum teams in this scenario, and yeah preventing someone from completing a tough wincon "just because" seems purdy cheap. Not trying to say he's scum of the earth, I just think it was a lame move in this specific instance.
  2. Cool beans. Mafia killing Survivor at the end was kinda a low blow imo, pointless and it just robbed Arsis of poiuyntses, for no reason pretty much. I'm officially joining the "Yolo shoot/silence/VC Lenlo in every game" bandwagon for that, kinda lame move imo. Obv not as lame as X tho.... wow. And trying to play it off like he thought Lenlo was a 1-shot GF LOL. It's kinda funny in a way, the dude cheated and STILL couldn't help his team win. For christ sakes, he could have just viewed the scummy looking townies to clear them since he knew who scum were and won the game that way. Well, I guess that's why he HAD to cheat..... anyways. I like seeing the Lawyer role used, very fun role and powerful for scum in the right setups. When I've thought about using them I've always thought of nerfing them tho, either making it so they can't self-target (since that's too much like a GF) or not being able to target the same person in consecutive nights. Very well ran game tho, and imo a very judicious and wise way of handling the messy Xthrax situation. Gj Basel and Cindy @Key: Instead of a dirty Lawyer (which is actually a type of role btw, some kind of modifier I've seen on other sights) why not just use a Tailor? Two types of tailors, one is a bastard role in general but the other is basically exactly as you describe. A bastard tailor let's scum decide how someone will flip if they die, and the only fair way to use it imo is to warn about it beforehand or something as the mod. The other version let's the Tailor target whoever they want, and make them view as either guilty or innocent. I've been wanting to use Tailor for a while, thought about using it in the ABBA game in fact (ended up deciding it would over-complicate things and increase chance for mod error or people complaining)
  3. Also planning on spamming this thread to keep it above the Avengers game in post count, cause you know, my name is Despo and I have
  4. And now, because I'm sure EVERYONE - - has been sitting on pins and needles waiting for your points: POIUYNTSES! Hallia/Nyn 42 Watt 42 Arsis 42 Darthe 42 TomRyCurRod 42 Mynd 42 Krak 42 Clov 42 Wombat 42 Xthrax 42 Tress 42 Pray 42 Dice 42 Lenlo 42 TG 42 Red 21 Rags 21 Hallia 21 AVM 21 Key 21 Leelou/Verbal 21 Despothera 42 for modding Discretionary poiuyntses: Town MVP=Wombat, cause GOAT READS and well cause I'm his fanboi 10 Scum MVP=Key for looking townie for a while and keeping spirits up even after watching two QT mates die 10 Most Entertaining Townie=Lenlo, for railing against Santa till he got a Gun From The Future from him 10 Most Entertaining Scummer=Red, cause of Deadpool and wifoming after being outed 10 Best use of abilities=Mynd, for never giving a scummer a gift and never getting screwed by RNG 10
  5. I'll admit I did the three QT thing partially to stick to theme, but I also felt that if the mafia team were able to coordinate everything as easily, the game would have been somewhat of a cakewalk for them. I could have buffed town more and let them communicate, but eh town had three cops that all had extra abilities, and a pretty powerful Inventor role. If there was one less scum I would have been totally fine with them all communicating, but then I wouldn't have had 2 from each universe, which seemed kinda cool to me. I figured it would also have a small effect of maybe making the mafia look less coordinated on thread, like not all working too closely together, that sort of thing. I figured it would be annoying a bit for the mafia team, but not as big a deal as a couple of them seemed to think. /shrug As for the three phases thing, again, it worked well with the theme, and oh yeah I forgot to comment on the gifts- town seemed to think they weren't "townie" enough or helpful to town, but that's partially because they didn't roll the dice as well for the most part. Of the 6 possibilities, 3 were actually really good for town- double voting, oracle question, and resistant to negative Day Actions the next day (which bailed out Clov early in the game). One was essentially nothing (a really nice gesture from the mod on thread lol), one was bad (this mortal's gotten too big for his britches- hit Pray and Wombat), and one was just chaotic- could be good or bad. It's true that no coroner tends to hurt town, but it was still a kill in the hands of a townie, and a town-directed kill aint nothing to scoff at (scum can dance out of a lynch, lot harder to convince someone not to shoot you tho). Something that I was surprised to see no one point out tho, was that the extra voting phase was actually protown in and of itself. It forced mafia to have to keep up gameplay for multiple phase cycles, and let there be a possibility for more vote analysis later on (which I think no one besides Wombat ever thought of doing). Then there's the fact that townies were a LOT more likely to receive the gift- since scum would tend to not risk outing themselves for the gift, but would try harder to keep from getting lynched. Because of this I didn't want the gifts to be absurdly helpful for town, just something that could help at times, or at other times introduce a little randomness or chaos in the game.
  6. Brief thoughts about the game (I'll prob add more later)- Overall, I'm def happy with how it went. I mean, how could I not be, considering it's the most active game I've ever seen on DM? It's true that it did drag on a good bit there at the end, but I don't think that's necessarily all on me or the setup. Big games always tend to have a bit of lethargy grow as the game winds on, and most that would have kept the activity high had already died. I do have two fairly substantial regrets about the game however- I should have made non-lynch phases 24 hrs from the start, or at least after the first Dawn. I think this would have kept the game going at a better pace when there was a lot better activity. The second is that I really wish I had gotten a comod, I think the game first started dragging when I visited Texas, and then after I set the tone for inattentiveness, I think the players followed suit, which in turn made it kinda hard for me to keep my enthusiasm about the game up... A comod would have helped immensely with that. Was also a big game, so would've helped period. I did make two flubs, but I think both kind of balanced out... ish. The Day that AVM used his mercury fulminate, it should have blocked all actions that phase, but I accidentally gave Clov the results of his investigation the next day anyways (he viewed TG that day). Actually, mebbe these two flubs didn't balance out after all roflmao: The second thing I didn't realize until it was well too late, but AVM should've died a lot sooner. He gave TomRyCurRod a bomb Day 1, meaning that anyone that visited TomRyCurRod that Day or the next would have set off the device, blowing both people up. No one else targeted them, HOWEVER, AVM himself poisoned them with Ricin the next Day phase. So technically, AVM should have set off his own bomb, killing him quite hilariously early on. On a side note, I was kinda sad to see that the bomb never went off- I felt it was easily the mafia team's greatest power, considering how easy it could have been to kill 2+ people with it, and then possibly do it again after the mercury fulminate refreshed all the 1 shot abilities. I specifically designed the rest of the game pretty much around that one role- all the investigative roles which would be targeting people left and right, so that I would be able to see the carnage from a good vantage point. Unfortunately, AVM wasted the first bomb on someone no cop was likely to view anytime soon Day 1, and the second time he used the bomb on himself... which I found kinda strange but I guess it could have worked out /shrug Since this segues to balance, I gotta say I'm fairly happy with how the game looked balance wise. Hope I'm not hurting anyone's feelings here, but I don't think the mafia played a great game. A lot of it wasn't their fault tho- they had a lot of people who had vacations or activity problems. Key was on vacation to start the game. Verbal was busy the whole time. Dap was inactive and had to be replaced. Nyn was busier when she subbed back in. Leelou had some dental issues going on that made it more of a chore to keep up appearances. Add to that that I don't think the Day Action resolution went very well, but a big part of this is due to the limits on their team communication. They never got a bomb to go off big, and prob let all the cops live too long. All that and yet, they were actually one mislynch away from winning at one point, in fact fairly early on. They had one more number than is normal, to help offset all the cop roles (even tho the cop roles themselves were nerfed). This was mainly due to town helping them out a bit (TomRyCurRod and Clov both shot townies, and Arsis got himself modkilled), but then, I planned the setup so that certain things could def go against town due to error or random chance (Mynd's Mad Scientist role was an Inventor that had a chance of killing whoever he gave his inventions to). Well those thoughts didn't end up so brief lol. I'll give out poiuyntses later tonight once I finish elsewhere. Thank you for playing everyone, and I hope you had fun!
  7. There was a hidden underlying theme btw, which no one really guessed at but it wouldn't have given an advantage or anything- The Three Fates from Greek Mythology Clotho spun the thread of life. She was often venerated as a symbol of pregnancy and motherhood, since she started each thread of life from her spindle. Dawn phase was basically synonymous with her, since most view creation as a positive thing, even tho she also creates "evil" threads (people) as well (hence the possibility of getting "bad" gifts). Lachesis measured the thread of life with her measuring tool. In a way she was the biggest determiner of what happened to a person throughout their life, according to the Greeks. She determined who had success, who had failure, etc. Day phase was synonymous with her, since during the Day phase all the actions carried out which determined everyone's lot throughout the game. Atropos cut the thread of life with "her terrible shears", choosing the time and manner in which someone died. Obviously it was more than appropriate to make the Dusk phase synonymous with her- since voting to lynch someone is def a way of choosing when and how that person dies hehe.
  8. Mod/Spectator/Dead Thread Anchorman QT (original members: Rags and Dap, Dap was replaced by Hallia and Nyn till Nyn dropped out) Archer QT (original members: Key and Red Breaking Bad QT (original members: Leelou, Verbal, AVM
  9. Setup: 3 QT's for scum, one for each universe. Mallory Archer and Barry is Archer scum QT, Walter White and Gus Fring in Breaking Bad QT, and Veronica Corningstone and Wes Mantooth in Anchorman QT. They will know who the other scum are and what their roles are, but MAY NOT communicate with ANY scum that they are not in a QT with. If I feel this rule is being violated, I will modkill all suspected parties. Scum roles: Walter White: Scum JOAT- 1X Rycin (poisons someone, they die three phases later), 1X Bomb (makes a bomb and gives it to someone, if someone visits that person that phase or by the next dawn, both the person visiting and the person with the bomb blow up, killing both), 1X Mercury Fulminate (Blocks all other actions or abilities that phase when used, and in addition refreshes any "1 shot" abilities town or mafia may have) Gustavo Fring: Scum Godfather (views as town by a Cop) Veronica Corningstone: Scum Journalist (targets one person each day phase, they will receive whatever info that target receives if they have an investigative ability of some kind) Wes Mantooth: Scum Goon (no special abilities) Mallory Archer: Scum 1x Paralyzer (during either Dawn or Dusk phase they may activate their ability and lock all votes. Any votes already placed may not be moved anywhere else, any votes not placed yet may still be put on someone but will then be locked) Bionic Barry: Scum Goon (no special abilities) Town roles: Sterling Archer: Town Lazy Cop, 1X Vig (every Day phase they select a target, and at the start of the NEXT Day phase they will receive alignment info of their target, and also has a one time Vigilante ability, may select someone to kill during the Day Phase) Dr. Algernop Krieger: Town Mad Scientist (At the start of each Day phase you will learn what invention you may give to someone else, it will be randomly selected amongst these possibilities: 1X Jailkeeper [select a target and block any actions directed at the target as well as any actions the target might submit], 1X Commute [phase out of existence the entirety of the phase, any actions directed towards you will fail], 1X Self-Revive [if the target is killed, they will resurrect 3 phases later], and 1X Vigilante [select a target to kill]. Unfortunately, your somewhat unstable mental condition forces you to create inventions that for no apparent reason at all have a 35% chance of killing whomever receives the invention) Hank Schrader: Town Naive Cop, 1X BPV (every Day phase you select a target and receive alignment info of that person, unfortunately your results always come back as "Innocent". [obviously whoever receives this role will not know that they are Naive] You also have a one time BulletProof Vest which will block any Day kill) Saul Goodman: Town 1X Governor (once a game you pay "pardon" someone who is about to be lynched during Dusk phase- however there will be no twilight as I do not want to confirm any roles so you MUST inform me if you plan on using your ability at some point in that day. If the hammer is already dropped I will send you a PM but will not wait too too long, if I have already posted the Final Vote Count it is too late. If the hammer is already dropped but you inform me you will use the ability I will post a Final Vote Count but then immediately rescind all votes and restart Dusk Phase) Ron Burgundy: Town Insane Cop, 1X Commute (every Day phase you select a target and receive alignment info of that person, however you will always receive the opposite of what the alignment of that individual actually is [again, the person who receives this role will not know that they are Insane]. You also have a 1X Commute where you retreat into a Glass Case of Emotion, during that phase any actions submitted on you will fail) Champ Kind: Town Bodyguard (you select a target every Day phase, if that target is selected for a kill, you will instead take the kill yourself, killing you but saving your target. NOTE- if you successfully save Ron Burgundy, he will learn that he is an Insane Cop. YOU MAY NOT REVEAL THIS INFO ON THREAD!!!! If you do, you will be modkilled, and your team will be punished further in some manner) Vanilla Town: Pam Poovey Cyril Figgis Lana Kane Jesse Pinkman Mike Ehrmantraut Skyler White Brian Fantana Brick Tamland Ed Harken Player list: 1. HalNya 2. Dice 3. Wombat 4. Xthrax 5. AVM 6. Tress 7. Key 8. Red 9. Pray 10. Mynd 11. Krak 12. Clov 13. Lerbal 14. Lenlo 15. Arsis 16. Watt 17. TG 18. Dap 19. Rags 20. Darthe 21. TomryCurRod Role assignment according to random.org: 1. HalNya - Brian Fantana (VT) 2. Dice - Cyril Figgis (VT) 3. Wombat - Brick Tamland (VT) 4. Xthrax - Jesse Pinkman (VT) 5. AVM - Walter White (Scum JOAT) 6. Tress - Ed Harken (VT) 7. Key - Bionic Barry (Scum Goon) 8. Red - Mallory Archer (Scum Paralyzer) 9. Pray - Ron Burgundy (Town Insane Cop, 1X Commute) 10. Mynd - Dr. Algernop Krieger (Town Mad Scientist) 11. Krak - Lana Kane (VT) 12. Clov - Sterling Archer (Town Lazy Cop, 1X Vig) 13. Lerbal - Gustavo Fring (Scum Godfather) 14. Lenlo - Hank Schrader (Town Naive Cop, 1X BPV) 15. Arsis - Champ Kind (Town Bodyguard) 16. Watt - Skyler White (VT) 17. TG - Pam Poovey (VT) 18. Dap - Veronica Corningstone (Scum Journalist) 19. Rags - Wes Mantooth (Scum Goon) 20. Darthe - Mike Ehrmantraut (VT) 21. TomryCurRod - Saul Goodman (Town 1X Governor) Positive stuff that can be given to person during Dawn phase (roll of a die): 1. Next Day phase, 50% of "dodging" negative actions/abilities 2. Next Dusk phase, double vote ability 3. A Really, Really Nice Gesture from the Mod 4. One Oracle-type question about the setup (yes/no questions only, answers can only be given about setup before roles were handed out) 5. This Mortal's Gotten Too Big For It's Britches (The Gods get angry that someone is elevated too high amongst their peers and not enough attention is given to them) - If they have an ability, it is suspended for the next 3 phases. If no ability, -1 to Lynch the rest of the game (requires one less vote to lynch during Dusk phases) 6. Gun From The Future- lets you kill someone during the next Day phase, however the gun's potency allows no remains to be examined in order for a coroner report to be given
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FM1gEZXzunI Lerbal - Gus Fring, Scum Godfather, has been Lynched (sorry for no scene, I've got a lot of catchup to do tonight, and yeah blech sorry) TOWN HAS WON THE GAME!
  11. Final Dusk Lynch Vote Count Dice (1): Lerbal Lerbal (3): Dice, TG, Wombat Not voting (1): Lenlo With 5 alive, it takes 3 to hammer. Deadline for end of Dusk is here. That's a lynch! Scene incoming...
  12. Official Dusk Lynch Vote Count Not voting (5): Dice, Wombat, Lerbal, Lenlo, TG With 5 alive, it takes 3 to hammer. Deadline for end of Dusk is here.
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