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  1. ...No comments on the Leanne one? Really? That one caught my breath somewhat, and she's rarely depicted in fanart
  2. Good tidings, my talented guests of Dragonmount! Welcome back to "It Works in Theory", Dragonmount's intermittent Wheel of Time-themed theory blog. I'm sure I could come up with some playful banter to waste some time before the disclaimer, but since I'm guessing many of you might have been anxious for another dosage of "It Works in Theory", I'll go ahead and skip the theatrics in favor of getting to the proceedings (somewhat) quickly. WARNING!!! Spoiler Alert!!! WARNING!!! This blog is based on theories that will include facts and material from the latest books in the series, s
  3. Whoops! Look like we got some ninjas here! If you think you might be interested in the Black Tower Nico, definitely stop by there, we'll give you a warm welcome there as well! There's a thread there specifically for newcomers, you can post in it and soon you'll find your own welcome thread being created! Interesting thing you already have in common with our Social Group: our Group Leader's real name is Niko
  4. Lol looks like you've already picked up on the Wheel of Time style of cursing hehe. The Org's that Ithillian mentioned are the Social Groups you can find further down the Forums page. I for example am most active in the Black Tower, where we tend to be a little bit silly but still have a great time
  5. Welcome Diels-Alder! That's quite an impressive amount of reads you've done on the series, you have me beat by a good bit. I am also a hardcore fantasy freak, and I can't wait till the last book comes out! There's definitely a large number of things to do in the forums, including joining both WoT and non-WoT themed discussions on discussion boards, and Social Groups that you can converse with other fans in a more relaxed and friendly manner, and even RP boards if you like to occasionally role play. Do you have any thoughts about the series and how things might wrap up? I bet you have a ver
  6. Hey there Nico! I agree with Pankhuri that the Discussion forums might not be a good idea till you've read a bit further in the series, you could end up seeing spoilers even in the titles of threads! As Ithillian mentioned, The Social Groups can be an immense amount of fun and can help you see other fans perspective while you continue reading . Plus you have the chance to start some great friendships! I am also a member of the Black Tower, and I invite you to come check us out! We're a bit zany because of the Taint's hold on us, but we can be loads of fun!
  7. You definitely pick up on a great possibility a few others have also thought of, the idea of Rand "breaking" the cyclical style of the Pattern and making it a linear based model. One of my favorite blogs kind of touched on that issue, and whether the the model of eternal return in the Wheel of Time was all that bad. Honestly, it is my favorite blog The link for it is right here, in case you want to read it. And if you click on the "Theory Blog" link in any of the blogs, you can browse through past editions. /shameless self promotion Anyhoo, I'm glad to see that we have another intuit
  8. @Aaaammmond: That is actually one of the ideas of eternal return I talked about. The idea that mankind has already risen and fallen, a few times, yet each time we feel like we are "rediscovering" everything from before. It's more an illusion of cyclical time, you're right, but it's a valid example regardless. Great comment btw @b1ackb1rd: Wow, that is a GREAT catch! I never noticed that before! And thank you for being a fan
  9. Welcome Ben! I'm glad you finished your read so you can join in on the discussion! The main WoT discussion can be found in the Wheel of Time Discussion Forums, but you'll find you can discuss the books just about anywhere on the site! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Mat is also one of my favorite characters as well, not only is he funny but he's also a BAMF warrior! You have any thoughts on how the series will wrap up?
  10. Welcome to DM Tio! How far along are you in the series? Do you have any thoughts about how the series will end? I write the front page theory blog so I love picking other people's minds about stuff like that Our RP forums are very welcome to newcomers, feel free to look around and peek into a couple of them! Also, in case you're interested the Social Groups are a lot of fun as well; there's a variety of them as well and you'll find many opportunities for fun and friendship with other WoT fans (I personally am most active in the Black Tower)!
  11. Terez's theory library is literally too well stocked. Terez, I can't tell you how much I've tripped over myself when writing my blog to avoid pretty much copying your theories note for note. H8u and STOP WRITING THEORIES!!! I can't compete with you, I'm still on my second reread! Enough putting me to shame!
  12. Yeah I figured you'd end up reading it lol. I'm sure you also prob could have guessed as much anyways, considerin...
  13. @Metalhead: I'm glad you enjoy my writing! It's really been more satisfying than you can imagine, getting so many comments and messages telling me how much my blog is appreciated. Believe it or not, but during the holidays malaise and everything else, I had kind of been contemplating taking a break from the blog (don't tell Dwynwen that ). Now not only am I glad I didn't, I'm also overjoyed that my work is so appreciated. As an aspiring writer it means a lot, thank you. As for other writing of mine, I did used to write for another website but they have since closed down, even the portal li
  14. Regards, my intelligent browsers of Dragonmount! Welcome to another week of "It Works in Theory," Dragonmount's often duplicated but never imitated theory blog. I know what you're thinking: two weeks in a row with a new theory blog entry, now we KNOW the end of the world is near. Speaking of the end of the world, the release date for the final book of The Wheel of Time was announced recently, and of course there were some fans who were slightly disappointed to see a date a little bit later than they had anticipated. Obviously I, along with many others, am boiling over in anticipation for A Mem
  15. Something yall might be forgetting about is Rand's link with Moridin, which is where he most likely originally got the ability to use the TP from. I suspect Rand will have the ability to access the TP without the Dark One's permission for as long as he and Moridin are linked. Having access to it and using it are two different things however, and I think Rand has an idea of what kind of effect using the TP could have on him, which is why we prob haven't seen Rand use it in other circumstances. I could easily see him using it in the last book for some reason though
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