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I Propose a Toast!!!

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Ok, everyone!


I feel that all those who have put a lot of effert into these boards should get some sort of praise and recognition! So, please grab a glass/tankard/vessel of whatever beverage you desire, and raise it up and give the Admin Staff of DM a big thank you and all the praise they deserve for such a sterling effert and a lot of hard work!


Names that spring to my mind are Jason, Matalina and Fader6818 (as I know them the best!), but I know there are several others out there who I don't know who have put a lot of time into this update! WIthout your work, we wouldn't be where we are today. Thank you!


So, let us toast the Admin Staff of DM for their work now, in the past, and also for the future!


*raises his glass*


To the Admin Staff!


*drinks his Battle Brew*


N.B. If this is in the wrong place, just move it to the appropriate place! Thanks!

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to the Admin Staff! i wouldn't be here without you! i'm so sorry for the chaos i will no doubt leave in my wake if i ever leave the Band's boards, such as now. i'd just like to apologize now, to give myself a head start in the apology department.


Kudos to you Admin Staff!


*raises a Battle Brew in toast*

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Guest Egwene

*raises glass*


cheers to the Admin staff....hope you'll be able to take a well earned break....

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Guest Majsju

Ah bugger, tricking me to drink again...Ah well, it's for a good casue, so, Cheers, lads and lassies

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*raises a toast*


You Guys have worked so hard to do this for us and we're all so grateful (Well if someone isn't they need a short sharp shove in the right direction! lol). I'm so excited to have DM back up!!


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*raises a barrel of Thunderbrew*

Yay for DM!!! And the admins I suppose...

*downs the Thunderbrew in one gulp*



'scuse me for a minute, I tink I'll get me self some 'ore.


*wadddles off to get more unbeknownst to him, while his pants are at his ankles*


My, oh, my.

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Oh no, not drinking again. After all that Strongbow Super last night, and the night before (ok every night this week) I do not want to even consider drinking! But as has been rightly pointed out it is for a good cause :)


*raises glass* To the admin staff.


*contemplates getting another drink but decides to stick to orange juice for the night!*

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