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  1. yeah, ive decided to go green! i probobly won't be on very often for a while, school is crazy and im so busy on the weekends!! i'll try my best to get on when i can! see ya there!
  2. hey! can i get a mentor?? please and thank u! :D
  3. aww thanks everyone!!! :D and yea, im considering going green, but im not sure yet, still thinking on it!! i'll let u guys know when i know! lol
  4. yay!!!! *kisses Maze again* *cries tears of joy* we're bonded! yay! party!! :D times a million!
  5. *gets teary-eyed* *looks into Maze's eyes* I vow to always comfort you when you are in need I vow to stay by your side no matter what troubles come our way I vow to love you forever and for always I vow to keep your heart in mine, not matter how far apart we may be
  6. Hey *kiana enters and approaches the altar wearing a beautiful silk gown*
  7. hey leane! wow, small world! lol
  8. hey! yeah i'm new here too. happy st patricks day!
  9. *raises glass* the place looks awesome guys!!!! thanks for all your hard work!!! To the Admin staff! *drinks* :D
  10. hey! i just thought i'd say hi to everyone and introduce myself. I'm Kiana Tash, and im friends with Maze, he's the one who told me about DM. Im looking forward to talking with u guys, it should be tons of fun!! :D
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