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    A Riddle

    It was one volume of a multi-volume dictionary (or encyclopedia) with the words from how through jog in it.
  2. Hey Slash, welcome to Dragonmount! You should head over to the Band of the Red Hand and check it out. I think you might have fun. See you there.
  3. Hmmm, let's see while I have had many near death experiences, does actually being dead twice count? (Being dead defined as having no heart beat and not breathing on my own for more than 4 minutes.)
  4. Hey there! You should come check out the Band of the Red Hand, I think you will enjoy the visit.
  5. Spacey


    If seven weeks is forever then no wonder my last marriage seemed so long....it was 12 years.
  6. Spacey


    Hi the new guy...I was a new guy before, but now I am a kinda new guy.
  7. Glad to meet you asrid. You should come on over to the Band of the Red Hand and hang out. :)
  8. Spacey

    Well hey

    Howdy Andrew, glad to see you. Come on over and check out the Band of the Red Hand.
  9. Welcome lady Cleo. *bows* Glad to see you could come and join us. :) Stop on by the Band of the Red Hand and say hi!
  10. Spacey


    *runs around his thread trying to figure out what he said* Ummm, I don't get it. I said thanks, you responded nicely.. Other people talked... Then...I dunno... *confused, but used to that*
  11. Spacey


    Welcome Marak! You should come and check out the Band of the Red Hand, I think you might like it there. But don't forget to check out everywhere else too. *looks up into the night sky mouthing, Mod Gods, I was good* :)
  12. Welcome Bob. :) She is right you know...almost...you should join the Infantry. :)
  13. Spacey


    Hello *bows to Alliiara* You are most welcomed here. :)
  14. Spacey


    *waves hi to Kristine* Hi there! I am just going to go out on a limb and guess you may not be in any of the ORGs. If not, come by The Band of the Red Hand org and check us out, you might like it there.
  15. Good to meet you Ignis.
  16. Spacey


    Howdy U4ea, nice name. Have we met? I am usually very bad with names but I think I would have remembered this one. Corki is a good guy, he has treated me with the upmost respect. :) And thanks for the welcome.
  17. At risk of being cajoled for using the word spam in the title I offer this: Spamtastic Delusions
  18. Hi Kiana, I am new here too. And, I am also from the Band of the Red Hand. Glad to meet you and look forward to knowing you better in the future. You should come over and hang out in the most exciting place around here, the Red Hand of course. *chuckles* Come to the Stumbling Soldier Tavern and I be sure to get you a brew. See ya there.
  19. *raises mug in salute* Well done guys, the place looks great! Hope to have a lot of good times here.
  20. Spacey


    Thanks for making me feel welcomed you two! *takes a brew and snugglebites happily*
  21. Spacey


    Hello everyone, my name is Spacey and this is my first time here at DM. I came in through the Band of the Red Hand ORG and hope to have a good time here. I will just get the necessary apologies started now. When I do something wrong, and I am sure I will, I apologize in advance as well as when it occurs. Well, hope to be meeting a bunch of new friends while I am here, and would gladly answer any questions that you would have about me.
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