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  1. ~Clarai~ The other woman’s cheerfulness was a bonus to her. Everyone had a different way of behaving, that was only to be expected, but it was difficult to bear sometimes. Still, she could not hold anything against the other woman. She had comforted her in times of need. Tears started to form at the corners of her eyes. She missed him. Oh, how she missed him! To hear from him, to know that her heart still worked … that was all she needed. Purpose to live, that was what she wanted. Nothing more. A tear rolled down her cheek and she wiped it away before the other woman could see i
  2. ~Dilora~ Somewhere in the dim and distant fog of her mind, Dilora realised she had never before met a Wisdom. In all of her travels through towns and villages alike, she had always done business with the men of the councils and the women had not really been in evidence. Oh, they were at windows or busily about their work, but she had not spoken overmuch with them. A smile formed at the corners of her lips at the thought that things were coming full circle and that the women were shaping her life more than men were now, and closed her eyes to drift into a less painful slumber than she h
  3. ~Rossa~ Rossa did as the older sister directed, picking up a stool from alongside the far wall and returning to the desk with it. She arranged her skirts so it would not crease them, an old habit from her days at Court, and one she would not forget. Her mother would never have her children appear at less than their best, and even though they were gone now. This was one of the ways she would honour her mother’s memory. The small carvings she had done all those years ago on the road to Tar Valon while the tears cried with grief were still fresh on her cheeks were still in her belt pou
  4. ~Dilora~ Eyes tinged with pain and tiredness regarded the thing dropped so pleasantly into her lap. A hat? Oh, whatever, it could stay there for now. Her arms did not have the strength to pick it up and put it on her head at the moment. It wasn’t precisely fear rooting her to the spot; Dilora could not have defended herself against those brigands even in perfect condition, but she could have used her charm on them. As it was, she looked as though she had fought a hedge, and the hedge had won. Still, it was a good hat, if a bit battered and greyer in places from wear. The lea
  5. ~Ruan~ The pristine oaken hulls shone dully in the low hanging sun. Not yet arisen from its bed, the sun would eventually speed them on their way with fair weather and, the Light willing, swift currents. It would take time to get to their destination, but they were ready now. The High Lady Ruan Andradem Kore Paendrag, Daughter of the Nine Moons and leader of the Return, looked out to see through the spyglass and focussed on the horizon. No land mass would be visible for a long time yet, but it gave her a sense of purpose to look so far ahead. She withdrew it from her eye and he
  6. OOC - I've had a very trying week and am sorry for not replying sooner. I shall post something in character during the next day or so. No voting for the Mod, either ;) I am above suspicion and cannot be voted for as I assigned the roles in the first place ;) Also, can I please reiterate that no communication should take place between members except communicating with myself for a night action or for the killers. IC Wynne looked around at the assembled people and smiled. "So far we have the following votes:" She looked at her list and began to read them out. "Thea Taiss
  7. ~Wynne~ Her keen eyes took in the rest of the room, taking in every little detail. So far there was nothing overly suspicious about any of them. Uncrossing her slightly muscular legs, Wynne pushed herself to her feet and crossed to the sideboard, taking the stopper from a decanter of wine and pouring herself a small restorative measure. She had been to see the body of the former Lady before coming to this room and, although she had seen some gruesome sights in her time, she had not been prepared for the amount of blood the woman had lost. Some of the people gathered had not yet
  8. ~Ivy ~ The trees bore their gentle mantles of spring with pride, Ivy thought. Above her, wide arcs of pink and white blossoms decorated some of the younger trees danced in the gentle breeze that flickered idly among the boughs, scenting the air with their perfumed delicacy. Ivy looked up from the sketch pad she had bought from a peddler of renown in the city proper and held her breath as one of the petals spiralled slowly to earth. “Is this how it will be? All things will fall in their appointed time. Will I find him? Will I?” She sighed, and blew the heads off some near
  9. ~Dilora~ She had promised him a song, and so a song she would sing. Not one of the ribald ones that most merchant guards seemed to like, but she’d sing one of the old ballads. She’d not promised him a certain kind of song, after all. Lifting her voice above the hubbub, she began to sing. My love, my love so far away Like the wind that shakes the willow… At this, the man’s face betrayed his disappointment and his lips curled into a pout. “What’s that then?” He interrupted; ignoring the looks his friends gave him. Dilora smiled. “I’m singing for you,” she told him.
  10. ~Dilora~ Did it feel easier? Dilora was not sure. Certainly whenever she tried to move it was more difficult. Her first vague memories were of feeling dizzy, then of looking at an unfamiliar ceiling, and now this. A damp cloth lay on her forehead, sending cool trickles into already messy hair. As if she could do anything about her hair at the moment. Light, it was hurting purely to move her arms. Where she had been achingly stiff before, at least now she was merely stiff. Oh, whatever. She was in the considerate hands of someone that was looking out for her. My ear itches
  11. The Manor House Murder Conversation was a buzz; all around the flames flickering and casting light in the mirrored sconces, mingling and creating an atmosphere that spoke of the highest of social occasions. Guests in fine costumes of various shades of silk were enough to make it seem a softly shimmering rainbow. Every nationality was represented; the Lady Jayne Talman knew that her functions were of the highest importance. The Queen of Andor herself was reputed to have sent a polite note stating her inability to attend. It created a ripple of rumour that all wanted to discuss and yet
  12. Be welcome, Aian! Great to meet you. :D
  13. Welcome from another fellow Brit! I'm in Peterborough myself. :) Welcome welcome, hope you have a good time here. :D
  14. I'm happy to help, Durin :) I, too, love to write characters so I can be a part of Robert Jordan's world and keep the memories alive every day. If we can help in any way, just ask. :) Welcome to DM, welcome. I'm the Freelander Division Leader, responsible for the Aiel, Seanchan, Sea Folk, the general public of the world, the Kin and the Ogier. I find writing gives me a great sense of peace and love to write, so if you do choose to RP, I would love to write with you. Again, welcome. :)
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