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  1. Ok, awesome. With that in mind I will email them as I was planning on.
  2. "The man who called himself Bors, at least in this place...." Alright, quick question that should be quickly answered. I was randomly looking through chapter summaries at enyclopaedia-wot and I came across something in the notes. As you'll recall, this is the Darkfriend social (a term that I believe was coined in that summary), where we first see Jaichim Carridin, Bors. He was looking around at the other darkfriends... "His nose wrinkled in sudden disgust. Even a Tinker, in bright green breeches and a virulent yellow coat. We can do without those come the Day." So here's th
  3. Ahh, but what are you revising my dear?
  4. Meh, good series, but I stopped half way through SoS...seriously, they didn't need that much...erm, explicit material...lol
  5. goldeneys

    True Love

    I've heard that love is an acquired thing, that there is such a thing as true love, but that it is a decision made by both parties to truly love the other. Not sure how much I agree with this one, but you can tell from the divorce rate that a lot of people that thought they had found their true love (I'm not saying that all couples that marry think they've met their true love, but I'd bet a good portion do), really were mistaking they're feelings. Now, I'm not speaking from much experience, I am only sixteen, so I'm not speaking from experience, but it would seem that no matter if you fin
  6. ok, why was my last post deleted?
  7. Do People seriously not have ANY ideas for a name for the chapter??? Come on, we have some really bright and intelligent and creative people here...come on. YES I MEAN YOU!!!
  8. hmmm, ok thanks guys :D
  9. WAIT!!! STOP!!! Don't you dare ask why I came back! If you post here, you will forget that I was ever here, I'm still gone, I am just posting to get some feedback for my book, I will post the first chapter, and if someone actually reads it I will do the second, the third is in progress, but may get pushed to the side for a bit while I feverishly work towards my A+ Degree. And now, without further ado...Chapter 1... Oh...here's a bit more ado...I have not named the book yet, not even a working title, because I am only on the third chapter, and, I have not quite decided what to call this
  10. ok, this is my last post on DM for a looooong time...bye *walks out and slams door* *comes back in* I'm serious about this thing..it's just sorta hard to pull away...I have been thinking of leaving the band, and I'm not really that active there anyways... *walks out and slams the door again, breaking the door*
  11. Rai...you were a good spammer when you didn't spend all your time at the WT...ok, 5 years...or maybe 4 if I can't help myself...a legend...I like that, Goldy the Great... hehe Griefy, that was almost the way it used to be with me on DM...
  12. Griefy...I almost put your name there with Oos and Shauna...hmmm, maybe I should come help you with that modem...maybe 'accidentally' drop it off the top of a 50 story building...just gotta make it look like an accident...or better yet, I could just get into your network on my comp and disable it...bye...*huggles* Tay, I've contemplated leaving the Band, and in truth, I still am...the reason for staying would be that it's only one part of what DM is, and I don't spend nearly as much time there, and that I'd like to hold onto at least one forum, and if that was DM...I could spend my whole d
  13. OZZZ!!! yes, finally someone who wants to talk NRL!!! I'm gonna watch every game, I'm already anxiously awaiting the 16th of March, Broncos vs Cowboys...and the Storms vs Tigers. Alys...yeah, I feel very growed up after this...it's sad that things have to be like this...but it's for the best...*hugs Alys* Kelly...hehe I was barely at the Ogier...lol, twice I "reformed", and the tried to spend more time there...buut, I didn't have enough time...*huggles* Moir...erm, I mean...notMoir, how could you know Oos? he posted once like in October, and then before that he was only on in April
  14. *wriggles out of loki's arms...* now I really feel the love... Woah, I feel honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as those two...Loki...that was a one time thing...that first chat... Alarwyn...few people remember those two, but they'll live on forever in my mind, especially Oos, the best spammer I ever did know. Odds...suuuure you did... Thanks Rae *hugs* Min...hun, luv you too, sorry, but this is the way it's gotta be, I'll always remember you, and everyone.
  15. for the time dude...for now...
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