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  1. Ok, awesome. With that in mind I will email them as I was planning on.
  2. "The man who called himself Bors, at least in this place...." Alright, quick question that should be quickly answered. I was randomly looking through chapter summaries at enyclopaedia-wot and I came across something in the notes. As you'll recall, this is the Darkfriend social (a term that I believe was coined in that summary), where we first see Jaichim Carridin, Bors. He was looking around at the other darkfriends... "His nose wrinkled in sudden disgust. Even a Tinker, in bright green breeches and a virulent yellow coat. We can do without those come the Day." So here's the thing, note number 4 on this page says of the passage above: "Possibly Aram, but he has never been seen with this particular outfit." Now here is my question. Is there any evidence whatsoever of this? Because as far as I can remember Aram was not a darkfriend at all. He listened to Masema (The prophet of the Dragon, and no darkfriend either, no matter the damage he caused), and the reason he tried to kill Perrin was because he thought Perrin was shadowspawn and wanted to save Faile. So my question really was, there's no proof that Aram was ever evil is there? That note at encyclopaedia-wot just goes to show that some people don't think things through as much as Perrin..right?
  3. yeah, this is what I'm Talkin about. hehe I love that Elder Haman one Robert. Well, I finished rereading the Shadow Rising the other day, and this at the end...after defeating the trollocs at Emonds Field: Perrin bent to ruffle the boy’s curly hair. “What’s your name, lad?†“Jaim Aybara, Lord Perrin. I’m your cousin, I think. Sort of, anyway.†Perrin squeezed his eyes shut for a moment to keep the tears in. Even when he opened them his hand still trembled on the lad’s head. “Well, Cousin Jaim, you tell your children about today. You tell your grandchildren, your grandchildren’s children.†“I’m not going to have any,†Jaim said stoutly. “Girls are horrible. They laugh at you, and they don’t like to do anything worth doing, and you never understand what they’re saying.†“I think one day you’ll find out they’re the opposite of horrible. Some of it won’t change, but that will.â€... And then comes one of my favorite Perrin quotes (which means one of my favorite quotes of all time as Perrin is my fav char). ...You won’t ever come to understand them, Cousin Jaim, but you won’t care.
  4. hahaha, I love that one Mesaana. “Tinkers.†Hari’s mouth twisted scornfully. “What do we want with a bunch of thieving Tinkers? Take everything that isn’t nailed down.†Darl open his mouth, to support Hari no doubt, but before he could speak someone in the crowd shouted, “So do you, Hari! And you’ll take the nails, too!†Sparse laughter snapped Darl’s jaws shut. hehe, I think we could all name one or two ppl like the Congars.
  5. Well, there are some awesome quotes in WoT, ones that are good for ppl today to think about. Let's see a few. “Don’t let it eat you inside, boy,†Abell said softly. “Hate can grow till it burns everything else out of you.â€
  6. *mouth drops* Bashere??? DEMANDRED?!?!??! well, it could be...but I have my doubts...as Majsju said...Zarene and his wife would notice.
  7. Hey Anakha, it's always great to see another new face around here...well, I suppose that isn't quite right...we don't really se your face...but lol you know what I mean. I am 15 at the moment, I started reading the books about 15 months ago, I finished them in February. i've started re-reading them while deciding what to read next, and am now nearing the end of the Dragon Reborn in about 1 month from when I restarted...well, I restarted over a month ago, but for a couple weeks I wasn't able to read them...so I'm not counting that...lol. Well, welcome to DM. oh btw, we don't get many ppl from your neck o' the woods, South Africa? wow thats one place I've never been...and thats saying something...well sorta, I am an MK (Missionary Kid), my parents are missionaries to Papua New Guinea, and I've been pretty much round the world...excet Africa, never set foot in Africa. Once again, Welcome.
  8. Heya Clu, welcome to DM. Well, I just wanna say, that its great to see ya, more ppl coming almost every day...this forum is growing so quickly, its awesome. btw, the Band of the Red Hand Org is the place to be, it's the most fun, and you should get over there ASAP. *puts an arm around Clu and leads her toward the Band boards*
  9. wow...with Bela?? *low whistle*
  10. I only played it like once Eggs, and that was about 5 years ago, how do you expect me to remember?? Are you meaning that in your version there isn't a COUNTERTOP???
  11. Noo, Miss Graendal killed him in the kitchen with the countertop...she sorta ripped it off the counter with the power and smashed his skull in with it. well, Welcome. Now, I'll let you in on a lil secret, the Band of the Red Hand org, is the most fun place to be. It is awesome, my favorite org, and it could be yours too, get over there and sign up. May the last embrace of the Mother welcome you home.
  12. hey Erchy, welcome too. btw, if you you didn't see from my first post here, the Band is the best org, so join it.
  13. Hey welcome man, I'm 15 too, I just have one thing to say, join the Band of the Red Hand Org.
  14. 3 ppl from Ireland all at once...woah, well guys, welcome, and if I may say, visit the Band of the Red Hand org, it is by FAR the best org on the boards. oh btw WELCOME.
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