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  1. maybe so i still a week later feel like my brain has been balefired so i'm still tryin to take it all in.
  2. i think the 10 days thing was to see if she could release herself with the oath rod if she could then she could just bring the horn to mat if not well she had to tell him where it was. or thats my guess.
  3. lol loved it leave it to rj to both confirm and smash all of our theories at one go and what was in that bloody letter to mat
  4. urg jason why did you post this are you trying to start a riot at the local bookstores?
  5. lol i'm glad to see my comments caused some humor at any rate
  6. and another great one passes. another sad day for the fantasy world.
  7. wow burn me, blood and ashes,ok i'm not sure what to say kath. I honestly never thought i'd see this day you seemed immortal as amyryllyn and i honestly thought you would go down with the ship. It's a sad day to see you leave you were a great leader board wide and kept us semi moving in the same direction barring a few hard hot heads lol. wow all i better stop rambling and just say congrats on 10 years of service. May you always find water and shade and the creator help us if the wheel spits you back out again
  8. *chases corki away with his hammer* lol corki nice try. The band is fun but they are a little insane if you know what i mean. I run the wolfkin org they are pretty good. I won't claim us to be the best place at dm cause that seems boastful but i will call us one pretty cool spot. Drop by if you get the chance we are officially dedicated to nature (hiking biking and just enjoying the outdoors) but we do a bunch of other stuff too hope to see you around Goldeneyes05
  9. Heya Blaze or if you just wanna hang out with the rest of us crazies that are addicted to the WoT series come visit the org side no danger of running into spoilers there usually. I recommend either the wolfkin or the band. The wolfkin is my org and it is dedicated to nature though we do a whole lot of other stuff their as well. the band is the music and travel org so if you like to do that stop by just a short hop down from this one so we hope to see you around. Goldeneyes05
  10. oh my its over what will we argue about now :o i loved the book i couldnt think of a better ending. We knew she was going to kill people off but it was sad who she killed i would of much rather seen malfoy and the rest of the death eaters die but it fits you cant fight a battle without casulties and there was no doubt thats what the final confrontation was at hogwarts. I really loved how she killed ole voldy though a backfiring curse from his own hand. sry but he deserved it. all in all it was a great book I hate we wont have anymore but thats the way of it. lol at least we still have 2 movies to look foward to though
  11. yeah one thing about that though kath these ppl have a right to know whats going on to as it affects more than us
  12. Yeah im just wondering is it policy to completly ignore org leaders who just happen to speak their mind around here. Kath, Owen, Fader, Jason, anybody one of you must have answers to my questions and concerns i really dont care which one of you it is but i do expect some sort of response as a member of Dragonmount and the staff i do believe that i am entitled to some rights around here. And no i will not shut up or go away until i hear something definite.
  13. LMAO i'm sorry kath i have to laugh at that Welcome to DM Mandien
  14. Well as this is a PUBLIC issue now The poll results in the staff board are out though i would like to point out that in a vote most of the staff were opposed to the idea. As my second in command pointed out the main grief with the wolfkin is about control. We just had to deal with kath on the issue of leadership and it took somewhere close to a month, a month and a half before that was sorted out. During which time, We were struggeling to stay above water as an org. We had no clear chain of command or staff though we got through it and are a strong orginization within DM today. We do not want to wait around to make changes to our boards or our leadership team within the org if the subdomains go through. Some boards might last a month or 2 due to speacial progects that we are doing and some might be a permanant fixture to our org. If it was left to just kath and the admins to do we might have weeks in between responses as they have responsibilities we dont have but we would also like to move foward with our plans. Another issue I have with all of this is the way it was handed down and the way its been handled thus far. I came into this with a fairly open mind. I tried to work with the DM staff but after a few emails communication stopped. It was suddenly do this or else from kathana. In the e-mails from jason that i had he seemed very reasonable and asked for the url to the wolfkin's offboards so he could look around and see for himself what exactly made our boards so speacial that we wouldnt want to get rid of them. I posted a poll not to long ago in the staff board to get the feel of the rest of the staff as to how they felt. The responses poured in then corki came back from vacation and voiced his opinion. That was when the threats started from the staff in earnest. Now i know corki isnt known for being the most level headed person on DM and truth be told neither am I. I am having to force myself to remain calm and open throughout this whole post. But to start with threatening a well respected org leader was not the best way to convince me to be cooperative. I consider corki a close friend though we have butted heads on a few occasions in the past we always know that DM is buisness and that doesnt affect us as people. We've always come to a peaceful solution to our problems without threats or promises of bannings or firings of staff within the band. I am very angry and upset at the way this whole situation has been handled. In A perfect world the motion would of been put before the staff of DM and put to a vote. I feel the reason it wasnt was because kathana has never liked offboards as well as a few other things and i know for a fact that this isnt the first time she's rubbed people the wrong way. Egwene resigned from the newbie board in a large part due to disagreements with kathana about how things should operate. Kath, I know you do a difficult job but the way this was handled was wrong and you very well know it. I do not think you meant for this to spin out of control but the fact was it did and now we have to deal with it. I apoligize for laying this at your feet but since the last email with jason where i felt we had made a step in the right direction all my dealings with this issue have been with you and we seem to have digressed from the progress i felt was made with jason. Now that thats over with i have one more point to make. As it has been stated the org offboards feel like home. The skins applied to these boards, Board names and such look and feel like the org they belong to. The wolfkin boards are truly a work of art that i credit to shelaria as she did our graphics work before she had to leave dm due to personal reasons. I believe this was one of the last websites she designed before she left and they truly are beautiful. Not a whole lot other than org work happens on these offboards but that does not mean they are not important. Each of my council and myself have a board to ourselves where we can brainstorm and store our idea's for the org. While these boards are open to the other council members so they can get input from each other each of the offices is a unique place. which we have made into our own private workspace and know where everything is at. The fledgeling guilds of the wolfkin are working on there boards and making them into homes currently as the guild idea is a new thing for the wolfkin and some are still getting used to it. We feel that this move would interrupt the major progress the org has made since early april late march. Wolfkin is once again a strong org and growing by the day. In taking on this job I promised i would represent my org with everything I posess. I am protecting them from a move they are not quite ready for. Though they are resiliant ive done my research since darksmoon, the original wolfkin org leader left, we have had a bumpy sometimes volitile road. I am trying to smooth those lumps left by time and i dont want to see the hard work put in by me and my staff go to waste. That is really all i have to say right now ive poured it all out on the table. Take it or leave it the choice is yours to make. Goldeneyes05 Wolfkin Org Leader
  15. Kath hun this is far from a foregone conclusion as a good number of the staff is against it. We as the leadership still have some talking to do about this and rather than ignore the fact and push on with your plans you should settle the matters between us first.
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