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  1. This is "probably" my first post in D&D, and a first post on DM for a while. While I voted to remain, I am not that bothered by a leave vote. And yes, I am a so-called "millennial", and I admit, I am disgusted by their current moaning. It definitely comes across as spoilt bratish. It is taking some serious holding back on my behalf not to post something on Facebook to all my moaning friends about the vote and their views on "democracy". So we are just going to keep voting until they get what they want? As the United Kingdom, we were given the vote. The whole United Kingdom. And while certain areas voted to remain (yes, I am looking at London, Scotland and Northern Ireland here), the vote of the rest of the country should be respected. Not, as an opportunity for personal gain, Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP leader. So much for that "once in a generation vote" over Scottish Independence in 2014 - just another lying, hypocritical politician. And does Scotland want another significant vote, having already had 4 votes since and including the 2014 Scottish Referendum? That may explain the low turnout in Scotland. As for the age split, these were samples of thousands or tens of thousands on a vote of 33 million! So the graphic shown earlier was a sample of 1,652 people on a vote off 33,551,983, which equates to 0.0049% of the vote. As an accountant and auditor, that is a ridiculous sample size to be drawing conclusions on! Even the sample of 16,000 gives a percentage of 0.0477%. There is so much room for error there, it is unrealistic. And while I accept it may be true that younger people voted to remain, these sample sizes are too small to draw that conclusion. So, as a country, we have taken a leap into the unknown. Personally, I am sort of excited. Yes, the first few months and years will be uneasy and bumpy. But, if we get the correct people in place for the negotiation, there is no reason why this cannot be successful. But the key is getting the right people in that team of negotiators. I am fed up of the negativity as a result of the campaign and subsequent vote. Yes, the EU will try and make things difficult for us, but looking at trade as an area, are they really going to make trade difficult with us? What sort of reaction will there be in France and Germany if companies there are told they can't trade with the United Kingdom? And then consider the fragile state of the EU economy...is the EU really going to cut its nose off to spite its face over a major trade partner? I may be proved wrong, but I just don't see it happening. The EU has just as much to lose as the United Kingdom does, if not more. How the EU treats the United Kingdom will have big impacts - there are political parties and people in France, Holland and Sweden (to name but a few) who will watch this very closely.
  2. From the first Marshal-General of the Band all those years ago who is trying to be a bit active, welcome to the Band of the Red Hand! It's always been a great place, so hopefully you will enjoy it! And I just had to check when the Band was reformed, and that was back in December 2004/January 2005. Blood and ashes, now that makes me feel old in DM years!
  3. Just as I got to the office door, Swords in Rock, which is the last song from King of Kings, the latest album by Leaves' Eyes, finished.
  4. The door opens, creaking loudly, as well as bringing in a blast of cold air. A grizzled veteran walks in, looking around at the renovation work. From previous experience, he doubts it will last long. Regardless of this fact, he strolls up to the bar and dumps his worn saddlebags on it. "Give me a large glass of your finest Brew!"
  5. What does Europe see in the Swedish song??
  6. Time to be proved totally wrong, but my guess of the challengers and dark horses are as follows: - Serbia, Russia, and Sweden will be the main challengers - Georgia, Latvia, Spain and Italy are my dark horses
  7. Maybe I should drop by every May to host the DM Eurovision party!
  8. Got my Skype set up - my username is valhalla_glory if you want to add me. And Greece - a very close copy of Conchita's song from last year.
  9. Yes...but they are also good songs with good performances to boot.
  10. But the UK won't win unfortunately. I did feel it was missing something...it could have been that upbeat track for the contest, but it wasn't.
  11. That guy was me! Well, I am just seeing what DM has to offer, which explains why I am around at the moment. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Sweden's song. Clever choreography but a bland song. Serbia and Russia are my 2 favourites. I don't think it is a great line up this year...too many songs sounding the same.
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