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  1. Oh, okay. I thought you were just joking earlier.
  2. Lews Therin? Since when has he had any hatred against Forsaken? Sounds pretty weak. But Bela, blood and bloody ashes! She hated Asmodean more than the DO himself! Sorry, but it seems that Bela is the obvious murderer.
  3. First of all, a hand of iron would have to be made and somehow attached to his arm. Second, it would have to be changed into cullendor. And then Rand would have to channel everytime he wanted to move it (unless some sort of wonder-weave is descovered to allow cullendor to be manipulated by willpower). Messy, but it could work.
  4. WoTers, but how do you pronounce that? Whoa-ters?
  5. A few weeks ago my friend spoiled me by telling me Rand looses his hand (I was only on Book 10) and thought that he should get one made of cullendor (sp?). That would be pretty awesome because he wouldn't even need a sword! He could just crush things with his hand.
  6. Keige


    I'm using Mozilla Firefox and it's fine for me.
  7. *raises glass* To the admin staff! *passes out, drunk with a thud*
  8. Just a heads up for all Opera users, the menu at the top overlaps with the logo (Main, Forums, Gallery, ect). It's working with Firefox, though. It's not that bad, and I can't wait for Opera to release their DS web browser so I can go to these forums at any time.
  9. I was on the old DM, but didn't really post much but I think I have a general idea of how things run here. And I'm loving the new look and all the new features (woot! for 4th Age!!!) AND DON'T SPOIL ME, I'M ON BOOK 10! Just kidding, but I need to start reading more.
  10. O RLY :?: Considering all the strange things about her, it's possible. But I still think it's another one of the Chosen.
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