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  1. Congratulations, Kat! *Brings in a plate of mint chocolate chip cookies to the raising party*
  2. Sorry for the lack of activity, everyone, but there have been some major RL issues going on (best friend getting a divorce is just one of the many things going on...*sigh*) Anywho, I'll be on and active again as soon as I can. Until then...! Demonauel al'Ayende
  3. *hugs Leane* Congrats, babe! *throws Green confetti and pulls out a paintball gun filled with green paintballs...splats Steel* Don't feel left out, other soon-to-be-Accepteds, you get *hugs* too! *g*
  4. I changed mine to fit my titles, but all my bondees and things below my siggie. It just gets too full up sometimes! *g*
  5. Yay! *offers cookies and fudge to all attendees, and especially the new bondees* Congrats!
  6. Go to http://www.freewebs.com/demonauel and see the banner Willie D made for me! *G*
  7. *gobbles on the fruit* Mhhmphmmpmhpgmhpmgpgmhpmp...Translation: "Wow, this is good stuff!" *G*
  8. To the Admins! *gets a little tipsy*
  9. Yay! We're back up and running again! *pulls out his musical instruments and readies for the tiganza* Who's ready to start dancin'? *g*
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