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  1. Howz ur Domani skillz going? <:aessedai:>

  2. Sorry to see you go Sei'Cair. RL always comes first though, no matter what. Good luck with your book, I'm sure it'll turn out great. Maybe we'll see you around in the future, but for now take care of yourself. *huggles bunches*
  3. lol welcome to DM Kyara! Bad Empy! No stealing Narina's first minty!
  4. Like I told Ata, I'm really busy right now with trying to graduate and all, but I do think that this is a good idea. I know that I sometimes would like a sig done with an image I have, since I can only add text with my crappy paint lol. So having a place where there are tips of programs, and a place that all sig makers hang out at, I think would be beneficial, since people are always making threads in every org asking for sigs...it only makes sense that the sig makers should have their own place to combine their talents and ideas.
  5. YAY! Hiya Rasheta! I'm Leane, a Green Sitter, and your mentor :D Jade is the head of the green ajah so it's only fitting that you get a green mentor to bug you more :lol:
  6. lol *grins at active Archer recruit*
  7. YAY!! Another Minty for me! Mhahahaha O_o umm I mean hi! lol :D Hello Harmony, I'm Leane, an Aes Sedai from the Green Ajah among other things, and I'm your mentor for the White Tower. If you have any questions just let me know. I sent ya an email, and I do hope you stick around it would be nice to have an active Minty :D
  8. points will be done on the 15th of July Shauna :D And yay welcome back Malinde! Friends are actually very easy to make here, I have some that are very dear to me.
  9. *looks around for her minty* hopefully my first one hasn't been scared away already :shock:
  10. lol *passes out a round of flaming and frozen slusy shots to celebrate getting a minty*
  11. why thank you Egwene, it's 112F today so that was very refreshing *smiles* *dries herself off and places a weave of air around self*
  12. *dries Malindhe off and drenches Egwene with water using OP* Welcome Malindhe! I am Leane Sedai of the Green Ajah, otherwise known as your White Tower Mentor! :D I sent ya an email, but thought I'd stop in here to see how you're getting along. Please look around at all the different orgs as well as the Ajahs. If you need anything, just ask and I'll be more than happy to help ya out.
  13. hiya Azrid! It's great that you decided to sign up for the band! It's alot of fun and you'll meet a bunch of great people. psst Archers are the best ;) Anyhow I look forward to getting to know ya better.
  14. Hiya Rian!! Wow a raw recruit recruiting for the band! *hands Woolie a flaming shot* definately Archer material there ;) Anyways Rian I saw that you joined up for the band, that's great! It's a lot of fun and I'm sure you'll fit in in no time. Can't wait to see ya around. :D
  15. Welcome Adam!! It's great that you signed up for the Band of the Red Hand! There are a bunch of awesome people in it and I'm sure you'll have a ton of fun. Before you are an official raw recruit with an assignment let me tell you that the Archer division is the best! lol okay btw you should make a hello thread so that we can get to know ya a little better :D
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