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  1. Howz ur Domani skillz going? <:aessedai:>

  2. lol I never read this; it's hilarious. I remember stopping in for a couple days after an LOA and seeing Justin in charge. It's nice to realize the reason behind it ;D
  3. We tis okay too! Staffy works in Chino so he was a mile and a half from the epicenter. He was on the phone at work with a guy from back east and slid under his desk to tell the guy on the other end a number to call. The guy took the number and then told Staffy to get the hell out of the building lol. He said it's the first time he's been so close that he was able to hear the bang. He's all good though and all I felt was some rolling since I was an hour away. Glad to hear that everyone else is fine too.
  4. lol Staffy's all how much and where can I get it?? It's actually really cool though since it can be put away when you don't want to see it.
  5. eeek! there's more over there! *points to corner* *throws green paint balloons at them when they turn to look*
  6. *sees Nephi's face full of chocies* *steals the milk so there's nothing to wash it down with* ;D
  7. *tosses paint at BCX's camera* no filming allowed ;) ooo green and purple do go good together ;D
  8. *throws green paint filled balloons at everyone* wait...pillow fight? oops ;D
  9. LMAO! I knew it was a bonding that could only make him join the Warders. I just didn't know that it'd take four of you lovely ladies to drag him though :D
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